Thoughts On Fixing All Star Saturday

So I processed what I saw from Phoenix yesterday… swished it around a little… and came up with a few thoughts that might help fix All Star Saturday.


1:  Take the referee out of it

Put a mic on all the contestants, let them explain what they’re doing, and let them do it.  There’s no need for a ref.  What does that do?  Make these guys open up and show some personality during the event.  It will let us see their personalities and let them be more natural.  That’s what a game of H-O-R-S-E is about.  You can keep a referee on the side if there’s a dispute over what the shot was supposed to be or if the attempt to match is actually a duplicate shot.  But please get him out of there until he’s needed.

I’ve got a few more for HORSE and a few for the rest of the events too.


16 Responses

  1. ONE on ONE competition. 8 man elimination tourney.

  2. The whole event was awful… from the predictably bad G-E-I-C-O/Horse game to the ho-hum 12-foot Howard dunk (that dunk was done by 6’7″ player nearly 9 years ago)… it was collectively bad.

    Why do I have to see a heavy Laimbeer in a jersey AGAIN!?

    Why does the NBA Slam Dunk contest resemble the WWE/WWF with gimmicks and props?

    It’s embarrassing.

    I’d like to see AND1 send their streetball team in to take on the Sophmore class of NBA players.

    As far as improving the “Skills Challenge,” goes, that event should be a relay. Starting and back-up point guard from five teams compete in a relay through the course.

  3. I like the relay. An East vs. West deal maybe?

  4. yes, relay is a great idea. the and1 team is a great idea. and why in the name of all that is good and holy was rondo not in the skills competition?!!! as far as those skills go, he’s than almost any one of those guys. ugh.

    dunk competition was lame. why would you not save the 12′ dunk for the finals? and why would you not actually do a good dunk on it? i know, the dunk competition should be between the best high-flying mascots in the league. trampolines, springboards, roller skates, etc.

  5. One-on-one thing would be awesome, but GM’s would never let it happen (too scared of injuries). I agree w/John that there needs to be a limit on dunks, and put the best contestants the NBA has in the damn things. Brandon Roy, Lebron and Baron Davis should be in the dunk contest and Peja, Dirk Diggler, and SugarRay in the 3pt shootout.

  6. Every year its is eaither Kobe or Lebron winning the MVP. Might as well just have them duke it out one on one lol.

  7. Looks like the East got shat on.

  8. MVPs are now predictable in the Stern era.

  9. Communist North Korea should fear David Stern – Tonight’s Co-MVP award was such a set up it wasn’t even funny. Stern set it all up for a 2010 Shaq and Kobe reunion. CHA-CHING $$$$$$$ – Wow. Corruption at its best!! Good job Stern.

    Oh man, the post game interview with Shaq and Kobe was gay beyond words. Blowing each other with A+ comments. All Star WEAKend.

    Cavs Coach Brown can blow the ARMY too.

  10. All star is an official joke. Not that it wasn’t before but this game proved it.Co-Mvps? Lame.

  11. With a capital L. Shaq’s dancing and news that Lebron will be in SlamDunk were best parts. State Farm will probably pay him a gazillion bucks to wear a State Farm headband in the contest….

  12. Hey Reds it’s already fixwed…..Play Kobe 30 min and then give him the MVP….lol that’s ok cause he wont be raising the Bill Russell award ;)

  13. First off didn’t gerald green win the slam dunk contest with the excact same dunk but he jumped over paul about 3 years ago.
    2nd bring back the old timers game i remember watching one with tommy in it years ago.
    But i think they quit that one cause the old guys were getting hurt.
    I like the rookie sophmore game.
    The rest of its pretty much a waste of time.
    But the best thing they could do is have the all star game in boston thank you very much mr. stern.

  14. Man, co-mvp my azz… how rigged was that! it’s shaping up a fakers year for the 09. f
    irst crynum demolish wallace no penalty whatsoever. Perk battled maxiel fined.. doc and mike brown arguing with the ref fined… but phil the shit azz zen gets away all the time!

  15. KG was right everytime you play the fakers your against 8 of them… all 3 rogue referee!

  16. Rodger, Gerald actually dunked over Nate Robinson when he won 2 years ago. I thought Gerald got robbed last year. His dunks were better than Howard’s.

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