Hilton Armstrong… Meet Leon Powe



8 Responses

  1. Vicious.

  2. A vicious “Powe-down.”

  3. Strong game by Powe last night

  4. Nice to see Powe coming on, one of the classier guys around. Keep it going in Dallas Leon..

  5. Powe-down! Dude got Powe-downed!

    That phrase gotta stick :)

  6. Followed by the patented Powe bellow! Which come to think of it NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN BEFORE. Seriously, Leon barely ever cracks emotion, even with KG screaming in his ear. Makes me think the first three disappointing months of the season were weighing on him something fierce.

  7. Orb – LOL, Powe was so emotional after the Jam he almost knocked out KG with a backward head-butt.

  8. By the way..NBA TV is showing a dunk contest marathon tonight. All the great ones..1988 w/Nique and Jordan, 1987 with Spud Webb etc…(NBA TV is also free all weekend)

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