Gee… I Wonder If They’ll Get In

The Hall of Fame nominees have been announced.  And what a lame class it is.

Michael Jordan, John Stockton and David Robinson were among the 16 finalists for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame announced on Friday.

Who?  Some white guy, a guy from Navy, and that old dude from the Wizards?  That guy sucked!

NBA coaches Don Nelson and Jerry Sloan and Rutgers women’s coach C. Vivian Stringer also made the cut from a field of 164 nominees, as did former NBA stars Dennis Johnson, Chris Mullin and Bernard King, and two-time WNBA MVP Cynthia Cooper.

Seriously… when the hell is DJ going to get in?

Other finalists include former Golden State coach Al Attles, who was nominated as a contributor; Bob Hurley Sr., who has more than 900 wins at St. Anthony’s High School in New Jersey; Vladimir Kondrashin, who coached the Soviet Union to the 1972 Olympic gold medal, defeating the U.S. in a controversial final; Pereira “Ubiratan” Maciel, a player known as “The King” in his native Brazil; Richie Guerin, a six-time NBA All-Star with the New York Knicks and a former player-coach with the St. Louis and Atlanta Hawks; and Johnny “Red” Kerr, a longtime Chicago Bulls commentator who was named NBA Coach of the Year in 1967 after leading the expansion Bulls into the playoffs in their first season.

If any of those people get in ahead of DJ, I’m gonna be pissed.  Which probably means I should start the deep breathing exercises now.  Because I can already see the pissed off post I’m gonna write on April 6.


4 Responses

  1. Goddam might as well nominate ball boys and girls while they are at it. Its really a shame how the hall of fame works they include everyone from all over the world and their mamas. I wish they will just stick with the NBA players, coaches and associates. NBA ONLY!! DJ MUST get in!

  2. No DJ…no justice.

  3. Did anyone else see the prices to go and watch MJ get inducted..? $150 to sit up high, (those were all sold out immediately) for $1,000 you can get a decent seat, or for $10,000 you get a premium seat (better be f’in premium for 10G’s) and your pic with all the inductees and some other perks…Yeah right….

  4. I sure would love to know who the committee members are and why Dennis Johnson is passed over every year when it’s time to select the inductees for the NBA Hall Of Fame? What do you have to do to get into the NBA Hall Of Fame? Dennis was named to the all defensive team 9 years (6 on the 1st team & 3 on the 2nd team) out of his 14 year career, 3 time NBA Champion, one with Seattle, Finals MVP 1979, two more with Boston, 5 time NBA All-Star and ALL NBA 1st team member in 1981, and never represented the NBA in a negative way, if these stats cannot get you in the Hall of FAme then I don’t what will. Not to disrespect to any of the Hall of Fame members, but DJ’s stats equal or exceed some of the members and it’s a shame that if he finally gets the respect he deserves and gets in, he will not be able to witness and enjoy it. DJ, I hope you get in.

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