POB Traded to Kings, Boston Globe Confused

Big Baby/POB Globe Mistake

Via the Globe:

The Celtics have traded backup center Patrick O’Bryant to the Sacramento Kings. The move was made for salary-cap purposes and the club will not receive a player in return, according to an NBA source.

There is the possibility that the club will receive a draft pick in exchange for the 7-footer, who averaged 1.5 points in 26 games for the Celtics after signing as a free agent in the offseason.

O’Bryant was not at the Celtics’ shootaround this afternoon.

He was useless. I think we all that he would provide at least a little defense and rebounding off the bench.

How about the Globe using the Big Baby photo for the POB story? They are clueless over there. (Thanks to Steve C. for the screen grab)

Guess this puts an end to the Nocioni rumors. What’s next for Danny?

After the jump, Marc Stein’s take on the Nocioni rumors.

One of the most intriguing deals discussed on deadline day has to be Andres Nocioni winding up with the defending champs.

It’s unclear, as the final half-hour before the trade buzzer ticks away, which team actually halted these discussions. We’ve heard conflicting claims from both teams on who withdrew first.

Yet we do have agreement that the Celtics and Kings talked seriously Thursday about sending Nocioni to the Celts, which seemingly would have been a huge coup for Boston given the hole created by James Posey’s departure in the offseason. Nocioni is a rugged, versatile, two-position forward who does a lot of the same stuff.

The deal likely would have required Boston to part with at least four players from its oft-criticized bench: Glen Davis, Brian Scalabrine, Patrick O’Bryant and the injured Tony Allen. Sacramento can only move Nocioni on his own after acquiring him only Wednesday in the Brad Miller/John Salmons deal with Chicago, since players can’t be packaged in subsequent deals until 60 days have passed after being traded.

It would figure that the length and cost of Nocioni’s contract are what gave the Celtics pause, since Nocioni has three guaranteed years worth more than $20 million left on his deal after this season. That’s more money in the same span than Posey will earn from the Hornets, who were able to sign Posey because the Celtics deemed a four-year guaranteed contract too rich to match.

But it must have been tough for the Celts to resist — if they indeed balked first — because Nocioni could have filled such a big need.


10 Responses

  1. Somethin’s brewing.

    I can smell it.

  2. Obviously, we’re clearing roster space. Two spaces = Joe Smith (the most likely) and either Marbury or whatever else shakes loose… and looks like there will be a LOT shaking loose, in this economic environment.

  3. he was worse then stojko vrankovic

  4. POB won’t be missed he’s like ralph sampson but no talent I hope we get smith and or maybury.

  5. What’s with the Kings picking up all our trash? This seems to negate the extra cash acquired in the Sam Cassell Trade for Sacto. I don’t get it.

  6. Hey, the Globe’s explanation will be that they just wanted to show Big Baby’s REACTION to the trade… see how he’s smiling?… he’s sayin “good, one less knucklehead”.

  7. The Kings have thrown in the towel. They’ve traded away every player that had any talent… they’re done.

  8. Maybe they are trying to help us out since the Laker’s already seem to have the “Grizzleds” as their trash dump/farm system. Can’t win then do what you can to help the enemy of your enemy

  9. or could be for will soloman

  10. http://www.boston.com/sports/basketball/celtics/extras/celtics_blog/

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