Wow, Scal Made The All Star Game!

Photo by Ray Amati/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Ray Amati/NBAE via Getty Images

Holy CRAP!  When the hell did Brian Scalabrine make the All Star game?  And how come I didn’t know he was friends with Harry Belafonte??

Huh?  Michael who? Celebrity game?

Who the hell is Michael Rapaport?  And why is he in the celebrity game?  C’mon.  Chuck and I have got to be at least as famous as Michael friggin’ Rapaport.  Why the hell aren’t we hanging at the celebrity game with Harry Belafonte?

What?  That’s Rick Fox??

Wow.  He has not aged well.

Anyway.  I demand a blogger entry into the Celebrity game.  If that fat nobody can run some ball on national TV, why can’t I?


8 Responses

  1. rick fox looks gay.

  2. I’m with ya! Did you see some of the other “celebs?” James Denton, Donald Faison..who..? I think last year the grey-haired AmericanIdol guy played. STUPID.

  3. You guys honestly dont know who he is?

    Hes the FBI guy on “Prison Break”.
    The guy who played the dad of the hot girl on that show on fox.
    The guy who played the guy on “Boston Public.”

  4. Yeah, I’ve heard of Michael Rapaport… but I want into that goddam game.

    He’s still a fat nobody.

  5. Did you guys see how big Chris Tucker got? Looks like he swallowed another human person. “Rush Hour 4” won’t be in production anytime soon. Hey John write David Stern a letter maybe lead bloggers can get in next year.

  6. We know who he is BMan, the point is that he’s still a nobody…

  7. This would be a great game to let a fan play in. I have to agree with you guys they could of done a better job in selecting the celebs…how about Will Smith or Martin Lawrence instead they have a bunch of over weight celebs that cant even dribble.

  8. Had the same reaction as you FSantos…Tucker looked like Tractor Traylor.

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