Strong Finish

Except for the 4th quarter, the Celtics offense was painful to watch. Too much dribbling, not enough passing. 40-something percent shooting doesn’t help either.

But then Eddie (12 pts) started draining 3s, Leon (11 pts, 5 reb) started rebounding and dunking, and the ball started moving (Rondo 11 assists). The refs also started blowing the whistle and putting the C’s on the line. The Celtics outscored New Orleans 25-13 in the final quarter.

Paul Pierce (30 pts, 10-19 FG) abused Peja Stojakovic all night long.

Ray Allen hyper-extended his right thumb and did not play in the 2nd half. X-rays were negative.

Isn’t it cuteĀ  how the Hornets PA guy says “Woo!” after a Chris Paul basket (apparently that’s his trademark). I think the Celtics should do the same thing after KG scores. Have the PA guy scream “Mother-fffin bitch.”

Celtics 89 – Hornets 77 |Box Score | Recap

Even without Chris Bosh, the Raptors beat the Spurs. Matt Bonner had 0 pts. Go figure.

After the jump, how Einstein’s theory of relativity is incorporated into the Celtics defensive schemes.


14 Responses

  1. How Bonner didn’t manage to score any points against the Raptors who have very little awarness of the word defense is beyond me. Another example of teams/player getting up for the Celtics and look completely defferent against other teams.

  2. Pierce looks like a T-Rex

  3. Exactly Nora. Yeah that “Woo!” thing is just so gay-for lack of a better word. It’s amazing how at the Garden, we could be up 15 in the 4th, and everyone is chanting “DEFENSE!” And so many of these other team’s p.a. guys have to coerce the crowd to do anything. Boston has the best fans period. It was nice to see Leon do a little tonight-he has disappeared as of late. And you can always count on P-Dub. Ray injured, KG has 3 problem-P-Double just takes over. Have a great nite RedsArmy people.

  4. E=MCboobie

  5. This just in: Utah tries to lose game against Lakers by missing every free throw, but win anyway.

  6. Is ric flair the Hornets PA announcer?
    Did the hornets and their crowd complain enough?

    Good win, pierce played great, and rondo playing with the end unit in the 4th quarter made a big difference

    I Hope Rays OK

  7. i don’t want to jump to conclusions here. but if ray were to sit out the all-star game… rondo replacement???

  8. Good win tonight – Lets get win tomorrow night on the VW Bug’s home court. Mark Cuban can blown all of us too.

  9. Sounds like Ray should be ready to go against the Mavs. I was reading in yahoo sports.

  10. What do Leon and Big Baby have in common?

    They both laid eggs in front of their friends and families when the Celtics came to their respective hometowns. In fact, hasn’t Leon gone MIA since that Golden State game where shat the bed in front his Oakland crew?

  11. Boston Man: “Pierce looks like a T-Rex”: Yes!

    Man, I never realized it until last season, but Chris Paul is one of the most annoying players out there today. I am in no way denying his talent, but the huffing, puffing, complaining, and throwing his body into people and getting the calls is really obnoxious to watch. I haven’t seen the refs protect a player this much on offense in a long while.

  12. “Pierce looks like a T-Rex”

    haha hilarious. He was on fire last night. Time to drop it on Dirk and the Mavs tonight.

  13. I hear ya Alex. And to top it off, I was just watching ESPN and their Top 10 Plays had Paul’s blatant charge into Pruitt (where they both fell over and the shot went in) at #5. How is a horribly blown call suddenly a top 10 play?

  14. Bill – I was at that Oakland game. Can’t just blame it on Powe everyone on the C’s took a shit that night.

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