Start The Rumor Mill

Thanks to Scott at BostonSportz for this tidbit from the Chad Ford ESPN chat:

Chad Ford: (12:09 PM ET ) We keep hearing all morning that the Celtics were talking to the Kings about a deal for Nocioni. The Kings can move him again as long as they don’t package him with other players on their roster. The Celtics would send back Scalabrine, Tony Allen, Glen Davis and Patrick O’Bryant. However, a Celtics source says there’s nothing happening there. A Kings source, however, says it would be a possibility. I wonder why the Celtics WOULDN’T do that. Nocioni would be a great piece for them.

Interesting.  He’d be an upgrade over Scal.  POB doesn’t play anyway.  Tony’s out until the playoffs  (and even then he’s a wild card).  And then there’s Baby.

I’d say do it… but then they would obviously need to sign someone else.  We’d still need another big, at the very least.


19 Responses

  1. Here’s my 3 cents’ worth of rumor: Not gonna happen. Ridiculous.

  2. Throwing Scal in the deal is too much.

  3. It does sound like one too many bodies

  4. All those guys for Noc? He’s a good piece, but that’s a lot of players to part with.

  5. they have to throw scal in for monetary reasons.

    If we can pick up Joe Smith, it’s a no brainer.

  6. OKC just traded Chris Wilcox to the Knicks. That still leaves Joe Smith for them to waive, in about an hour :)

  7. I guess he had a pretty good year a couple years ago as an energy guy off the bench….. but I haven’t been impressed by him at all the last couple years. All I see from him is fouling guys and then having temper tantrums.

  8. POB barely counts. He’s not even playing. And Tony is out until the playoffs… at best.

    I know its 4 for 1… but it’s not that bad of a deal.. and it clears roster space to sign other guys. The key to this is making the NEXT move. If it’s just this and no other signings.. then it would suck. If it’s this and another player or two picked up after people are waived… then it’s a good deal.

  9. That would be an awesome deal, now that I think more about it.

  10. reds.. this deal, if it ever had a life at all (which I doubt), is dead.

  11. Of all the rumors flying around, the one that seems most possible is Joe Smith. Especially if he pushes for a buyout because he wants to come to Boston, as has been rumored.

  12. Still doesn’t fill our need for a big (or a guard now). Marbury or Joe Smith in the next 45 minutes…PLEASE!!! And get rid of Scal already…PLEASE!!!

  13. Whatever we get will not be a trade… we’ll be picking the fruit that drops off waivers.

  14. Guys, IF we’re getting Marbury or Smith, it will be via buyout, which can happen any time with the next 9 days. Buyouts don’t need to be done by the trading deadline.

    The trade for Nocioni would free up all the roster spots we would need to sing Smith, Marbury, and still retain Bill Walker. and it would replce two questionable forwards (Davis, Scal) with one really solid one.

    It really is a no brainer. Danny should hop to it and pull the trigger on this, pronto.

  15. Good point Red on the # of bodies issue.. The only one I would really miss is Davis. For all his faults he had the passion and the heart for the game. And on that point, he would be the one to worry about if it causes a chemistry issue. I am sure he is well liked by the others on the team. Maybe DA is really going to let some of the young guys try and fill the role missed by Posey. Need a couple of guys to do what he did as one guy

  16. Getting Nocioni, and picking up Joe Smith and Marbury off waivers is a huge upgrade over those 4. Not to mention, I find it hard to believe Sactown has the roster space to keep all 4, so if needed boston could pick up whoever gets waived.

  17. POB traded to the Kings for Salary Cap space.


    What the hell does Danny have up his sleeve, anyway?

  18. His contract is huge anyway. It would cost more for Nocioni than it would have if we had given Posey the contract he wanted. I’d take Posey over Nocioni any day.

  19. I’m waiting in major anticipation, I can’t stand the suspense – there is obviously something that is about to happen – I think the biggest question is – will it be in the next ten minutes 0r before march 8th – i.e – waiver deal for joe smith, starbury, giddens added to roster??? raja bell – any ideas?

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