Had It All The Way

First, let me start with a Stephen Colbert “wag of my finger” at TNT.  The last 13 seconds of the Bulls-Heat game took 20 minutes to play.  Literally.  Why not start the Celtics game and double box the action for the Boston and Dallas markets?  Cut away and tell me how that game ended while I’m watching my team.

And while I’m bitching like an 80 year old man, when will the NBA just give in and stop calling them “20 second time outs”?  When is the last time a :20 timeout actually lasted 20 seconds?  If you’re going to let the network go to commercial, then call it what it is:  a :45 timeout.

Ok… ok… I’m back.  I’m just a little upset that I had to wake up and watch the end of this game on the DVR rather than enjoy it  live because real life requires me to be awake at 6am and I just couldn’t power through the end of the game.  It’s just not the same watching Paul Pierce drive, spin, step back and nail a patented fadeaway when you know the C’s will finish off the huge comeback.

Rajon Rondo has been reduced to “oh by the way” status because Paul Pierce pulled his Superman routine again by scoring 18 of his 31 in the fourth quarter.  That’s understandable, but for 3 quarters, it was Rondo who even kept the Celtics close enough for Paul to do his thing.  19 points, 15 boards, 14 assists is no joke.

Let’s put 15 rebounds in a little perspective here, shall we?  6’11” Erick Dampier and 7’0″ Dirk Nowitzki COMBINED for 15 rebounds.  Hell, Perk and KG combined for 14.  And Rondo shot 9 of 14 from the field.  If Rondo didn’t go nuts, it would have been a 30 point blow out and there would be no Pierce “I’ll carry you to a win” act.

Special note:  Leon Powe did WORK keeping Dirk Nowitzki in check in the 4th quarter.  Dirk was going nuts until Powe muscled him up. And the Celtics are the third team ever to have 44 wins at the All Star break.  However, the other two didn’t win the title, so I wonder how great that really is.

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“This is the coach-worry game,” he said. “You’re on the road, and you see all the wives on the road because they’re going from here to wherever their destination is for the break. I look at it that they deserve a break. You just don’t want them to take it until after the game.”  – Doc Rivers


20 Responses

  1. The timeout rule is much better here in Europe, 2 one-minute timeouts each half plus one bonus to in the 4th quarter. Plain and simple. I hate the NBA rule on timeouts, I think it’s horrible to see a game spanning over 3 hours of length.

  2. I’m with you on the late start….not a smart decision by TNT considering a lot of Boston area fans probably didn’t stay up past halftime. Pretty pissed off I missed that finish…

  3. I have to say this was one of my favorite games so far this season.
    For three quarters we looked like we were mailing it in. But on a night before the All-Star Break, on the road, in the second of a back-to-back, against an on fire Nowitzki, in a tough arena, with KG’s foul trouble and Ray’s bum thumb…we found a way to come back from 15 down (or whatever) and grind out a win as a team.
    Rondo stayed consistent all game, even hitting some big jumpers, KG provided an emotional spark, Leon bodied up on Dirk, and Paul became Superman at the end.
    Unlike the Laker loss, where the ball kept winding up in the wrong hands at crunch time, and unlike the Spurs loss, where we couldn’t execute down the stretch, this time we finished like champs. That took a lot of heart and determination.
    (Now, if we can play like that for 27 more games…anything is possible.)

  4. How can any self-respecting Celtics–or basketball–fan NOT love Pierce? Even before he won a ring, how could you deny the guy is something special? I just feel so lucky that I’ve been able to watch the guy for ten years.

    And Rondo–damn, son! That was a MAN’S triple-double right there!

  5. Yeah man. Pierce did the post-game interview, and then the fist pump and the “woo” as he’s walking to the locker room. Still acts like it’s high school ball that’s not a chore to play. I love seeing that the fire is still there.

    But let’s face it, Rondo was the only guy playing hard the first 3 quarters and it took Doc’s ejection to get everybody else going. Pierce is the man at stepping up when the game’s on the line, but can they play like that in the first half? Please?

  6. Can’t let good teams lurk around and that’s exactly what Dallas did. They repeatedly blew chances to end it with the jugular blow. Cs battled and hung tough the whole game.

    That was a vintage Paul Pierce 4th qtr. I thoroughly enjoyed that game.

  7. It irks me when the away players (celtics) dont give their fans a high five at the end of the game when their fans are leaning over the rail wearing a big green Celtics jacket.

  8. I didn’t see that BostonMan..who was it..? I know KG doesn’t usually acknowledge fans at all-he’s just always in that zone. I would imagine that most players are also just immune to it after a while-all the people screaming their names constantly…What a great win. Whoever didn’t stay up, shame on you! A true fan will sacrifice a little sleep. jk…

  9. did you guys ever notice on national TV that every time rondo misses a jumper the announcers take mad shit… but any time he makes one….. NOT A FUCKING WORD.. i guess this is what its like to be champs. everyone hates us. the fact that rondo is not a part of this all star weekend is awful he should at least be in the skills challenge

  10. Paul Pierce is the one who gets most fired up when Doc Rivers gets a T (to say nothing of when he gets thrown out). Reminds of the Finals’ game 6 – Doc got T’d with about 10 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter (because he wanted a foul call on Kobe for pushing Eddie out of the way), and Paul immediately hit his next 3…. after which the sky fell in on the Lakers. You could see the look on PP’s face after that 3… he was emotionally all in.

