Matt Bleepin Bonner?

For as bad as Ray blew it at the end – coughing the ball up on an inbounds pass with 20 seconds left – you have to hand it to the Spurs’ Matt Bonner (23 pts, 8 reb). The dude killed us today. However, the Celtics were able to overcome, cough, Bonner’s greatness, and still had a chance to win this game.

KG was going to be our hero. He nailed a couple of jumpers and had a key steal in the final few minutes. With the Celtics up 93-92 and just 30 seconds left on the clock, Garnett hoisted one of his patented 17 foot jumpers. Unfortunately, this one rimmed out. And then Roger Mason drained a 3 that silenced John, myself and the other 18,000 people at the Garden.

But there was 20 seconds left, plenty of time for one of the Big 3 to win this. Ray went to make an inbound pass and somehow the ball ended up in Ginobli’s hands. It looked like the ball slipped out of Ray’s hands as he tried to pull it back. All the drama, all the buildup for this final possession was over in a blink of an eye. For some reason – there was never a reply of this crucial play on the Garden jumbotron. I guess the video crew was punching the clock. Game over.

Other observations from Section 20:

  • Cedric Maxwell (working the broadcast from 5 feet in front of us) needs a bigger chair.
  • Granted I made a few beer runs, but I remember seeing the Celtics dancers just twice. Are they paid by the routine?
  • The fried clams and fries is a decent meal for $9.

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21 Responses

  1. i wonder if the celts are rattled again?

  2. Mason almost lost the game for SA with several late-quarter blunders, but got lucky and made an ill-advised 3-pointer that changed the game.

  3. Turnovers and free-throws..SAME SHI$, DIFFERENT GAME. Get ready for a Western road-trip. Late-nights and tough mornings. I have faith that we’ll pull together. I also think a move by Ainge is inevitable. Matt frickin’ Bonner…I think between being at Thursday’s game and today’s I have an ulcer.

  4. we needed scal today, no way he would let another redhead come into his garden and get away with that shit

  5. Anyone else think KG looked a tad pooped from early on in the game…way earlier than would be expected. I wonder if he is still suffering a bit from his bout with the flu?

    Fried clams and fries…mmmmmmmm…sound good.

  6. good side of this loses is that Danny won’t slip well till he makes some moves to improve the bench. But anyway, this games don’t mean a thing, one more shot goes in and we win

  7. Is the Clams and Fries deal new? I don’t remember seeing that around at the last game I went to, which was unfortunately a while ago.

  8. I’m witcha’ PapaIrish. Bonner is the Bizarro Scal. Here’s the full JimBeam “Girlfriend” commerical to cheer us all up. (drink a little Beam too..that’ll help)

  9. It wasnt really turnovers today, spurs actually had more and we were lower than normal…its the fact that when rondo is in the game we have no real point guard.. thats and the spurs have alot of pride, are still a championship team, and they had a I believe 5 days rest while our guys are pretty tired…but this game clearly couldve gone either way, just like the laker game

  10. As celtic fans who would you rather see in the finals, the lakers or the spurs. The lakers because its both our teams birthright to fight for the ship and have bragging rights or the spurs.

  11. Ouch…Can’t say I haven’t seen this before.

  12. Roger Mason is as clutch as it gets.

    Playing the Spurs and taking about everybody but Bonner (and Timmy D) out of the game is quiet a feat. Keeping Ginobili and Parker under 20 is a great way to disrupt the Spurs’ offense – can’t ask for more. If Bonner has to score 20+ for the Spurs to beat the Celtics, I’d bet my money on Boston in a 7 game series.

  13. Baron-I know they had MORE turnovers than us, but we had one HUGE one (Ray’s errant pass) that killed us. We also shot 70% at charity stripe to their 90%. That’s not going to get it done in the playoffs. There is only one team w/more TO’s right now-Oklahoma City. Ok…..

  14. Seeing Bonner drop 23 on the C’s is tuff, but you have to support the NH native. He might make a nice upgrade for Scal.

  15. Dudes, the least of your worries is Bonner. The ridiculously great Los Angeles Lakers will take his admirable but aging Spurs out of your way.

    You need to worry about the Cavs, whom the Lakers demolished today w/o Bynum, and with a vomiting Kobe “Greatest-To-Ever-Touch-A-Basketball” Bryant.

    Come on, dudes. Will one of you please fess up and admit that the Lakers are NUMBER ONE? Be a man and admit it. Don’t be like A-Rod and deny the facts.

  16. What me worry!
    Lets look at the facts.
    Fact 1 bostons 42-11 this time last year they were 41-12 exuse me but thats one game better then last year.
    Fact 2 the lakers and cleaveland have added players while bostons subtracted players.
    We’ve gotten better witH less while everybody else has made changes to get better.
    So even if we dont sign anyone but i think we will i think well be alright either way.

  17. I could live by the loss… losing by one point isn’t a biggie! its still in the regular season.

    these fakers thought that the championship is in the bag once again… just like the last time hype by the media they thought they were the champs of 08…

    too bad for that 24 points comeback and the 39 points beat down handed by the celtics placing the fakers in the greatest humiliation ever in FINALS HISTORY!!!!

    Underestimating, these celtics are your biggest mistake and that my friend is exactly how you get beaten!

  18. It’s not that the Cs are in a slump or w/e. Spurs are a very good team, still one of the elite. They just so happen to match up very well with the Celtics. They play great physical D, have their own big 3, along with 3 pt shooters to compliment them. Only difference betw spurs and Cs is that the spurs’ bench have a lot more depth.

  19. “Come on, dudes. Will one of you please fess up and admit that the Lakers are NUMBER ONE? Be a man and admit it. Don’t be like A-Rod and deny the facts.”

    The way I see it, The Celtics are the reigning champs, and the Laker’s ain’t shit until they dethrone us.

  20. “Kobe “Greatest-To-Ever-Touch-A-Basketball” Bryant”

    Ahahahaha….great player? yes. hall of famer? yes. Greatest ever? Not by a long shot. Get real, man. Just to name one, MJ was better than Kobe will ever be.

  21. If you are only going to name one, start with LARRY F’in BIRD.

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