Cavs + Amare = Title?

Looks like the Cavs are making a run at Amare:

Cleveland general manager Danny Ferry offered the expiring contract of Wally Szcerbiak, rookie J.J. Hickson and a first-round pick for Stoudemire earlier in the week, sources said. Anderson Varejao was mentioned in a possible scenario too, sources said.

Stoudemire on the Cavs scares me. Especially if they keep Varejao and are able to bring him off the bench. Can’t find any trade rumors involving the Celtics, another thing that scares me. Put me on the record as not being comfortable with this current roster.

As for moves by other contenders, the Spurs are interested in Vince Carter. Moving Roger Mason Jr in a package for VC would be a silly move.

Paul Pierce is really enjoying this All-Star trip. Although he’s not sporting the ring:

“I didn’t bring my ring,” Pierce said. “The guys in the room know we won the championship last year. But that’s last year and it’s about who’s going to do it this year, and we’re in the middle of a race. You don’t go out and hold your chest up high like I’m better than anybody and put it in everybody’s face. There’s common respect among us. You don’t throw it in anybody’s face, those things come back to haunt you – just enjoy the experience of being around the guys and the whole All-Star experience.

KG went toe-to-toe with Gary Payton:

Garnett had a verbal joust with former Celtic Gary Payton during an interview. Payton, an analyst for NBA TV, has said Garnett did not deserve to be named as a starter in tomorrow’s game and said Celtics guard Rajon Rondo should not be considered for the All-Star team.

“You’ve been tearing us down,” Garnett said to Payton.

Garnett then pointed to the camera and expressed his support for his teammate: “I got you, Rondo.”

Derek Fisher is heaping praise on Ray Allen.

I am doubtful DJ will get into the Hall of Fame this time around. There are too many big names on the list. Maybe next year.

And….check out this cool photo gallery of Celtic greats over the years.


16 Responses

  1. JJ hickson? why dont the lakers just trade Josh Powell and Luke walton for amar’e? y’know, I couldnt care less, if they make this move it could destroy chemistry and actually make them worse, amare is a joke on defense, has ego problems…and this would put all the pressure on them, and make us the underdogs, which i think our guys relish in

  2. I also like what Paul had to say about not flashing his ring around all weekend, theres really no need for that in the midst of a new season…unfortunately ray is flashing his around hehe

  3. You never know.

    The Cavs remind me a little of the 77 blazers.

    You bring in another big gun and it might disrupt things.

  4. Well that would be as much of highway robbery as the Gasol trade, and if they got amare it would be hard to see us or anyone else from containing them

    Garnett is the fucking man by the way

  5. amare is a whiny bitch now that shaq is the main focus of the offense in pheonix

    how’s he going to handle playing second fiddle to the biggest star in the league?

  6. Steve Kerr would have to be crazy to accept that deal. Especially with all the offers he’s going to get from rebuilding teams who actually have legit trade chips.

    And what the hell is with Lebron buying a crystal for everyone on the team and then being like “I’m just that kind of guy”? That seems kind of like a pretentious, douche-y move.

  7. I read the all star blog about Lebron handing out the presents it was one big commercial. Lebron is now a walking , talking commercial I think, LOL.

  8. Amare is not a winner. Plus the Cs know how to handle him. HOPE this deal happens… but doubt it.

    Being such a huge star at such an young age would get to anyone. It has surely gotten to Lebron, who, while great, is also spoiled to the point of delusion (e.g. ‘crab’) and developing a god complex. All of which is good for us… because these are characteristics of losers. Figure it will take at least 5 more years before he gets it, maybe more. But I doubt he will ever be a KG or Ray, or even PP, in part because he apparently is not going to have to go through hard times, but also because I don’t think he has the same depth of character.

    But character is not an absolute requirement for winning. Witness Kobe and Shaq in their salad days. Anything is possible.

  9. DRJ…even though Amare has issues, we’d have to be crazy to want this deal to go through. With Lebron’s passing abilities, that tandem would have the potential to be a nightmare.

  10. The presents thing was a commercial? And Lebron has the nerve to say:

    “That’s just the type of guy I am. A few friends in my corner, the guys I hang around, we always want to do things that people can never forget about it. I wanted to try to make All-Star more memorable than just playing a basketball game.”

    Get off your high horse.

  11. Scott– maybe you’re right. I rather think Amare is a loser and those 2 giant egos will not work well together. Could go either way, though. But remember what we did to Amare last time he came to town? (0-7 shooting, 3 points) The Cs know how to shut this guy down, which is why this seems like a good trade for us. But… can’t see the deal actually happening anyway.

    That’s a very good article – the “Derek Fisher is heaping praise on Ray Allen” link. I always though Derek was a stand-up guy.


  13. I hope the Suns new ownership/management isn’t so desperate to get rid of everything the Colangelos touched that they’ll hand Amare Stoudemire to the Cavs and get nothing in return.

    If it does happen, it will make it harder for the Celtics to get out of the Eastern Conference in theory. But in practice? Amare is a self-centered semi-headcase who doesn’t play defense. The Suns did better in the playoffs the year he was out with injuries than when he came back. (Remember “Phoenix will win it all when Amare comes back?” Yeah, not so much.)

    I’ll hope for the Suns getting something closer Amare’s worth if they insist on trading him. (I said that he was a self-centered semi-headcase who doesn’t play defense, not that he isn’t an amazing player.)

    If not, I’ll hope Bad Amare shows up in Cleveland.

  14. Maybe we stopped Amare last time in Boston, but it’s different situation. You saw play offs last year, and it was 7 game series only because of the fact that we paid so much atention to Lebron, that a lot of guys got easy oportunities. Lebron sees a lot and doesn’t mind passing the ball, he trusts his teammates. Can You imagine what would have happened if Amare had been out there? He’s still weakness on deffensive end, but this trade would make them much better team, no doubt about it.

  15. FSantos is right-Kerr is dismantling that team, quickly. The Cavs getting Amare would be sink or swim. It would either catapult them over the top, or destroy the chemistry. a risky move this far into the season. I personally don’t worry about it. This current C’s team has already overcome so much adversity. From the whole Xmas debacle, the slump over the winter, last year’s playoff road woes, some injury bugs, etc. These guys are tough, and more importantly, these guys are fam. I really see them getting at the very least back to the Finals moves or no moves.

  16. I dont think we wiould want this trade to go through unless the Cavs are giving up West or big Z or Mo will. They are not giving up anything for Amare so they would only get stronger. Every player adjusts to the team ala KG Ray Ray. If Amare really wants a ring he will do what the Cavs needs then I can see Amare and LBJ together for a long time winning a lot of championships. But the suns have received better offers from the Bulls and the Blazers I dont understand why they would want to do this trade with the Cavs.

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