Is Solomon a Celtic, or a King?

The Herald says he’s a King:

SALT LAKE CITY — The Celtics have traded Patrick O’Bryant to Toronto for Will Solomon, but they will still get the roster spot they desire.

Solomon is being sent to Sacramento for a conditional second round draft pick (similar to the Sam Cassell trade).

That gives the Celts two open roster spots, and they hope to fill at least one with a veteran big man over the next couple of weeks.

With their available bodies at 11, J.R. Giddens is being called up from the D-League and will be with the Celts when they play the Jazz tonight.


The Globe has him as a King too… meaning we’ve got 2 open spots.  They also have this:

  • An NBA source also said the Celtics are interested in veteran center Calvin Booth, who just was acquired by the Kings from Minnesota. Boston could pursue Booth as a free agent if he is waived.
  • Also, the Kings have waived forward Mikki Moore, who might appeal to the Celtics. The well-traveled 10-year veteran played three games for Boston during the 2002-03 season.
  • The Celtics now have two open roster spots to add a free agent if they so choose.


    55 Responses

    1. I’m lost!

    2. Danny opened the two roster spots for a possible Joe smith and Steph buy outs, that’s what I think.

    3. Weird Day.

    4. Marbury will ruin this team. he is a Laker’s fan anyway. Would he tank if we played the Laker’s in the finals? Absurd to the max but this is one guy who would give me pause. Do not trust him on any level

    5. Rumor from Bucher is Mikki Moore will be bought out and going to Boston?

    6. I don’t see anything wrong with signing Marbury.. He would only be here for a few months to collect his Ring and the go play in Greece & If he causes any problem the C’s can simply cut him lose.

    7. I like Mikki Moore, he could definetely help for a veteran big. I’m okay with that. Wow there is so much going on in the NBA right now

    8. Globe has confirmed the Herald story. No Solomon. Could Danny be holding the PG spot for Marbury?? Yikes, I hope not.

      Anyway, I was thinking the next event will be a Joe Smith waiver followed by our acquiring him. But now there’s also Mikki Moore to think about… apparently to be waived by the Kings.

    9. So to sum up:

      The Celtics have gotten 2 conditional 2nd round picks from Sacto…

      We gave up POB and Sam…. and Sacto gets Will Solomon.

      Looks like Mikki More is heading here…. which could help us on the wing. That leaves a big man spot open… meaning we could be leaning on Gabe Pruitt come playoff time.

    10. Mikki Moore could help us on the wing? huh? He’s a 7 foot forward/center

    11. Mikki Moore is a big man

    12. G4L

      yeah, they could cut him but would the damage have already been done?

      Leopards do not change their spots. Something that Jerry Jones have never seemed to learn.

    13. Hmm I am not sure about that…. I can’t see us leaning on Pruitt come playoff time. The Kings waived Sam I Am today, I can see Ainge brining Sammy back within 30 days.

      Mikki Moore sounds good to me. He is hard working Big who plays D’ and crashes the boards.

      Do we have enough room on our roster to pick up Joe Smith after acquiring Moore and Sam?

    14. Looks like it’ll be either Mikki Moore or Joe Smith for the backup big spot. Unless something else shakes loose in the next week or so. And Danny apparently has some PG, better than Solomon, in mind for the last spot. Maybe.

    15. If the C’s got Sam I am and Mikki Moore, they’d have to send Walker back to the d-league to fit Joe Smith in.

    16. Fs– If Sam comes back it would be as an assistant coach. But Doc has said that’s not gonna happen anytime soon.

    17. And Sefolosha got sent to the Thunder for a 1st rounder, so they should be cutting Joe to make room right?

    18. Rafer Alstons been traded to Orlando. Interesting……

    19. We have only 2 open roster spots. If we want more, we have to buy somebody out.

    20. I knew Ainge wouldn’t just sit on his hands. He is working the phones with the Maloofs brothers like crazy. Kings are cleaning house like no other team.

      I would be satisfied if we can acquire Mikki Moore and Joe Smith. These two guys can fill the PJ Brown Void.

    21. Mikki Moore is awful.

      Joe Smith, yes. Moore? I’d rather have Marbury and Artest.

    22. How is Artest an option?

    23. Sorry… I fucked up the Mikki Moore thing. Shoot me.

    24. He’s not an option.

      I’m just saying, I’d rather have a guy everybody hates with talent than another no-talent Patrick O’Bryant clone, with ten extra years of mileage on him.

    25. “Id rather have Marbury and Artest”

      so…you like rooting for scumbags? no thanks, and artest thankfully isnt even an option

    26. No, I dont’ like rooting for scumbags.

      But if given the choice between clearly talented scumbags, and completely untalented benchwarmer nobodies, I’ll take the scumbags thanks.

      You don’t win championships by being polite and well mannered.

    27. Danno…we don’t exactly have a choice now, do we? Moore is a big body (7 ft., 225 pounds) who can come off the bench. We don’t need a superstar. We need a big who can come off the bench and be a role player. That’s what he’d do for us.

