Should We Be Calling Out LeBron?

My in-box was surprisingly active with LeBron James questions today.  One was regarding the moment you see at the 1:58 mark in that video.  The short version of this:  LeBron was called for a foul in a tie game with 0.1 seconds left.  Indy hits one free throw.  In the process of the second free throw, LeBron starts walking off the floor.

He starts leaving before the game is over… even though Cleveland had no chance at all of winning no matter what happened.  So… should we be pissed at him for leaving the floor before the final buzzer… or is this no big deal?  One emailer, William, thinks its a big deal:

what really makes me angry is the way Lebron acted after the final call against him. Did you notice that he starts walking off the court before Granger shoots his last shot that he didn’t even need to make. He is that pompous and entitled that he thinks he can walk off the court before the game is over.

There was a lot of swearing and anger towards no one calling him out on it.  So here it is… I’m very interested in hearing what people have to say.

Other things out there:   Chris Paul is a game time decision tonight.   Here’s apiece we’ll all appreciate:  Why everyone hates the Lakers. And the latest round of blogger MVP and ROY rankings are up.  LeBron and Derrick Rose top the lists.  There is a Celtic on the MVP list.


39 Responses

  1. game was over, whatever. Hell Kobe left the floor with 20 secs left when they pasted the Cavs over the weekend. But then again, that’s Kobe and he’s a bitch.

    Maybe Lebron’s learning the ways of the Mamba.

    Next criticize mgmt, demand to be traded, knock ownership and throw your teammates under the bus. Then you got the Kobe act down.

  2. “I am the KING of the universe, You can’t call that on me they don’t call that on Kobe” Immaturity – Stardom and Ego Overflow – The true 24 year old came out.

  3. No big deal. Great game to watch love the leaguepass.

  4. One question, have we ever seen Pierce/Garnett/Ray do this EVER???? Not to my knowledge…

  5. I cannot recall that every happening either, Matty.

    My gut reaction is that this isn’t THAT big of a deal… but I know athletes have been raked over the coals for similar acts in the past. Didn’t it happen to Terrel Owens or Randy Moss at the end of a football game that was essentially over?

    I can see, however, why people will be upset.

  6. Yea see I don’t ever recall Piece/KG/Ray etc doing such a thing either.

    While I know that in most situations, the game is over and technically it doesn’t “matter” that someone would walk off the court. But its about integrity. YOU got the foul Lebron, whether it is a “bad” call or not. YOU got the foul and you are going to pout and walk off the court with your head down? That is WEAK. Stay there for the final free throw and take the loss like a MAN and stop being a little bitch. Bad calls/endings to a game happen ALL-THE-TIME. What gives HIM the right to walk off the court??? Because he scored 47??? I don’t give a flying fuck.

    Say this happened to the C’s ok? And the opposing team was at the line about to seal the win. Why doesn’t the whole TEAM head to the locker room? The game is OVER right? SO why doesn’t every team when the game is over just walk off the court before the buzzer sounds??? Because they aren’t little fucking BITCHES ala Kobe and Lebron. You lost, get over it and stay on the damn court until the buzzer goes off.

    God damn that shit pisses me off.

    I am now done…

  7. What a total Crybaby!! I watched the game and was shocked with the first foul call and less shocked by the second. The refs got it right in the end, total flip flopping on their part. But Labron rushing into the tunnel in a tantrum?? He must have had one messy diaper…

  8. Yea, OR he was rushing to get a box of puffs plus with aloe to wipe away his friggin tears. God I hate him…

  9. AboveTheRim: Kobe was puking before the game and had IVs that caused him chills, he was sick. His eyes were rolling on the bench, he looked terrible. Lebron was just throwing a big tantrum, that’s the difference.

  10. KG arguably takes winning and losing much more seriously, and I can’t remember him ever doing this on those losing teams in Minnesota. There is a difference between caring only about winning and trying to always look like you only care about winning. Kobe and Lebron are with the ladder.

    Let’s not forget Belichick before the official end of the Giants super bowl, which I chose to still forget about.

  11. He was wrong to do it… but let’s not blow this out of proportion.

  12. But Tim he does it more so than anyone else. Do you think he should be able to do this whenever he wants?

    Did Bird/MJ do this?

  13. I don’t even really see what the big deal is about this? At least shows he isn’t all about the fame and money. He actually cares about this loss and I don’t blame him for getting so upset, I mean how often do the refs really call a foul in the last 3 seconds (see Celts-Lakers 2/5) ?? The game was over and he was furious.

  14. When you’re clearly the best player on the floor and just scored 47 in a losing effort that FEELS like it was the refs’ fault (which it wasn’t, they just prolonged it), you can walk off the floor 0.1 seconds before the whistle blows. He’s not a bitch, YOU’RE a bitch for complaining about something so silly.

