Hey P.J. – Pretty Please?

I’m having a very hard time getting over the loss of P.J. Brown (Don’t you just love how he’s muscling Ben Wallace in this photo?). Maybe it’s because Patrick O’Bryant sucks. Maybe it’s because the Celtics aren’t the clear-cut, most dominant team in the NBA. And it will only hurt to see PJ in the crowd at tonight’s game.

“It’d be great to get him back, but I just don’t think he’s coming back,” Rivers said. “He knows the invitation is always open, but I just think he’s moved on.

“He works out every day, but he works out because his family works out, you know? He’s not working out because he’s coming back to play.”

Celtics president Danny Ainge added: “Just a class act. A class man.”

But when asked if thought Brown would play again, Ainge simply said, “No.’

I’ll just live in denial until the March deadline (new roster additions signed after this date are not allowed to play in the playoffs) rolls around.

Danny Ainge would not confirm Tony Allen has torn ligaments in his thumb.

Chris Paul is still questionable. The Boston Globe is reporting Paul has a sprained foot, while the rest of world thinks it’s a strained groin. (Is Marc Spears the most overrate sports journalist in this town?) According to the Times-Picayune, Morris Peterson is the one with the sprained foot.

“I’ve always been leery of tights and leotards, but I have the body to flaunt it, so why not.”

That’s KG on his new “Quest for G” commercials. Here’s some behind the scenes footage.


7 Responses

  1. […] I may be able to forgive Danny Ferry if someone else lands Amare Stoudemire.  But if we sit on our hands and Boston lands P.J. Brown (again), I won’t be very happy. [Reds Army] […]

  2. Somewhat annoying that he latches on to get a ring, and then wont help defend it…love ya PJ, but youre better than that

  3. I am over PJ already – He went out on top and that’s his decision to retire. Danny Ainge has his poker face on again before the trade deadline but this time I don’t think he is bluffing – We really don’t have any assets or picks to attract other teams. I will be pleasantly surprised if Ainge can pull it off again.

  4. I dont blame PJ for calling it quits when he did, but I sure would like for him to change his mind and come back anyway. That picture is awesome!

  5. I don’t have a problem with PJ retiring when he did, but I did have a problem with him basically ignoring the Celtics and their fans since the season ended and the Parade was over.

    He didn’t even show up for the Opening Night Ring Ceremony. He had it mailed to him.

    Sorry, but that’s just fucking lame.

  6. Danno – I didn’t even think about it. You are right he should have showed up for the ring ceremony. What was his excuse anyway? Just curious….

    Get Sam I Am off his ass and play him. Now is good time to get the old man warmed up since TA is out. We need all the help we can get off the bench. He has to be F’in rusty as hell.

  7. PJ seems like a private guy. It’s his choice, really. He came to Boston, did what we asked of him and them some, and left after getting his ring. Fair enough. What exactly does he owe to us? If anything, we owe him the right enjoy his retirement peacefully.

    Ainge needs to do something for this team. Not doing anything would be require some people on this team stepping up BIG TIME that I don’t think are ready to do so (POB, Bill Walker, etc). We need a big more than anything. Getting spurned by PJ and Alonzo hurts…there aren’t too many feasible options out there given our lack of trade chips. May have to trade one of the youngsters if we want to get anything done. I also think we could afford to trade one of Big Baby and Powe. I would prefer Baby be traded, but that’s just me. They are both essentially undersized big men.

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