Raps Get Marion, Dump O’Neal

ESPN reports

The Toronto Raptors have agreed to send Jermaine O’Neal and Jamario Moon to the Miami Heat in exchange for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks, league sources told ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher.

The deal is pending league approval, according to sources, and if approved, would be announced later Friday afternoon.

“Hey Shawn, thanks for winning the game for us last night.  Hope you enjoy oblivion.”


19 Responses

  1. i dont understand this move by Miami

  2. Makes a lot of sense for Toronto.

    Marcus Banks traded again… wow.

  3. I like the move for Miami. They needed a big, badly… they got one. Marion wasn’t doing much for them and wasn’t fitting in. (One dunk is meaningless, obviously, and anyway the hero was the one who drew up the play which was a great fakeout to and by Wade.) Miami also gets a draft pick and/or cash. Plus O’Neal’s contract runs out by 2010, their big target year. Great deal for Miami, and might be good for Toronto too. All depends on how the two main guys play going forward (obviously).

    You know, Miami could get to be a threat if somehow O’Neal becomes the good big they were looking for (big IF about that big, big time :)

  4. Probably they want to ride the recent improvements of Bargnani.

  5. This looks like a steal for Miami to me at first glance. Marion was not that player he was in Phoenix, especially because D’Antoni’s system fit him perfectly. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think the Raptors run an offense with a tempo that could even compare to D’Antoni’s. Not to mention Miami gets J. Moon who could be a solid bench player for some years to come. M. Banks is done, just a throw in.

  6. That being said, I guess the injury risk that comes with O’Neal had something to do with this deal and has to be acknowledged.

  7. Great move for both teams, if O’Neal can stay healthy, the only thing is im surprised the raptors let go of moon for so little, I feel like hes a pretty solid player.

    Chalmers, Wade, Moon, Haslem, and O’Neal is a pretty solid starting 5 for the heat

  8. There are two teams left in the NBA that will fit Marion’s style of play perfectly the NY Knicks and GS Warriors period.

    Marion is one style player run and gun with D’Antoni and Nelson would be perfect.

    M. Banks – Wow, blast from the past.. well, not really. Banks did play for us so I wish him well.

    J. O’Neil – This dude is NEVER healthy. Once his contract runs out in 2010 he’ll washout from the NBA.

  9. This is like a more expensive version of the Antoine Walker for Ricky Davis trade.

  10. Danno – Funny you brought up Antoine Walker – Will it be so bad if we brought him back for a 3rd time? His stats for the T-Wolves last year 19 MPG 8 PPG 4 RPG – He has to be about 270 pounds and out of shape but I am just saying you know. If Ainge can’t find anyone else then why not “Unemployed #8” Right? Memphis bought out his contract few months ago but soon after that he got in trouble with a DUI and haven’t heard from him since.

  11. Jordan’s nominated for the HOF. Wonder if he’ll get in…

  12. As much as ‘Toine brings back some good memories, I don’t think I want him playin for the Celtics haha.

  13. If we could throw him on the roster to get him a ring for his years of service, without letting him touch a ball in the playoffs, and we were still able to get a real Big (Joe Smith) and a backup PG, (Marbury, or whomever) I’d be all for it.

    I got nothing but love for antoine, but I knwo he ain’t worth shit in a game.

    Maybe we could bring him on as the new road color man and CSN can dump Donny Marshall and his latently gay comments about Leon’s strong big body, etc.

  14. John, Chuck and Posters – How do you guys feel about having Toine back in town? I still believe he can help us in various ways. He can give PP and KG some rest when needed. He is a good passer, post up and spread the floor a little. With his 280 frame he can give some fouls and maybe even hit some 3’s bringing the shimmy shake back to the garden hahaha. If Ainge can’t find an alternative then why not – He’ll come cheap and can’t hurt us. Am I out of my mind?

  15. Thanks Scott and Danno for your input

  16. You’re right in terms of your logic, though. We need a big man (someone who can handle a 7 footer) to bring off the bench. I love Baby and Powe, but they are both under-sized. Sure, Powe did a great job on Nowitzki last night…but Nowitzki is soft.

  17. The problem is we need someone to play tough and tall in the paint. Not a big that takes too many outside shots. I am a fan of Toine too but I remember all those 6-20 shooting nights

  18. TTsours – I remembered those 6 – 20 shooting nights too but I don’t think Doc will let him shoot those. He’ll have to give those shots up to Ray, House, Pierce and KG. You are right about needing a tough Big that can D’ up which Toine is not.

  19. O’Neal is a career-ending injury waiting to happen. The real news of the day is that His Airness will be coming to Springfield in September!! Ticket info here: http://www.hoophall.com/ot/bhof-enshrinement-tickets.html

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