No Excuses

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

After getting 5 minutes of sleep and deleting about 100 pretty vulgar Laker troll comments, I just want to address some of the things that are being said by Celtics fans.

1: The refs were horrbile last night.  I agree.  And they were horrible for both sides.  It was one of those games where if Ray makes that shot, Lakers fans are all crying about the refs and its Celtics fans who are telling them to accept it.  Yes, the foul the disqualified KG was insanely bad.  But you can probably find an equally bad call on the other side.  For some reason, David Stern is happy with the refs being a subject of conversation after every big game.

2: Eddie House and his minutes.  Eddie was on fire last night.  He didn’t get crunch time minutes.  Ok, I can see how that’s an issue on the surface.  But who would he come in for?  It can’t be for Rondo, because we needed a sure-handed ball handler.  It’s not like we were down 6 and we needed 3’s.  The Lakers didn’t take a 2nd half lead until the overtime.  He’s not coming in for Ray Allen or Paul Pierce, no matter how gassed Pierce looked.  Pierce was playing great D on Kobe, which Eddie wouldn’t do.  He’s not coming in for Perk, obviously.  Which leaves Glen Davis.

The Lakers did a good job of defending and forcing Davis to take jumpers.  Hell, Davis gave the Celtics a lead in the overtime with a jumper… and he made a huge hustle play late in the 4th.  But does that mean Eddie comes in for him?  And does what… guard Lamar Odom?  Pau Gasol?

Yes Eddie was on fire.  But I don’t see what giving the Lakers and obvious mismatch does to help.

3: The last play.  Ray has 5 seconds to inbound.  Rondo faked going for the alley oop, Paul tried to hold off his defender to receive the ball, and Eddie House was trying to sneak behind everyone.  After 3 seconds, he gets the ball into Davis who immediately hands it off to Ray.  The Lakers had that play defended well.  You probably could have called a foul at the end… but you can probably say that of every last-second shot ever taken.

Doc has had a stellar string of out-of-bounds plays working out.  The Lakers defended it well, and Ray couldn’t get a clean look.

Really, what no one is talking about is how gassed Paul Pierce looked.  He wasn’t moving well at the end and he couldn’t take over.  He missed some key free throws in the overtime that could have changed the complexion of the game.  He looked like he simply ran out of energy.  I wonder if he’s fighting the same flu that other guys are dealing with.

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37 Responses

  1. If theres a celtic fan out there that got a good nights sleep then your not a fan.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more… like I said last night, as an unbiased basketball fan watching this game, it was the epitomy of what you want to watch in a game. I understand the refs were bad, as they are in just about every NBA game, but i’m glad you pointed out the fact they were bad on both ends of the court. I disagree on the last play though, not sure where you thought there was a foul unless it was off the ball. There was no contact made with Ray, he simply slipped either accidentally or by hoping to draw contact. Pau blocked the shot from so far away with his length that it didn’t even look like he was in the play until he landed. Anyways, like I said, great game to watch, both teams have great fans, and I hope the Celtics can make it through the Cavs to meet the Lakers in the finals again.

  3. Fair call Rodger, tho’ I think you’re probably not sleeping for the wrong reasons.

    Nicely written John, except for no mention of your own side’s troll comments! Both teams have fans that can get… err… a little overly passionate at times!

    Good to see the rivalry so alive and kickin’!

  4. As a basketball fan you couldn’t help but enjoy the intensity and grit of that game…its February, but it had the feel of a Game 7…guess what…it wasn’t.

    Laker fans should temper their joy and celtic fans should stop thinking the refs and NBA are against them.

    The Lakers must survive the rest of the season and hope Bynum gets healthy, because despite the win last night, I truly believe we need him to beat the C’s in a 7 game series…

    The Celtic’s have had 19 and 12 game win streaks this year…I believe those games included refs as well?…I also refuse to believe that the ONLY time they make bad calls is when the C’s lose…that is what much of Gang Green would have us believe…

    Redsarmy’s commentary in this post was fair and accurate…and I thank Celtic nation for allowing me to participate in the Live Blog last night…watching the game with a laptop on my comfy chair, drinking an adult beverage and watching the Lakers beat the Celtics…it was like a beer commercial…

    Can’t wait till the Finals…don’t let the Cavs in…this is too good.

    Go Lakers

  5. Nicely stated inferno – hope John et al appreciate that not all of us Laker fans are idiots!

  6. These two losses rank right up there with the two in 87

  7. I completely understand why Davis got the crunch time minutes, but I wanted to see more Leon. He was playing great, and I think he always plays the Lakers tough. I understand Baby has been more consistent, but Powe was all over the glass and pretty hot last night.

