Globe Now Says POB Traded to Toronto

O’Bryant is apparently headed to Toronto instead:

The Celtics have dealt center Patrick O’Bryant to the Toronto Raptors for point guard Will Solomon, according to an NBA source.

Solomon, 30, is averaging 4.9 points and 3.2 rebounds in 13.9 minutes per game in 39 games during his second NBA season.

The 6-foot-1-inch, 180-pound Hartford native — who is nicknamed “The King” — has played professionally in Turkey, Israel and Greece. In a Nov. 16 game versus Miami, Solomon had perhaps his top performance, with 15 points and 11 assists.

The 7-foot O’Bryant played sparingly in his first season with Boston and third in the NBA overall. He averaged 1.5 points in 26 games for the Celtics after arriving as a free agent from Golden State in the offseason. He didn’t attend the Celtics’ shootaround in Salt Lake City this afternoon.
Earlier in the day, O’Bryant was thought to be heading to the Sacramento Kings in a move to create salary cap space, but Celtics president Danny Ainge instead opted for the Solomon deal with Toronto.

This is getting pretty wild. I love it.

Update:  Sheridan has the same thing:

Chris Sheridan: A source tells me the Boston Celtics have agreed to trade Patrick O’Bryant to Toronto for backup point guard Will Solomon. There were reports that O’Bryant was headed to Sacramento, but this deal fills Boston’s need for another option at point guard behind Rajon Rondo, Eddie House and Gabe Pruitt, and it gives the Raptors another big body to bring off the bench.


18 Responses

  1. From Hollinger’s ESPN Chat:
    Joe, RI: Does Joe Smith get bought out and go to Boston now?

    John Hollinger: (3:05 PM ET ) It would appear that way. OKC can save itself a few ducats with a buyout, and the Celtics and Smith would be ecstatic to join up for the league minimum.

    John Hollinger: (3:05 PM ET ) So really, Tyson Chandler’s toe did some serious damage to Cleveland’s title hopes this week.

    Brenton (Boston, MA): Are the C’s getting Nocioni, and who are they giving up.

    John Hollinger: (3:06 PM ET ) Apparently not. Deal would have been Allen, Scalabrine, Giddens and O’Bryant (Big Baby might also have been in it). It was about salary neutral for 2009 so Kings didn’t feel any urgency to do it — if Nocioni plays well they might get better offers in summer or next year to unload that contract.

  2. O’b for Solomon is a done deal.

    4.2 assists in 13.6 minutes is nothing to sneeze at.

  3. Looks like it’s official… POB for Toronto’s Will Solomon. Good trade for us… Solomon is a pretty decent point guard with an excellent attitude, and he’s an active and tough defender. Can’t understand why Toronto would do this deal… don’t they realize how friggin useless POB is? Well, maybe they’re thinking ‘he’s useless but not hopeless’. Yeah, maybe.

  4. what sort of time frame do you think we would be looking at for OKC to buyout (assuming they will) Joe Smith?

  5. ive seen him play in israel, and he’s is good pickup. It all depends on how fast he can pick up the system.

  6. And with that, Danny fixes the only signing mistake he made this year.

  7. Seems a little redundant to Pruitt to me. But maybe they need someone with experience that they can count on rather than Pruitt who has up and down games.

    Wonder how he will fit into the current rotation?

  8. That was a good trade. Now post some hot NBA dancer pics will ya?!

  9. Danno– sorry, I think resigning TA was a bigger mistake. TA’s contract runs longer, he’s injured practically all the time, and he’s actually even more of a knucklehead than POB, which one would have thought was impossible.

  10. TA has the potential for 30 point nights, and is a good drive to the hoop guy. He’s a knucklehead, but he cares, sometimes too much, about playing well.

    O’Bryant wasn’t good at anything. and didn’t give a shit about the team or his career. Ever. Not even in preseason.

  11. Josh,
    The Cassell buyout took forever…and the Marbury buyout – enough said.

    Owners can drag it out since they have some leverage. Smith needs to be on a roster by March 1 to qualify for the playoffs.

  12. Agree that TA has the potential. But man, the guy is an injury magnet, which I think is because he is such a knucklehead. But effort does count for something… a lot actually… so I agree, POB was worse.

    But we are now stuck with a completely useless TA. If we get a chance, we should get rid of him too, which would clear our roster of knuckleheads hopefully once and for all. You gotta be smart to be a Celtic, the way this team plays.

  13. No Starbury please. Just a big man and/or a SF stopper

  14. ……. or not??
    The Celtics have traded Patrick O’Bryant to Toronto for Will Solomon, but they will still get the roster spot they desire.

    Solomon is being sent to Sacramento for a conditional second round draft pick (similar to the Sam Cassell trade).

    That gives the Celts two open roster spots, and they hope to fill at least one with a veteran big man over the next couple of weeks.

    With their available bodies at 11, J.R. Giddens is being called up from the D-League and will be with the Celts when they play the Jazz tonight.

  15. Well with the soloman pick up it looks like we have no real use for starbury on the roster so now I feel like we really need to get Joe Smith. This would make me real happy so make it happen Danny and OKC

  16. Wow things are changing fast, looks like they want the Roster spot for Marbury and Joe Smith IMO.

  17. nope solomon isnt a C

  18. yeah, interesting

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