    28. Marbury can score-plain and simple. If he’s a “scumbag” and even tries to bring that mentality to the C’s locker room, you know KG, P2 and Ray will squash it immeidately. Besides, does anyone really think Donnie Walsh would do anything that would help the Celtics in even a tiny way..? Ah, no. And to those who are against Marbury coming here, who the f is going to come off the bench and score consistent buckets for the next 8 weeks? What’s say “Eddie House will man!” No disrespect Eddie, but I said CONSISTENTLY….I love EHouse and he’s played a big part this year, but we all know he’s streaky. Stephon is a pure scorer who will get his 10,12 or 15 a night (if he comes off the bench)…..

    29. i saw moore go off in the playoffs a few years ago with NJ. I remember him hitting like ten straight jumpers. I wouldn’t mind having him or joe smith.

    30. I’ll say this about Moore… he’s got to be at least as good as PJ Brown was last year. He’s certainly someone that can come in and give us minutes.

    31. Basically nothing has happened yet except for a fact we have two open roster spots.

      Booth? I checked his stats he really sucks. Your thoughts?

      Joe Smith? YES, I think everyone agrees.

      Solomon, Moore, Marbury, etc.

      Day of Confusion to say the least

    32. I was just about to compare Moore to PJ. Mikki would be this year’s PJ Brown. That’s all we need from him.

    33. I am not down with Calvin Booth. At all.

    34. Yes, given the choice between Moore and Booth – it’s Moore all the way.

      I just think Joe Smith is way ahead of both of them, talent-wise.

    35. Cavs may have an interest in Joe Smith. Or Moore. They can offer a lot more than we can, so they may get the one they want. But we should be able to get the other. Either Moore or Smith would be fine with me (though Joe would probably be a better fit).

      And it’s likely that other players will shake loose soon….

    36. I can see the Cavs trying to player-block on us.

      Cavs also know what Joe Smith is capable of doing. Joe killed us during the ECF last year. I don’t think the Cavs will want Joe returning the favor.

      Come on Ainge don’t let the other Danny show you up – Especially a FERRY.

    37. Rumor has it that Smith wants to come to the Celtics. Let’s hope that’s true.

    38. Danny Ainge make my head hurt…maybe after several beers this will all make sense. In the mean time, here’s hoping the C’s beat down the Jazz tonight. Look for Scal to go wild in his return…..

    39. Yes, there is the rumor that Joe Smith wants to come to Boston. But if he can make 7 figures more in Cleveland… well, think James Posey. What would you do? (Never mind, I know the answer.)

    40. That’s very true but Joe Smith has already made millions of dollars throughout his NBA career so money may not be a deal breaker. He might just want to come play with three hall of famers instead of going to play with A-Rod opps I mean LB Self proclaimed “The King”.

    41. And keep in mind Smith and KG are boys. KG’s fondness of Smith is part of the reason McHale rushed to make that secret written contract that cost the Wolves all those first round draft picks.

    42. First Cassell, now Joe Smith and maybe Stephon too. The Cs should should be renamed “The Kevin Garnett Boys Club”. KGB for short.

    43. Well he’s played with a lot of players since the twolves were so incompetent as far as negotiating contracts and luring free agents. Nobody wanted to play in Minnesota for less than top dollar (at least willingly) and it was hard with KG’s contract

    44. Jason WIlliams said he wants to play again…He will be a good backup PG for us…

    45. help us Scot Pollard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    46. clumsy – Where did you read about J-Will wanting to play again?

    47. I like Moore over Smith anyway AND definitely over POB. He plays tough and he likes to stay in the middle and down low. Good fit for us.

      We still need bench scoring, so I think Marbury is the only option (even though he might be a cancer). But Marbury and House in the backcourt off the bench would give the Celts very good scoring options.

      Seeing Pruitt, Giddens and Walker get some time together before the playoffs would be nice too.

    48. FSantos – Yahoo Sports :)

    49. “Though not a great defender, Moore is a long, perimeter-shooting big man who could bolster the Celtics’ frontcourt. Expect Cleveland, Denver and perhaps the Lakers to join the bidding for Moore.”

      That’s’s Chris Mannix on Moore.

    50. Especially Cleveland and LA would love to take away our chips.

      clumsy – Thanks

    51. I don’t recall Moore to be a ok “perimeter-shooter” but I do recall him to be a good rebounder and a good shot blocker when he played for the Nets. I think he’s an obvious upgrade to POB but I still think we need another player before we go into the playoffs. I like the fact that Danny is still trying to improve his roster and getting some help for the big 3.

    52. Scal is in uniform-sweet…

    53. Moore is very similar to the type of player that PJ is/was.
      He is a decent mid range shooter, can rebound and block shots and is a major energy guy. I think he or Joe Smith would be great. and I’ve been preaching for the entire season that getting Marbury would do nothing but help us, how can people think different? Its boggles my mind that people really believe he could have such a horrible effect on the Cs that it would cost them the championship. Not possible IMO. and I think Danny is making the moves to bring in a big and marbury



    55. Ummmm….. right.

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