“Bango” Tears ACL

After laughing my ass off for good 5 minutes, I realized that things were serious and Milwaukee’s mascot “Bango” tore his ACL while falling through the hoop.  So I watched it again and, as we all would, laughed my ass off some more.  On top of tearing his ACL, he gets hit in the nuts before falling through the hoop.


7 Responses

  1. Welp, my stomach is on the floor watching KG hobbling off the court. Not good.

  2. Yeah..me too. This video is funny as HELL on a lighter note…Let’s hope Ticket is straight.

  3. Those non contact injuries are scary if you ask me because it was bound to happen one day or another.

  4. Ok I just watched the video and did geek pretty hard. It feels odd to actually be excited seeing Scalabrine back on the sidelines. Not many NBA players seem as emotionally vested in every game as Scal and I love it.

  5. Thank GOD he’s alright. Cavs and Lakers fans probably creamed their jeans when they saw him hobble off…

  6. hahaha amen. I was not looking forward to going to work tomorrow and listening to Lakers fans running their mouths. At least I havent noticed all the Laker flags on the cars this season. That Shit infuriated me last year.

  7. Exactly-hate those f’in Lakers trolls. Especially the bandwagon ones that only know about Kobe and can’t name 2 other players on the roster…So he’s out for at least tonight-strained knee. let’s hope it’s not serious.

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