KG Defends Rondo… Payton Crumbles

Chuck mentioned this in his post this morning, but here’s the video.  KG went on NBA TV with Craig Sager and Gary Payton and almost immediately called Payton out for his constant ragging on Rajon Rondo.  By the end of the interview, GP had crumbled and was talking about how he “tried to light a fire” under Rondo with his comments.

Yeah… right.

Then, for good measure, KG took another shot at Sager’s attire.

Ray Allen also addressed his thumb injury yesterday.

“I’m not worried about it,” Allen said of his thumb. “I was coming off of a screen, and I think I was pushing off of him, and it just got yanked back.”


5 Responses

  1. Gary Payton is the definition of a douche. Plus he is incomprehensible and stupid… I just don’t understand how they could make a TV announcer out of a guy who CAN’T TALK.

  2. “The Glove” trying to play nice with KG sitting next to him – What a puss!! I’ve heard Payton on NBATV just dawging on Rondo and KG all the time and now he claims “Just trying to light a fire under Rondo” Bitch please I don’t buy that either. Who does he think he is? Does he really think the Celtics and our players need his approval. LOL – Finally, I don’t have the best Grammar but Damn GP’s Grammar really sucks. GP – “He do what he do when I does it”. Wow – Good stuff.

    Hey GP just messing with you DAWG! We are just trying to light a fire under you maybe you will go back to school take some English classes.

  3. At the end of that interview, KG says “That night we played the Lakers felt like were playing against 8”. EXACTLY. It’s good to see that KG also recognizes how the refs have been stacking the deck in some of these games. “Felt like we were playing against 8”. LOVE IT.

  4. Memo to Gary Payton: Yelling a lot and making ludicrous claims will not make you as popular as Charles Barkley. That is all.

  5. “You look good, You like retired, you look RETIRED” hahahah KG just clowns on him so bad and GP takes it like a bitch. I fucking love KG!!

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