Tony Allen Injures His Thumb

According to the Herald, he’s out through the All Star break.

Though he showed up yesterday with the intention of practicing, Tony Allen suffered a thumb injury on his left (non-shooting) hand.

He will not join the team until after the all-star break in Utah, and didn’t accompany the team on its trip to New Orleans for tomorrow night’s game.

X-rays were normal, and did not reveal any serious injury. Allen will be reevaluated Tuesday before leaving for Utah


11 Responses

  1. This dude made of paper mache?

  2. Just great, we have even a thinner bench going on this road trip.

  3. Help us Scot Pollard your our only hope!!!!!!!!

  4. In a related story, Scot Pollard injures middle finger.

  5. Tony keeps getting injured like Nordberg in the beginning of Naked Gun.

  6. “Tony keeps getting injured like Nordberg in the beginning of Naked Gun”

    Lets just hope he has a better ending than that guy who played Nordberg

  7. How about shaq for a backup for perk he must be good for 10 15 minutes a game he might even play some defense if he only had to play 10 minutes a night.

  8. Sounds crazy, but had this story today of “mystery teams” in the Amare hunt. Does anyone think something like that: A)could happen..
    B)could work…?
    Imagine a starting 5 of Rondo, Ray, P2, Ticket, STAT…

  9. ^that is an impossible scenario salary wise unless Ray or Pierce are traded…

  10. USA Today reports that Kerr is shopping most of the team except nash, trying to avoid luxury tax next year and position for the 2010 free agent – free for all.

  11. Either they need to sign someone or they better start giving Walker/Giddens a try now before it gets too close to playoff time.

    They need to reduce the starters minutes or it will catch up with them

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