Caption These

Two great photos from yesterday… and they deserve great captions.  Dive into them in the comments section.


12 Responses

  1. That is HILARIOUS. I love how Paul smiles while signing a Laker fan’s Paul Pierce jersey. KG looks like he is high. LOVIN IT!!

  2. Either the kid isnt a real lakers fan, or hes selling that stuff on ebay hahah

  3. 1) “Paul, thanks for signing my jersey. You are my favorite player. I just wear all this Kobe gear because my sister got it for free for dropping the charges against him.”

    2) Come on Kevin, Lets go to Red Lobster. My treat. Please?

  4. “Kobe raped my mom eight years ago, and all I got was this crappy shirt. Go C’s!”

    “Kevin, you really do have a soft touch.”

  5. 1) Hey Paul…when I grow up, I wanna be a CELTIC!

    2) Hey Kobe…I feel ya….wouldn’t wanna be ya!

  6. 1)”Thanks Mr. Pierce! Kobe was too embarassed to ask you to sign it himself. He’s going to be thrilled!”

    2)KG: “Ok here’s a C-Note Kobe, now don’t forget-I want LOTS of IcyHot in Pau’s jockstrap! Smear that shit all over it!”

    Kobe: “You got it Ticket-I do owe you for hooking me up with those 18 year old twin strippers while I was in Boston a couple weeks ago..”

  7. 1.) Kid: “My dad, Pau Gasol, paid me 10 bucks to come get your autograph”
    Pierce: “Yeah you do look like a llama too”

    2.) KG: “Now Kobe, watch this part where I slam it home in Game 1…Yeah…that was fun…”

  8. #1 “Today’s image is from the NBA Cares autograph signing at the Phoenix Outreach Institute for the blind”

    #2 Kobe: Hey, welcome to my….er…i mean “the” allstar game
    KG: [mumbles] ….Hey you cocky M*$#%#! F&^%$$
    Kobe: sorry, i missed that?
    KG: Have a great game buddy, Craig Sager told me you inspired his wardrobe tonight too

    ..Thank you, just send the prize info to my inbox… there are prizes right? haha

  9. 2) kb: “….and that is how my special, secret handshake with pau ends.”

  10. 1.pp: so you really are a fakers fan.
    2.kobe: hey kg, i’m tired of raping women. can i rape you?

  11. lol at Jess, Leon Pow (llama) and RJ’s..good shit

  12. 1st picture:

    Little white boy: “yes. I can’t wait to burn this Celtic jersey after Pierce signs it”

    2nd picture:

    Kobe: “Don’t worry big ticket, you’ll be a Laker some day”

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