Doc Fined For Criticizing Officials

$15,000, according to Gary Dzen:

Celtics head coach Doc Rivers has been fined $15,000 for verbal abuse of game officials, it was announced today by Stu Jackson, NBA executive vice president, basketball operations.

Rivers was fined for his action following the Celtics’ 110-109 overtime loss to the visiting Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday, Jan. 5 at TD Banknorth Garden. The fine was levied specifically because Rivers berated officials on the floor directly after the game.


20 Responses

  1. Doc is our General loved the way he stood up for us after the game. Kiss my ass Beef Stu Jackson and stick the $15K up your ass.

  2. What a racket. First they blow the game, Then if anybody says so, they fine him. Welcome to Gulag NBA. Fuck Stern and the horse he rode in on.

  3. Thank you DRJ I forgot about Stern. Hey, maybe Stern should change the name of the game from G-E-I-C-O to

  4. Just look at all this Celtic pride oozing out here.

  5. Yeah Doc! Keep speaking your mind. Stand up for us! Don’t let em’ beat you down!

  6. No one “blew” the game. Stop crying about poor officiating being the excuse of your losses.

  7. Hey Lakers2009, I seem to recall a 39 point drubbing that happened to your boys the last meaningful game we played. So please, eat a dick.

  8. adam morrison traded to the lakers for vlad rad

  9. Yeah Mike O, they forget that when it really mattered we smoked their ass. Yet another closet C’s fan w/nothing better to do on a Saturday night then troll around our site. He must’ve ran out of kleenex and lotion. Doc had every right to be pissed. If I didn’t have tickets to more games later in the season, I would’ve thrown my full soda and probably whatever else wasn’t bolted to the floor at those f’in refs on their way out of the Garden…

  10. You really are an idiot. By saying that I have nothing else to do on a Saturday night, you hang yourself up to dry by posting as well. Good job.

  11. Hey Lakers2009 were you around last year when we stuck our foot so deep up your ass that you tasted my steel toes? Untill you guys win in june get the fuck off our board and go do something more productive.

  12. I’m sure the owners and Ainge would of been pissed if Doc kept his mouth shut. Doc did what each and every one of use wanted to do. If I was at the game it would of been very hard to controll myself. To bad the game was on national T.V I wonder what Tom H. reaction to the game and the refs…

  13. Give me a break Laker fans you guys were whining all through the finals.

  14. Exactly. Go home. He’s probably here because the Laker fans hate him too. Come talk some shit when you beat us for the O’Brien trophy. Clown…

  15. Fine, i’ll give you that you were a better team than us last year…there’s no questioning that. This year, however, you have failed on both occasions to show that you can contend with us, even without Bynum, missing 12 free throws, and horrible rebounds. I think you have bigger worries than the Lakers…you have to worry about getting out of your conference.

  16. Oh come on. Two close games shows the Celtics can’t contend with the Lakers. Does this mean the Lakers can’t contend with the Magic? Please let’s stop with the hyperbole and the useless advice. Its news to no-one Celtics have to win the East first.

  17. Lakers also have to win the west. They are not entitled to a finals berth just by exsisting either. Spurs are there who have some experience at getting to the finals as well.

  18. Where do I paypal my money to help pay Doc’s fine?

  19. Oh my am I worried now that the Lakers got Morrison. That will surely toughen them up some. Remember the movie where the character “Juanna Mann” was a guy who put on some lipstick and starred in the WNBA? Morrison is a girl who pasted on a fake mustache and tried it the other way around. It hasn’t worked so well so far.

  20. Money well spent, Doc!

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