I’ve Got A Rondo Thirst

We’re making one last ditch effort here to get Rajon Rondo into the All Star game.

Step 1:  Get Ray Allen to take a week off to rest his thumb.  Sit tonight.  Skip the All Star game.  Get ready for the playoffs.

Step 2:  Hire those two dudes with Bo Staffs to shake down David Stern.  Then, when he’s sufficiently terrified, we can offer him a Rondo Soda.  That might be tough, considering they haven’t made it in 30 years, but I think finding one would show how dedicated we are to the cause.

Step 3:  Highlight the fact that Rondo is tied for first in the Eastern Conference and 4th in the NBA in assists.  Not only that, in January, he led the East in assists and in Feburary, he’s jumped up to 10.3 assists per game… good for 3rd in the NBA so far this month.

Rondo makes sense in the All Star game.  And not only that, think of all the crazy passes he’s going to get to throw to everyone.  He’s gonna be an alley oop MACHINE.

Hey David Stern, if you want a point guard that is going to help the other guys put on a  real show, Rajon Rondo is your guy.  Let’s make it happen, ok?

Thanks to BostonThreeParty for the video


3 Responses

  1. Looks like Ray is going to try and go tonight. If I remember correctly, doesn’t that mean that he has to play on Sunday..?

  2. That was sweet. Ninjas, Bo Staffs, Voice overs, a crushed can, and rondo….timeless classic. that shit must have tasted like piss; no way the go out of business because of their ads

  3. John hook me up with a 12 pack “RONDO” brew – Big 3 Pizza Pie on me. Afterwards we will need some of that “Truth” Tums.

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