Hit The Boards, Win The Game

Rebounding is not sexy, but you can make an argument that it’s the most important aspect of the game.  If you can keep the other team off the boards, then they’ll need to make an abnormally high percentage of shots.  If you can get to offensive rebounds, you can not only make up for a bad shooting night, you demoralize a team that has just worked hard to prevent a basket.

And no team does it better than the Celtics.  KG is a huge reason why.  So is Perk.  But its the guards that put the C’s over the top.  Says Perk

“You should see us in practice. They (the guards) get us bigs upset, taking all our rebounds. Man, every game Rajon Rondo gets a lot, Paul and Ray rebound a lot, even Eddie House comes in and gets six in game. Everybody on this team gets after it. “

Rajon always amazes me when he swoops in and grabs an offensive board.  I’m not kidding when I say that’s demoralizing.  You can sometimes even see guys’ shoulders slumping on the floor.


One Response

  1. Rebounds is good but if they can controll turnovers they win with no problem……TAKE CARE OF THE ROCK

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