Raja Bell?

Raja clotheslines Kobe in the 2006 playoffs

Raja clotheslines Kobe in the 2006 playoffs

Via Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports:

The Celtics reached out to the Charlotte Bobcats about trading for proven playoff performer Raja Bell, a league source said. So far, the Celtics don’t have anything in return that appeals to Charlotte.

The Bobcats are telling people that they have a possible two-for-one trade percolating and need to keep a hold on a roster spot.

Boston lost guard Tony Allen to thumb surgery on Tuesday, and he could be out until the playoffs. For months, the Celtics have unsuccessfully tried to trade 2008 first-round pick J.R. Giddens for a draft choice.

Bell is the perfect guy. Veteran with playoff experience, tough defender (see photo) who can shoot the three. But this problem remains – the Celtics don’t have any tradeable assets.

The good news – Brian Scalabrine (concussion) is back practicing and the team is optimistic he will be on the court Thursday in Utah. Damn, I never thought I would be happy to get Scal back. It looks like Gabe Pruitt will get the bulk of Tony Allen’s minutes. Giddens will be staying in the D-League.

“Shut up. You guys are lying, right? I just thought he wasn’t here. . . . Where did they trade him to?”Told Sacramento, Scalabrine said, “What the (expletive) is that?” – Scal on hearing the news Cassell was traded.

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All-Star Dancers


15 Responses

  1. Raja Bell would fit right in our system – Good Defensive player and decent outside shooter. Most importantly he is a leader and playoff toughness is essential.

    According to the article doesn’t sound like the Bobcats are going to flinch on this one.

    So, who else is available? Do we have to wait until after the deadline and try to pick up on waived or bought out players?

    This is really frustrating!

  2. I guess we won’t have good players as a gift by the commish, unlike some LA team…

  3. EMPLOYEE #8!

  4. I think Employee #8 is done. He disappeared after his DUI.

    Horry, Othalla Harrington and Pollard were mentioned as players available at hoopsworld.com

    Horry will be okay but looks like he will stay retired.

  5. Scal is a better player than Antoine right now. Please stop calling for his return. I beg all of you.

  6. Employee # 8 is pushing 300 lbs. easy right about now, I am absolutely convinced of this.

    I would LOVE it if the C’s could get Bell. I was watching that clothesline on Bryant 3 years ago in my apartment and immediately fell in love with the guy. Perfect addition.

  7. With the Cassell trade and the TA injury, I think Danny could certainly find some wiggle room on the roster for ‘Toine…… pun fully intended.

    I’d love to add Raja… maybe we could work out a three team trade in which we send Team C money, a pick, and Giddens, Team C sends young talent or a higher draft pick to Charlotte, and Raja comes here. Probably wishful thinking though.

  8. Please Danny, tell me you are up to something for a big….and not Raef Lafrentz.

  9. Please with the Antoine stuff..we are NOT desperate. Sheesh…Raja Bell is a great defender and brings even more toughness. If we can get him for nothing big, do it…

  10. wtf is this? Everybody screams for a big, you hear Raja Bell’s and cream yourself??

    Raja Bell is clearly not what this team needs. Where you gonna put another 6’5 wing player? Whose minutes is he going to take? As stupid as recommending Marbury…

    And he’s a punk.

    Where’s Olowakandi? Where’s Ratliffe? Has anyone seen Dikembe since he resigned?

  11. AboveTheRim – have you heard that Tony Allen is out 8 weeks?

    I clearly think there’s a need for Raja Bell.

  12. Only way to get Bell at the cheapest price

  13. here is another one same trade but bobcats add another player


  14. Big Mck, so you want Raja to help us weather the storm for the last 2 months of the regular season? You waste the roster spot for when TA comes back for the playoffs. now the playoffs start and you still have no big b/c you panicked and signed Raja Bell when there wasn’t a void to fill.

  15. Yes…I want Bell to weather the storm for the last two months of the season and provide valuable minutes in the playoffs. Whose to say Allen is 100% come playoff time? Acquiring Bell is not a panic move, its a smart move.

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