Bulls Pick Up Brad Miller, John Salmons

In exchange for Drew Gooden and Andres Nocioni.   I’d say another big man option gone… but I’m not sure Miller was ever realistic for us.


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  1. It’s a sight to behold… the Kings, who were already very bad, just took another huge step DOWN. Reminds of the Artest deal they made…. surprised they have any fans left. How bad can a team get? I guess we’re gonna find out.

    This cap space motive makes for some very ridiculous trades. It’s really out of control.

  2. I know..even if they are trying to free up some $ for all these “Summer of 2010” guys, who the HELL is going to want to play in Ball-Sac town now?!?! NO-ONE.

  3. i think chicago just got a lot better without having to give up hardly anything. Not quite the level of the Pau Gasol trade, but a steal non the less. Salmons has been playing really good, and his addition means they can trade either heinrich or gordon, because one of them is now expendable. Brad miller is a huge upgrade to what they had at center, which now looks like a very solid position for them. Joakim noah is not bad, he is just not a start. Neither was nocioni when they put him at the 5, but look for joakim to be a lot better playing against other backups. I wold say they are now the fourth best team talent wise, just ahead of miami and just behind orlando. If rose keeps maturing and deng returns to his old form, they could be scary in a couple of years.

  4. HOLY SHIT! Tyson Chandler/Joe Smith trade just VOIDED! OKC’s management says Chandler “failed physical” and trade is NULL and VOID! Joe Smith ain’t gone yet….

  5. Can you imagine how screwed up Chandler must be for OKC to cancel THAT deal? He must be at death’s door.

  6. Let’s hope Danny takes advantage…

  7. We need joe smith to come in and play for us… Kg needs to call him up and tell joe to play for the celtics…

    I know, Malik Sealy would be happy seeing them together again!

  8. With just a few hours left, it’s almost impossible to find another way to trade Joe Smith. And apparently Joe has said that he WANTS to come to Boston. If he pushes for a buyout, he’ll likely get it. Which means…. it’s looking much more likely now that Joe Smith will soon be wearing green. Now THAT… would be very, very cool indeed.

    The Cavs and especially the Lakers are playing great these days… and not looking like they’re ready to slow down. Neither team missed a step after losing key players (Bynum, West)…. if anything, the Lakers got BETTER. We are gonna need to play great ball to beat those guys… esp on the defensive end. Joe’s help will be great to have. He’s a C at heart, from what I know of him.

  9. Waiving of recently traded bigs are how we’ll get our next player. That or Marbury will finally get bought out. Drew Gooden or (help us) Chris Mihm just got moved to bad teams for financial reasons. Look for one or both of them to accept buy outs to then sign with contenders.

  10. Joe Smith said that he was glad that he was back in OKC and that he hoped that he would not get tradded again and that he wanted to play for the Celtics. You can find this on Celticsblog.com. I agree we need either Joe Smith or Drew gooden, they would fit in really nicely with our team. Danny knows what he’s doing just wait till after 3pm thursday afternoon.

  11. Let’s make it happen Ainge-POB and Bill Walker for Smith and a pick…

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