Ray’s An All Star

AP Photo

AP Photo

Marc Spears reports

Ray Allen has played like an All-Star all season for the 41-9 Celtics. Today, he officially became one for the ninth time in his NBA career.

The NBA announced this afternoon that Allen will replace injured Orlando Magic guard Jameer Nelson on the Eastern Conference All-Star team for the Feb. 15 game in Phoenix.

Allen will join teammates Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce on the East squad for the second straight season. Garnett was voted in by fans, while coaches selected Pierce as a reserve.

Congrats Ray.  People in Cleveland are going think Mo Williams got screwed.

Thanks to reader Alvaro for the heads up


11 Responses

  1. Don’t feel bad MO – You can watch your ALL STAR Uncle Ray on T.V. – Now, go to bed its past your bedtime.

    Pop up the damn live blog now – I am ready. LOL

  2. Soooooo deserving. Mo Williams is having an incredible year, but he’s certainly no Ray Allen.

  3. ah ah ah….. you’ll have to wait until 8

  4. Well deserved.

  5. Rondo would have had me livid. I can live with Ray getting the nod – I think he deserves it more than Pierce, to be honest.

  6. Injury replacement all-star. Not good enough to make the first cut last 2 years in a row. Enough said.

  7. Ray should have been there in the first place, And he should have won the MVP last year. Hey Stern, don’t close the voting until after the game this year you twit.

  8. wow, you guys are treating this like a playoff game. calm down boys. it’s just the celtics and lakers playing, no big deal.

  9. Actually, we’re treating it like the announcement of Ray Allen to the Eastern Conference All Star team.

  10. MJ’s Assmuncher, we’re talking about Ray making the all star squad, not tonight’s game. Try and keep up, will ya?

  11. hey guys, ease up on the ambassador. he’s a little slow…like 4 blog entries slow.

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