Surgery for Tony Allen

According to the Globe, TA is having surgery to repair those damaged ligaments in his thumb:

Celtics president Danny Ainge said that guard Tony Allen is slated to have left thumb surgery tomorrow and he is hopeful he wil return to action by the playoffs. The injury-plagued Allen suffered the injury on Feb. 8 versus San Antonio and has already missed 15 games this season to ankle and thumb injuries. Allen is averaging 7.8 points, 2.1 rebounds and 1.21 steals in 19.1 minutes per game. The 6-foot-4, 213-pounder’s injury opens the door for more playing time for guard Gabe Pruitt. “I hope he’s ready for the playoffs,” Ainge said.

Rumor has it, doctors will be replacing the thumb with Allen’s big toe. The new digit should help cut down on Allen’s turnovers. Maybe there’s room for Starbury on this roster after all.


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  2. free bill

  3. SkyWalker time and need Gabe to step up and contribute when he sees more minutes.

  4. As much as we all take shots at TA I give him credit for being an OK Defender – Now, without TA off the bench we lose perimeter D’ – Mysterious ‘X’ player we are all anticipating Ainge will make a move for which may or may not happen and we lose our player coach Sam I Am. Finally, I am assuming scal still has a headache another question mark there. Things aren’t looking too upbeat right now. Maybe Walker and Pruitt can step it up. Send Giddens back I want to see JR play.

  5. Just want to share – The Sacramento Kings radio station hosts took couple of cheap shots at our Celtics for making the Sam/Cash for draft pick trade today. They are on 1140 AM in Northern California.

    One guy said “Free money for the Kings – Any other team in the NBA wants free money go ahead make a trade with the Boston Celtics – the 2nd Rd pick is conditional 2015 it will be like 45th meaningless pick” – Whatever, Good luck in the Draft Suckamento.

  6. sounds like they dont have much to talk about in sacramento… according to bill simmons’ latest podcast theres a good chance that sacramento wont even have a team in a couple years. how bout that one?

  7. The Kings leaving Sacto is starting to gain some steam. I wouldn’t be surprised by that.

  8. Sack-town. As is in b-sack….The Maloof (how stupid does that name sound) brothers completely botched that team up. They were too busy building hotels and messing around w/strippers.

  9. I’m more frustrated for Tony than I am for the Celtics. We will find someone to fill in, but I just feel so bad for TA because it seems like he always has something holding him back despite working so hard.

    In related news…. Kevin Durant has recently decided to become Michael Jordan…. seriously this guy is playing ridulous basketball right now.

  10. Yeah Tim..KD seemed to gain alot of confidence over All-Star weekend.

  11. Maybe we could make a deal with mchale for big al.
    Say o,bryant jr ect.

  12. The Governator wants the Kings to stay in SACRAMENTO and Stern won’t let the team move to Vegas.

    “[Mayor] Johnson met or spoke with the Kings’ owners, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, NBA Commissioner David Stern and representatives of Cal Expo, the site of a proposed new arena.”

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