Joe Smith Traded To Hornets

According to ESPN

The New Orleans Hornets and Oklahoma City Thunder have completed a deal that sends center Tyson Chandler to the Thunder, according to NBA front-office sources.

Sources with knowledge of the trade parameters told that the deal was approved by the league office Tuesday afternoon, with the Hornets receiving forwards Joe Smith and Chris Wilcox in exchange for their best interior defender.

There goes another big man option…. unless the Hornets waive him… which I doubt.


18 Responses

  1. for some reason, I don’t think Danny saw this coming.

  2. Well THAT sucks…

  3. Now What?

  4. meanwhile…the Cavs are ready to shop Wally to the Wizards for Antawn Jamison. Wouldn’t that be a kick in the nuts.

  5. Ainge must be pacing around his office as we speak.

    Oh man, I could be right about Unemployed #8 coming back.

    We don’t have many options left.

  6. Sorry Fsantos, no way in hell ‘Toine is coming back. We need someone 6’10 or taller and he doesnt really fit the bill. I doubt Ainge is just going to sign someone just for the sake of signing someone.

  7. I have this feeling its going to be big shot bob…….. its not a good feeling but its a feeling nonetheless

  8. I don’t have a problem with Horry. Or Mourning for that matter.

    But I don’t think either one will come here.

  9. I think the only solution here is to bring back Marty Conlon and his sweet, fluid looking shot.

  10. Mike O I hope you are right – Let it play out and see what happens. I have faith in Ainge!

  11. Marty Conlon got me through that horrible year (M.L. Carr Gm days) – He cracked me up every time I looked at him – Dude used to sport a full size perm. LOL

  12. And sorry for the 3 posts in one thread, but considering that New Orleans is essentially giving up on any deep playoff hopes and the fact that they are obviously trying to dump long term payroll, could Danny possibly work up a package to get Posey back? Scal who comes off the book after next year and Giddens could make it work under the cap if im not mistaken.

    Just figured I would throw it out there for discussion.

  13. They can bring in Erden at anytime up to the date of the last regular season game. I wonder if that’s possible, given that he’s signed with the Turkish team. Pretty good player, from the little I hear….

  14. Brad Miller wouldn’t be bad..Either that or P.O’Bryant needs to get in the weightroom and call A-Rod for the “hook-up”. KIDDING.

  15. Mike O – The salaries won’t match up with a Posey trade. Plus why would Ainge commit to Posey’s current 4 year deal now when he didn’t want to last summer.

    DRJ – I watched Erden play in the Olympics he looked pretty weak. I don’t even think he is the best player on his own national team. Erden looks like the POB type of player.

    I wonder if they have “Juice” that can make players taller. Big Baby and Powe can use some then we don’t have to worry about trades.

  16. How about the Kandi man!

  17. How about marbury!!!! We don’t need a big man!!!

  18. I disagree double P… I think we really need the big man

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