So You’re Saying There’s A Chance

So Joe Smith is apparently STILL a possibility for the Celtics, because the Tyson Chandler trade was rescinded when Chandler failed his physical.

So Smith and Wilcox are back with OKC.  And according to Chris Sheridan, Smith doesn’t want to stay there for long.

A source who has been in the know for years tells me that Joe Smith is keeping his fingers crossed that the Thunder do not find another trade for him now that he’s back in Oklahoma City.

Smith, the source said, would like to do a buyout and then sign with the Boston Celtics as this season’s version of P.J. Brown.

The trade deadline is 3pm today, so let’s see if OKC pulls something else by then.  If not, then we’ll just have to wait and see.  I don’t know why they’d buy him out, but they might.  The Celtics, from Danny to the players, hope the team makes a move… but nothing is brewing so far.

As if playing in the NBA and making tens of millions of dollars isn’t enough… check out the customized Playstation 3 Paul Pierce got over the All Star weekend

Via Jess Camerato

Telegram:  TA might miss 8 weeks |  Patriot Ledger:  C’s get back to work |   USA Today:  Money matters as trade deadlne looms |  Salt Lake Tribune:  C’s respond to opportunity to repeat


9 Responses

  1. Holy crap….this news made my day. I’ll be watching the clock, praying OKC doesn’t pull off a deal.

  2. I hope so too. As long as it isn’t Starbury

  3. He had a couple games for the Cavs in the playoffs last year where he killed the Cs didn’t he? I just remember getting real pissed and questioning his name.

    Like, “Joe f*cking Smith right now?? You kidding me??”

  4. If the Celtics get both Smith and Starbury, They will be the #1 contender, and I know they will repeat.

    I may not like it, since it’s kind of like playing on a team with your ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend who you know beats her, but the dude has talent, and will play along for a ring, at least for 1/2 a year, anyway.

  5. Even if the C’s get smith (which i REALLY hope they do) it will still be hard to beat the cavs with paul peirce being the only one on the team who can gaurd bron bron; translation desparately hope smith gets bought out and try to trade for a wing that plays good D like raja bell, or is big enough to get in lebrons way a la james jones

  6. I like the idea of Raja Bell, but we have NO ONE anyone wants in a trade.

  7. If smith lands with the C’s, it would be over. Papa Irish there’s no one in the NBA that can gaurd Lebron. If Lebron wanted to, he man handle every single player in the leauge.

    P.S. What a change from a few years ago when no one and there mother wanted to come to boston, now it seems everyone wants to get on board.

  8. The reason Joe might get bought out is that he might ask for it. If he pushes enough, he will likely get it. So it depends on whether or not the rumor is true (that he wants Boston). We’ll have 9 days after today to find out.

    Guarding Lebron or Kobe is always a challenge… But it was done last year well enough, and it will be done again.

  9. The motivation to come to Boston may be twofold. First, like everyone else, they want to be on a winner, a champion. The other may be $. Of course they know they can’t make much their first year. But if Boston wins another championship and they are a big part of that, they know they can pull a James Posey, either with Boston or some other team, and hit (what is for them) the jackpot.

    Most of which is good for us, because it means they’ll be highly motivated to play their guts out. Which makes the behavior of knuckleheads like POB so strange… you’d think he’d be motivated by his own interests, if nothing else.

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