    Disclaimer: I am an unabashed Powe Folkster

  8. Completely accurate commentary by RedsArmy. Yes, KG’s 6th foul was ridiculous, especially after seeing the replay of Gasol raking him across the arm. But I wouldn’t expect the refs to call that on Gasol at that stage in the game, and I wouldn’t expect them to call a 6th on KG for that incidental contact. We all know the refs usually let guys play at that stage, but it is what it is.
    Two things, to my mind, that hindered us from winning last night were:
    1. We let the Lakers shoot a ridiculously high % from the field.
    2. We had no one to pick up the offense when the Lakers clamped down on Ray and Paul.
    I know people are probably tired of hearing me rant about how we miss PJ and Posey, but it’s true. Last year, those Big Baby jumpers late in the game would have been taken by one or both of those guys. It was painful to watch us struggle last night on offense at the end of the 4th and in OT as the Lakers figured out that we had no one to pick up the slack. (I don’t fault Big Baby here, he had tremendous hustle and was playing his heart out). But we do need another offensive threat when one of our Big Three goes down or fouls out. We can beat a Philly or a Minnesota without all three, but we’re going to need help against the big rivals in the Playoffs.
    I’m really proud of our team and how we played last night. It was a great game that hopefully can teach us a few things.

  9. My problem is the two CRUNCH free throws that Paul missed. He hits those, game over.

  10. Yeah Matty… Paul kinda faded there.

    And if anything… this shows we need a solid big man to give us about 15 minutes a game. I love Leon and Baby…. but when the other team has guys that can rise up over them consistently and get some decent looks… we’re going to have problems.

    So forget Marbury. I think we’re OK at PG with what we’ve got. The focus here should be on a big man. Now…. which one is a different story

  11. Paul was gassed b/c he did a hell of a job defending Kobe. The 3s Kobe hit were in Paul’s eye. He had a hand in his face all night. You needed that effort defensively and hope you have someone like Ray, Rondo, or Eddie who could get a bucket at the other end.

  12. Kobe is just an amazing player. Pierce was on him like glue yet he still managed to hit his shots. I was even surprised he hit rim on that two pointer. When peirce went up to contest that shot, i was sure it was gonna be an air ball.

    I’m not sure if i want Cleveland or the Lakers to win….

  13. Sorry but when afoul costs one of your best players there is not an equally bad call on the otherside at least not with the impact that one had.

  14. Another thing, I hardly ever hear Doc or Ray say anything bad about the officials, after this game they had plenty to say.

  15. Nora…please hush.

    I understand why Big Baby was in there for overtime, but not down the stretch when the game was in regulation…House was on fire and PP was a little off last night…as a Laker fan watching the game I was relieved and shocked that when buckets were sorely needed House was doing an ML Carr from the bench…

    I also understand that Davis is a better defensive option than House and the mismatch would have been evident, but…lets be honest…KOBE was going to have the ball in his hands regardless of who was on the floor…and in a game where both teams have scored over 100 points, clearly defense wasn’t winning this one…get the shooter in there and make something happen…I imagine the +/- minutes for House was outrageous last night…give me a shooter in crunch time…and a hot shooter at that…

    Thanks Doc…

    Go Lakers

  16. Last year and this year almost have the same flavor as 1984 and 1985. I was a rookie fan back then but watched a lot of epic finals on tape (84′ and 85′) Celtics won the title in 84′ when the Lakers were favorites to win it all, the following year in 85′ the Lakers came back determined to win at the Garden and they did. My point is this year’s Lakers reminds me of the determination and urgency of that 85′ Lakers team. (Relax Laker fans I am not comparing the players)

    From my observation this year’s Celtics team isn’t showing the championship Defense like last year and when was the last time a championship team leads the NBA in turnovers.. C’s does this year.

    Lakers came in to our house and beat us period. No excuses. Its a lost cause to blame the refs, PP being tired, KG fouled out, min’s played, who’s in and who’s out, etc. The only way to redeem ourselves now is to make it to the finals and beat the Lakers – Period.

    How are we going to make it back to the finals again?

    To Mr. Danny Ainge: Like John said – I’ve been saying this before the season after we lost Posey to free agency. We need a Solid Big bad and an extra shooter will be nice too.

    In my opinion without an upgrade to the bench prior the playoffs the Celtics won’t make it pass the Cavs or Lakers. Posey, PJ and Sam Played critical roles on the title run last year that’s what is missing this year and it showed last night. Trading deadline is coming up Mr. Ainge. Get to work sir.

    Go Celtics

    PS: inferno you got in to the live blog because I helped sponsor your admission – It was LOL when Powell, Mihm and Luke scored in the first half. My best friend is a die hard Laker fan and he loves to make fun of them too. LOL

  17. FSantos…I know you backed me…you are a fellow fan of the game and I appreciate your candor and intelligent conversation.

    Thanks again for the invite…work on me getting “elevated” next time…that would be the balls.

    I love you Nora.

    Go Lakers

  18. I thought I was the only one who couldn’t sleep because of the loss… anyway I think we had 2 problems yesterday:
    1) defense on Gasol: yes, he practically won the game, again. We need someone who can defend on him when KG is not on the floor (Robert Horry?)
    2) the biggest issue: we missed tons of uncontested shots, literally. If only a tenth of those shots would have been good it would have been a blowout win instead of a burning loss.

  19. Much respect to you guys offering no excuses for the L. Shows a lot of class. On the other hand, can you honestly say that your fans last night treated this “just” like a regular season game? Maybe you shouldn’t get on our fans if you guys are just gonna do the same thing.

