Tony’s Thumb Could Be Bad

Like… torn ligaments bad

Tony Allen didn’t accompany the team to New Orleans today after injuring his left thumb in practice, but contrary to a team report that X-rays taken on the thumb were negative, a Celtics source said today that the guard has actually suffered torn ligaments.

It was unclear how much time he would miss in the event of a ligaments tear.

Allen plans to rejoin the team next Tuesday in Utah following the all-star break, when he is scheduled to meet with team physician Dr. Brian McKeon. Until then, he has been ordered to keep the thumb wrapped and stabilized.

Techincally speaking, I think an X-Ray can comeback negative and there still be ligament damage.  I think the MRI is what detects the ligament damage.  Regardless, Tony Allen is a physical mess.  There hasn’t been a season where he hasn’t dealt with some sort of injury.


9 Responses

  1. Tony was supposed to carry the load left by Posey. Now what? The rook’s look like they were drafted to become future Posey types. Who else is there unless they pick someone up? And if they do, who will be released from the roster?

  2. maybe we could vin baker

  3. That’s a good question. And I don’t have an answer. I’m starting to think there might be a trade of some sort in order….. or maybe this is it. Maybe this is what we go with and it’s time to throw Bill Walker into the fire.

  4. Ruben Patterson???????

  5. I have confidence in Ainge. I think the Marbury and PJ things are dead. I’d say our hope hinges on getting Joe Smith or Brad Miller. Smith however needs to be bought out like Marbury.

  6. the kid goes too hard? is that possible?

    are the feet faster than head or vice versa

  7. How could we get Miller? His salary’s too high.

  8. I injured the ligaments in my right thumb during football practice in high school. My thumb got bent the wrong way and the ligaments got pulled out of whack. Basically, I could not make the thumb move. It just kind of hung there. They did not do an MRI, but the doctor moved it all around and tested the strength and then put me in a cast for 4 weeks. Two weeks after that I reinjured it. Don’t know exactly what happened to Tony, but from my experience broken fingers are easy enough to tape and they heal fast. The injury to my thumb pretty much that hand useless until it healed. I hope his injury is not that bad.

  9. Well let’s be honest here, Tony’s only in for D and a couple easy dunks. What’s he gonna do w/ a torn ligament? Not be able to dribble or shoot? He can’t do those anyways…

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