    I think these two guys feel they’ve been in the trenches together, two guys who were there together when the team was crap. They watched each other’s back in that foxhole, and they’re still watching. Mess with Doc and Paul Pierce will take it personally.

  11. I like that point you made there DRJ, about Pierce and Doc havin each others back…I have always been of the mindset that Tom Thib was more valuable to this team than Doc was, and I even thought it might be a good idea to fire Doc and give Thib the job so he wouldnt leave to go somewhere else. You got me wonderin though, what would happen to this team without Doc? Hes not the X’s and O’s genious that coach T is, but does he provide something that no one else could??

  12. The Iso for Pierce was just insane. You could see that they were a little tired and Pierce just carried them through. I love the way Powe was sticking Dirk and not biting on his head fakes. Baby on the other hand needs to learn to stay planted. He is not a shot blocker so just keep your hands up and make the shot as difficult as possible.

    Doug Collins is also mildly retarded. Did anyone else pick up when he said he has never seen Rondo finish the behind the back fake? How many C’s game have you seen, bub?

  13. Doug Collins is a mild Celtic hater, listening to Van Gundy and Mark Jackson could provoke homicidal urges. Tom Thib. must have done Van Gundy’s wife.

    Speaking of Tom….. he did one hell of a job after Doc got the hook. At one point he looked like he was going to go into the Cobra on the bench. He called timely timeouts and made excellent adjustments. Doc should get thrown out on a more regular basis.

  14. Great win. Another impressive 4th quarter on the road. Rondo is just a beast. No wimpy triple dubs for him. If the league tries to punks him by taking a rebound well there’s 14 more where that came from. Love it.

  15. Purple thong: I know KG didnt acknowledge them. But i saw powe did double take at the guy then noticed he was wearing a bright green jacket and gave him a slap five. The other young guys also give high fives

    Droopy: i noticed that too.

  16. Lakerhater — do you remember finals game 6? How Van Gundy and Jackson were gushing over with praise for the Cs… Van Gundy kept saying what a pleasure they were to watch, how great the Cs were playing especially on defense, how the Lakers were choosing not to play. Kept berating poor Sacha V for not keeping a body on Ray (which was impossible because the whole Cetlics team was setting screens for him.) At one point Jackson said the Lakers could sign Hancock and he’d still pick the Celtics. So… I don’t think those guys hate us at all. Sometimes we can be a little too sensitive.

  17. hahahah mike O goood fucking point.. i forgot when he said that.. what a retard hes finished that move off like a dozen times compared to the 4 it hasnt worked.. what an idiot

  18. DRJ- Yeah I heard it, and I heard the cash sh*t they talked in every playoff game leading up to it. I’m not sensitive, I actually get a laugh at how stupid they look when they have to reverse themselves so they could have something germaine to say during the last two qtrs of the Celtics game 6 blowout. Its always at it’s worst during Laker games. Its tough for west coast Celtic fans, we don’t get the benefit of hearing Tommy H. homer it for us on a regular basis. Instead we get expert analysis from Gary Payton on why he hates Rondo. OK I admit it, I am getting thin skinned to the Celtic hate, don’t mind rivalry trash talk from other teams fans, thats cool, but the constant dissing from coaches like van gundy who never got over the hump themselves is weak.

  19. PxFunk– I agree that Thib is probably a much better X-and-O guy. But championships require a lot more than that, as you alluded… dedication, team spirit, confidence, desire, toughness, etc., etc. Thib seems like a great guy, and he’s certainly very talented and very smart… but he’s a short white guy who never played, so when it comes to bonding with the guys I’m afraid it’s just not gonna happen for him. Certainly not like Doc. Thib is now in the position best suited for him. Sure, he could be head coach somewhere… but there would always be something missing. Let’s hope he recognizes that (unalterable) reality.

  20. Another “gracious” excerpt from the model citizen that is Mr. Mark Cuban:

    “Cuban has held his tongue in regard to officiating for the last several seasons. But he could not stay quiet after the referee crew of Dick Bavetta, Scott Wall and Derek Richardson sent the Celtics to the line 15 times in the fourth quarter to only four trips for the Mavericks.

    ‘If Dirk got the officiating that Paul Pierce gets, he’d go to the line 10 more times a game,’ Cuban said. ‘I don’t know if it’s because they are the champions or what, but it’s amazing that Dirk takes such a pounding and doesn’t get the same respect from the officials.’

    ‘And it’s the same with Josh Howard. He’d be a perennial All-Star if he got the same calls that Paul Pierce gets.’

    As for the free throws, Nowitzki ended up with 12, but only four after halftime.”

    He sure didn’t look too upset with the officiating when KG picked up 3 fouls in about as many seconds. Or when he smacked Doc’s ass on his way to the locker room. Why is that? Maybe because his team had a 20-13 advantage in free throw shooting going into the 4th quarter. For three quarters the Celtics practically GAVE the Mavs the game. With TWENTY turnovers..THEY STILL WHOPPED THAT ASS…

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