I’ve Got Good News and Bad News

I’ll start with the bad news… or at least potentially bad news.  It comes to us from CelticsBlog… which found this little tidbit about the Celtics and their finances.

And I heard Thursday that the storied Celtics, they of the 17 championships and top-five in attendance, may nonetheless be one of the teams that partakes from the league’s new $175 million line of credit, which SportsBusiness Journal reported this week would be used by half of the league’s 30 teams to help pay existing and future bills.

This might be bad news about the C’s financial situation… but it might be a move to just defray some costs until the economy (hopefully) improves.

The good news… well… that’s coming after the jump.  It’s not an NBA dancer… but she should be.  Hell… she should be the whole team.  We fans have been through a lot over the past 24 hours…  you guys deserve a treat.

Via Brahsome


17 Responses

  1. Thank you chuck. That (she) has taken a lot off of my mind.

  2. I love how people assume Chuck posted the hot chick.

    Don’t worry… Chuck is going to dip into his stash soon.

  3. Seriously, guys? You’re so frustrated with the Celts slipping behind the Lakers that you’ve resorted to posting pics of underage girls?

    FYI, the law in CA is 18 & up. I’m sure it’s the same in MA.

  4. Hey Level 3… I’m glad you’re so in tune with child pornography laws. I’m sure your parole officer has drilled that into your head. I think we’re pretty safe with this one.

  5. I guess you figure that because she’s from some foreign country, it’s okay that she’s about 15?


  6. They don’t make 15 year olds like that. If you think they do… then you need to get out of the basement and find some real women.

  7. FYI that’s Shay Laren and she’s 23. Kobe is the expert on underage girls….and on the taste of Shaq’s ass

  8. That’s no 23-year old. Come on, fellas. We may root for different teams but can’t we agree that taking down kiddie porn is the right thing to do?

    Let’s keep this site a place for C’s fans to blog, and Lakers fans to frustrate those C’s fans.

  9. You wouldn’t hear a peep out of this guy if you put a picture of a little boy up.

  10. The only person who doesn’t belong here is you, Laker troll.

  11. Exactly, Chick Hearn’s grundle licker…He’s probably still barred from the Laker’s blogs for offering tootsie rolls to that 6 year old kid in 2002.

  12. The Celtics Financial situation can’t be that bad, seeing how 2 weeks ago they announced they weren’t raising ticket prices next year.

  13. Nora honey, I don’t think your fellow skirt-wearers would appreciate you defending pics of a teenage girl in a bra.

    Apparently there’s a girls’ team called the Connecticut Sun. (Who decided to call a New England team the Sun? I don’t know.) Anyway sweetie, their first game is in June. Be sure to plan a trip so you can miss the Lakers’ triumphant march which will commence around that time.

  14. Hey moron, just because all the women you date are teenagers, that doesn’t mean ALL women are teenagers you dimwit. It’s obvious she’s at least 21. Go back to the LakersBlog you crawled out of. You know the guys aren’t intimidated so you go after the ladies on the site? You sir…I mean ma’am are a bitch.

  15. Your right…I needed that

  16. Pretty sure that girl is the girl that was married to a guy in my unit in the Army for a while, then she got a divorce and started doing porn. She was a stripper before they got married. She is from GA, not a foreign country, and not underage.

  17. To clear it up for everyone (including that idiot Dick Hearn’s Ghost) here is her site: http://www.shaylaren.com/t1/noprog=noadvert/

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