Being Us vs. Being Them

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Can we really beat the best teams in the league?

That seems to be the question circulating around anything Celtics right now.  Celtics fans and writers are bemoaning two losses to Western Conference powers… and a split against Cleveland.  But what does that mean, really?  Being us, we’ll over-analyze everything about those 4 losses to LA, San Antonio and Cleveland.  Did we need Posey more than we thought?  When will Danny make a move for a big?  Do these guys look tired?  Is it the flu, or is it their age?

Blah… blah… blah.

Being them… as in the Spurs… is so much different than being us.  We’ve only won it once recently.  They’ve won a few, and they’re always in contention.  And little things like regular season losses don’t mean squat.  Sure, everyone would love to win every game.  But that only happens in video games.  Look no further than last Tuesday for the real difference between being us and being them.  Ray Allen had just played 43 minutes… and nailed the game winning jumper in Philadelphia.  Meanwhile, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili were playing zero minutes despite having 4 full days off coming up… and the Spurs lost to the Nuggets.

Can you imagine the hell that would rain down on Doc Rivers if he sat the Big 3 and lost to Philly?  Can you imagine how the fans and writers would react to the almost blatant sacrifice of a game?

That’s the difference between being us, and being them.  That’s the difference between a team that has won half the titles since 2003, and the team that spent all but one of those years struggling.  The pain and struggle of those years is still fresh in our minds.  Yes, we’re the defending champs, but sometimes we still act like that team fighting to avoid the lottery.

Yes, I wanted to see the Celtics win yesterday, but I’m not worried about it.  It was a great game that ultimately doesn’t mean much… not that you’d be able to tell by the way some people are acting today.

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12 Responses

  1. Still doesn’t change the fact spurs have a better coach and bench.


  3. Can we beat the elite teams in the league…um why are writers so dramatic? of course we can beat the elite teams in the league, what an ignorant question…first of all, orlando swept LA, we are currently 2-0 against the magic…and LA swept us..explain that one..the other elite teams have been using us as a measuting stick and we havent played our best think we all of a sudden cant beat these teams when we “coulda/shoulda/woulda” beat both LA and SA if a few things go differently at the end of the game is pointless .. which is the reasson I wont be listening to any national sports shows or writers, because I know for a fact we can

  4. Baron, I hope none of that was directed at me…. because the entire post was pretty much making the same point that you did. Asking that question is kinda silly.

  5. baron responded to the headline.


  6. Yeah, it wasnt directed towards you, but just to the question itself…sorry
    alot of media members are going to try and make something out of nothing…the fact is theres a huge difference from being the measuring stick and using the other teams as a measuring stick.. also we lost to LA by 1 measly pt in overtime, if anyones putting any stock into that I just dont get it, same with the spurs game.

  7. Sounds like a bunch of rationalizing.

    I don’t like it.

  8. i didnt know baron davis was a redsarmy reader

  9. It means only one thing.

    We need another quality Big man, and a guard who can shoot.

    trade Big baby and Gabe if you have to. Just get some vetern quality in here like last year.

  10. I can’t stop thinking about those clams and fries you gave thumbs up to yesterday….mmmmmmmmmmm.

    Love that combo!

  11. Danno is correct. I knew we would eventually come to this when we let Posey go. And I agree with Chuck: Joe Smith and Marbury would be the answer. Now, I know a lot of folks don’t like Marbury, and I understand because I’m one of you. But he is a low-risk gamble. He WILL NOT be able to disrupt our team chemistry, and if he tries, we let him go. Hopefully Danny is looking at these two, or at least somebody. Mitch Kupchak saw Bynam go down, and within a week he had Adam Morrison. Now, I don’t think Morrison is a very good player, but the Lakers acted swiftly when they saw the need. I think we have two needs.

  12. Another vet big or scorer (Starbury) would be good. I really like Big Baby-he’s a fan fave and all that, but is he going to help us win another chip? Maybe not. I agree that if getting another bonafide piece of the title puzzle means trading Baby, Pruitt and/or Walker/Giddens, do it. The Banner18 door will not stay open forever. KG & Ray (and P2 for that matter) are not getting any younger.

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