    Oh, and I think Kobe — by playing sick as he did, with chills, vomiting, IVs, and still managing to help his team win — should hereafter be immune to all calls of bitchiness, douchiness, and other epithets. What he did was tougher than anything I’ve seen from the Cs. (KG skipped 2 games with the flu… you didn’t see him playing with IVs.) It’s about time we tipped our hat to Kobe. He seems to be getting better and tougher with time… If he was ever a bitch, he is certainly not that anymore.

  15. and as much as Lebron is our enemy and opponent, I still have a lot of respect for the guy, hes an incredible player and I don’t see why everyone here hates him. I can understand Kobe hes a douchebag, but Lebron is a class act IMO.

  16. Wow guess it is a big deal. Hey who hasn’t reacted poorly in a game emotions can get the best of us, and I know there paid and should no better but when you lose a game like that when its “seems” the game is in the bag I’m cutting the guy some slack. Lebron and Moss there is no comparison.

    Oh yea Ainge its time you work your magic!

  17. WOW…

  18. DRJ – I think everyone here respects Kobe’s talent on the court, hes very, very good, BUT nobody here likes him as a person and in return we all hate on him. So thats the way it is hes an arrogant self centered douchebag and I think most people on this site agree with me there.

  19. lebron incredible player? yes… lebron incredible whiny little bitch who never commits a foul and is fouled on every possession? also YES

  20. Speaking of hating the Laker’s. They are “America’s Team”. Similar love/hatred to the Dallas Cowboys. They have an unfair advantage in the league. Players want to go their to become movie stars. They have the money. The fake Hollywood fans. While one team is not compensated for the death of two stars, hosed in the lottery, and had to give up a star to get a star, another the Laker’s get Shaq and gasol handed to them on a silver platter. What is not to hate?

  21. I think we need to stop comparing him in these circumstances to the likes of MJ/Bird/Magic or even KG/PP/Ray Ray. The fact of the matter is that NO ONE should ever do this, regardless of sport, regardless of stature within the league. Superstar or not, this action is disrepecting the game that he gets paid millions upon millions of dollars to play. Now if the roles were reversed and he were ANYONE else, say a Daniel Gibson or even Danny Granger, had the game ended in the Cav’s favor. I honestly believe that media would blow this out of proportion, picking on the non-superstar. But the fact that it was Lebron makes everyone turn their heads away and claim ignorance. But all this just points to the personality of Lebron which I have a real problem with.
    He has always been annointed as “King James” and what have you, yet now recently when the calls stop favoring him in a one-sided manner, his only course of action is to bitch and moan. Literally. The guy is 275 lbs and flops just as much as Varejao. And if the whistle doesn’t occur immediately, he pleads with officials on the brink of throwing a tantrum. It’s garbage that they let him play above the game for so long that it warped his sense of how basketball is actually played, how it is defined in the rulebook.
    To me, Lebron is a joke. Complaining after the game about the officiating, when he benefited from a replica call just fractions of a second beforehand. This reminds me almost exactly after his “crab dribble” debacle. He is delusional and fails to accept it, even going so far after the game to claim that he “watched the tape of the game” and he knows it’s not a travel. Give me a fucking break. How about complaining when they took away his overly hyped triple-double after they realized one of the rebounds wasn’t his? It must have slipped his mind that he fought 2 TEAMMATES to haul in his 10th (now 9th) rebound with under 3 seconds left in the game. And then had the arrogance to state that he didn’t even realize he had triple-double worth numbers until after the game. Followed up by his bitching session about having it stripped from him. I think I just threw up.
    The worst is the article on ESPN titled “Lebron James says Alex Rodriguez did the right thing by admitting he used PEDs.” Why is this fucking news-worthy? Why does anyone give a fuck what Lebron thinks on this topic? I sure as hell don’t. Suck more Lebron-dick ESPN, seriously. I wouldn’t be surprised if he voices his complaints when his highlight isn’t the lead.


  23. Not a big deal….but Lebron looks like a jerk doing it.

    Seems immature. Making the money he does, he needs to act more like an adult.

  24. If you’re not a fan of James, why should you be “pissed?” Immature and impulsive, yes. But getting mad about another team’s player wreaks of a lack of more important things with which to concern one’s self.

  25. I agree with everything Coobs said, but I also think people shouldn’t focus on him walking off the court early, but should focus on his bitch fests. Seriously, how can he argue that call when he got the same BS call in his favor .7 seconds before hand? It is beyond me. The officiating has been horrible across the board this season, I know Stern publicly is supporting the refs, but I wonder if privately he is telling them to tighten it up.

