Finals MVP Named After Russell


The man is the greatest champion in all of sports.  He is the best player in Celtics history.  He and Red Auerbach are THE reasons why the Celtics are “The Celtics” (and why Chuck and I ignore our families to dedicate a site to this team).

And now, the NBA Finals MVP award will be named after Bill Russell.

“This is one of my proudest moments in basketball, because I determined early in my career, the only important statistic in basketball is the final score,” Russell said. ”

Russell’s wife, Marilyn, recently died of cancer, and he was visibly moved as he accepted the honor.

“This is a bittersweet award,” Russell said. “I just lost my special person. But I wanted to thank my teammates because we played a team game quite well. I accept this for my team, and my team included our coach, Red Auerbach, and all my teammates over the years. This is quite flattering.”

I love that guy.  Seriously.  This is one of the baddest men on the planet.  And to this day, he is still a team guy.  Sports would be damn near perfect if every professional athlete strived to be like Bill Russell.  Congratulations to him for a very well deserved distinction.


13 Responses

  1. Couldn’t be named after a better guy. Seeing him break down at the press conference makes me respect him even more. He is the definition of “real”. Alot these clowns that call themselves NBA players could learn alot from watching him-during, and post-NBA career…

  2. I like the guy but come on a guy who has never been a finals MVP cannot possibly have his name in the MVP Finals

  3. Its about time lol, but seriously stern did a good thing there

    I for one am excited about a possible Dwight Lebron showdown in the dunk contest next year; finally it would be worth the hype of the event again

  4. I am a Lakers fan, but this was really a good decision by David Stern. I applaud him and Bill Russell.

  5. It’s great that the league recognized the greatest player of all time before he past. Great to see Mr. Russell getting his due. Know I hope to see Paul or kevin raise the Bill Russell award, that sounds great!!!

  6. It is only fitting for a Celtic to raise the first BILL RUSSELL FINAL’S MVP TROPY

  7. yo he’s won 11 nba championships I think he deserves it come on.

  8. Did the NBA even award Finals MVP awards back in the 50s? Russell deserves this. Although he’s more deserving of having the championship trophy named after him.

  9. Congratulations to Bill Russell. It’s great that he’s getting the recognition he deserves. He was always an extraordinary teammate and still is. One classy dude.

    yo, the NBA only instituted the Finals MVP award in 1969, when they gave it to Jerry West. He was the only guy from a losing side to get it – he and the lakers famously fell to the Russell-led Celtics that year in a tight Game 7. Undoubtedly Russell would have multiple MVB finals awards if they had the award when he was winning 10 championship with the Celtics before 1969. Naming the award him acknowledges that.

  10. Big Mck –

    I catch your drift but you gotta name the championship trophy after team.

  11. Is there a statue of Russell in Boston? If not then that needs to be corrected.

  12. There isn’t. I’d love to see one… but how many statues of Celtics greats will we put up?

  13. Allright, maybe we can’t put up a statue for every Celtic great, but I think Russell’s teammates would agree that he is special and deserves a statue, even if some deserving teammates don’t get one.

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