  20. It’s February, right? I slept like a baby.

    If any of the fitful Celts fans here need any reason to feel better about the loss, consider that there’s no way in hell Baby’s touching the ball with a minute left in a playoff game. This really seemed like a “let’s see how the kid handles it” situation. Nobody in the Celtics organization is panicking, and for good reason.

  21. At least Celtics fans show up on time for the game and stay till the end, even when the game isn’t on national TV, or against a marquee competitor.

    Lakers games at the Staples Center are like Baseball games at Yankee Stadium. People go to be seen, get their face on TV, and brag about it after.

    Nobody actually cares about the game.

  22. Great game to watch but nobody is taking about the Lakers shooting a terrible freethrow perdcentage. If they hit theyre free throws they would of won by about 6 or 7. All I’m saying is if Bosoton lost at home to the Lakers on the 2nd of a back to back WITHOUT bynum how are they gonna do if he comes back and is the anchor on d. Not to mention gasol really played great tonight. what are your thoughts??

  23. See I disagree with what you said RA about needing another big man instead of marbury. I think having marbury would have completely changed this game. With KG out I would have rather seen marbury on the floor with ray and pp than rondo. Marbury is a bonafide scorer and you can’t clog the lanes off him, and this would have opened things up dramatically for us, considering kobe was helping off rondo again all last night, and that seems like it works considering they beat us last two games

  24. Might Robbert Horry be the answer? he definitely would have spread the floor last night and there is no doubt in my mind that he can at least guard odom if not pau too

    anyway KG could not hit his mid range jumper at all last night; ray ray missed like 4 wide open momentum changing threes that really changed the complexion of the game, and big baby went 1 for 6 a shot he had been making lately, thats why he was on the court in crunchtime because over the past two weeks he has been consistently nailing that shot

  25. Good point Big Sal. I’d rather have them do the big baby “experiment” now than in the playoffs.

  26. I could not disagree more.
    It DOES NOT MATTER whether the refs intended to push the game in LA’s direction, or they were merely incompetent. We all agree that they were AT BEST incompetent. The point for me is… why am I investing my time and emotional energy in a sport where outcomes are determined by referees that are either foolish or corrupt?

    There is NO doubt in my mind that there have been many games in which the refs were corrupt. Not just our games, but LA’s too. Last night’s calls were horrible all around, so maybe they were just incompetent in this game. Doesn’t matter. This is the WORST SPORT IN AMERICA when it comes to refereeing, BY FAR. You think it’s a hard job? It’s not. The college basketball I have seen is called near-perfectly. None of this crap goes on.

    And why does the NBA resist having video-booth backup to the on-court refs? Replay is absolutely instant these days, and all calls could be perfected. I’ll tell you why: because they could not manipulate games that way. Transparency is the enemy of deceit.

    I love my Cs and wish them well. But they are working in a sick universe of money and corruption, and I am done with it, and them.

  27. the fans at the garden last night were pretty lame. I wouldve booed all those bad calls. i wouldve cheered lowder. I would have been rowdy. the garden looked like the staples center in the finals last year…..well without booing the home team.

  28. Oh, and btw… when you have both Doc and Ray Allen — who otherwise NEVER complain about the refs — say that Ray was fouled on that last play, you can bet your bottom dollar that he was fouled. Just one small aspect of what was a disgusting game all around.

  29. “No Excuses.”

    Excellent post.

  30. I did notice PP looked gas. I honestly think it was because he defended Kobe phenomenally last night. Kobe has been in an offensive storm lately (shot 61% against New York on his 61 game). Yet PP defended him about as well as you could. Kobe dropped those really clutch three’s to pull them back within and PP was right on him…

    Good call there.

  31. Wow – Always hate to lose the Lakers, but still doesn’t hurt that bad in Feb. I want the C’s to peak in May/June, not feb/mar. It was also a good test to see what we need to add to get over the hump in the spring…a strong big with a jumper ala PJ Brown. Papr Irish may be on to something with Horry, but I would kneel down and kiss Danny’s ass if he could trade TA away for a younger Big. Tick Tock Danny….Go C’s.

  32. Danno said:

    “Lakers games at the Staples Center are like Baseball games at Yankee Stadium. People go to be seen, get their face on TV, and brag about it after.

    Nobody actually cares about the game.”

    Are you serious….you really think that Yankee fans don’t care about the game? Get a grip.

    Tis true about the Lakers fans though, but thats Hollywood man.

  33. I think the ref’s determined the outcome of this particular GAME. Getting KG out was the key.

    That being said, it is clear the LA is the better TEAM.

    We would lose in a seven game series, especially if we did not have the home field advantage. We need additional bench help up front

  34. Maybe the league could give us a Pau Gasol type trade to even things up

  35. To keep Laker fans from getting confused with what I wrote. We did not lose because KG fouled out, we lost because we are not as good a TEAM. A good team wins in spite of things like this. The ref’s should not be that much of a deciding factor for championship level teams.

  36. Alright DRJ you asked for it. You want to keep saying that this game was disgusting, then it’s only fair i get to point out another disgusting game. Game 2 of the “finals” last year

  37. […] Army isn’t making any excuses for this Celtics […]

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