  26. You know why Kobe played through the flu? Because he wanted all the attention for doing so. He wasn’t helping his team, in fact, the Lakers were probably better served if he stayed home. But Kobe knew there was a lot of hype surrounding the game and wanted to be hailed as a tough guy. He’s a fraud….

  27. Have to admit that Lebron is spoiled, is sometimes delusional, and way too used to getting superstar treatment and calls. All obviously true. He is a great player, but a little brittle, and not very tough (as opposed to Kobe). I absolutely KNOW that if Lebron dislocated two fingers, or was vomiting from the flu, he would not NOT be playing. Period. He’d be home crying.

    All of which does not mean that his walking off the court was inexcusable. That particular act was reasonable.

    Re Kobe: You can ascribe negative motivations to any action by any human at any time. But in my view, by playing through (a terrible case of) the flu, and with dislocated fingers recently, Kobe has shown great strength of character, because that’s what it takes to do that when your body is crying out for relief. Kobe seems absolutely determined to lead his team to a championship this year, and dammit, Spur or no Spurs, this time he may well succeed.

  28. When did DRJ start liking Kobe?

  29. Nora– I just respect Kobe, because he’s incredibly tough and dedicated. I don’t know him personally, so can’t comment on that, but I do know that a lot of what people say is wrong with him is either (a) old — like his selfishness and poor team play, which now really seems a thing of the past, or (b) conjectural — because there are only 2 people alive that know what happened with that girl who voluntarily came to his hotel room late at night (wearing, I heard, a shirt that said “Screw ME, Kobe!”), and they’re not posting on this blog.

  30. Well Scott… you have to admit… this is not just “another team’s player.” This is the best player on the planet right now. I think it transcends team.

  31. I don’t mind leaving early in a win but its a punk ass move to leave when its a tough loss. Why should your teammates have to stay behind and keep their game faces on while you go to the locker room to stalk. That goes for both Lebron and Kobe. Kobe left the court before the game ended after his team choked away that 24 point lead. His ego will always make him a crappy teammate. How does the dude not grab a single rebound while dropping 60+ points? Doesn’t mind his team going 4 on 5 on the boards as long as he gets his. I hate Lebron too but at least he makes the effort to pad more than his scoring stats. Showing up to play with the flu is not commendable I hate it when people can’t sit their ass home when they have something contagious.

  32. Yeah and Mike Brown needs to called out too. His post-game comments were mind-bogglingly stupid.

  33. Playing with the flu is dumb. That is one thing you don’t want to pass along to your teammates.

  34. DRJ We indeed do not know what happened but we do know he was not innocent

    Read at the bottom of the page (this site is owned by Court TV)

    And this statement was made to put an end to the case

    truly believe this encounter between us was consensual, I recognize now that she did not and does not view this incident the same way I did. After months of reviewing discovery, listening to her attorney, and even her testimony in person, I now understand how she feels that she did not consent to this encounter.

  35. I think droopy said it the best. LeBron is good but he’s too used to having his dick sucked all his life and it’s annoying. LEBRON HASN’T DONE ANYTHING YET.

    DRJ, one doesn’t need to know Kobe to think he is a douchebag. Everything he says is pompous, all-about-me and just plain douchy. I cringe every time I hear him talk.

    With douchebags like Kobe and LeBron in the NBA, it is so easy to respect guys like KG, Pierce and Tim Duncan.

  36. I don’t know if it’s a big deal either. What I do know is he is a spoiled kid bottom line. C’mon, the guy had a multi-million dollar Nike endorsement deal before he stepped foot on the Quicken Loans arena floor. That would go to any kid’s head. Just a typical kid-like tantrum…

  37. Yes, it is very stupid to play with the flu, you are right. But… hmmm… I wish everybody (else) did more of that, come to think of it :)

  38. ” You know why Kobe played through the flu? Because he wanted all the attention for doing so. He wasn’t helping his team, in fact, the Lakers were probably better served if he stayed home. But Kobe knew there was a lot of hype surrounding the game and wanted to be hailed as a tough guy. He’s a fraud….”

  39. Nora – first of all you never say anything remotely intelligent. I’m sure if KG played with the flu and Kobe sat out, you would call KG a “tough guy” and “dedicated to his team and winning” and rant that Kobe is a pussy. You know it, don’t deny it.

    Whoever said Kobe is a fraud for playing through the flu, I don’t even know how to respond to that. You’re just a plain dumb, biased Celtics fan.

    Those “douchebags” you guys refer to (Kobe and James) are the 2 most influential players in the league today. You’re all star Paul Pierce has never and will never come close to their abilities on the court. Who cares about personality, it’s a competitive sport and I’m sure any of you guys would love to have one of the two join your team, if not, you guys have no knowledge of what a great player is.

    One more time Nora, please stop commenting because you make yourself sound ridiculously stupid. That is all.

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