KG Flying to Boston for MRI

UPDATE: Danny Ainge confirms KG is back in Boston and will miss remainder of the trip.

Our favorite ESPN blowhard has this on KG:

Boston forward Kevin Garnett was headed back to Boston after straining his right knee in the Celtics‘ 90-85 loss to Utah on Thursday night.

ESPN The Magazine’s Stephen A. Smith reported that Garnett would return to Boston on Friday to undergo an MRI exam. The Celtics’ road trip continues with a game against the Suns in Phoenix on Sunday.

Garnett injured his right leg while going up for an alley-oop late in the first half. He landed gingerly and motioned immediately to the bench for a substitute, then hopped on his good foot toward the locker room. The Celtics said he strained his right knee.

Having KG fly back to Boston for an MRI he could have in Phoenix means we won’t see him in action until next Friday’s home game against Indiana, at the earliest.

This injury could have an affect on whether or not the soon-to-be-bought-out Joe Smith comes to Boston. If he’s torn between the Cavs or the Celtics, why would he pick the team with an injured superstar?


13 Responses

  1. Cause we have a ring.

  2. I met him at a starbucks outside of cleveland (I was meet my boss she likes the coffee there not me) I asked what he liked about playing for the Cavs org and he said playing on a winning team, and Mike Brown

  3. It all depends on the MRI results – According to Stephen A. Smith Joe Smith has said publicly he wants to join Boston and not Cleveland. Believe it or not? At least that’s in our favor.

    F*** man! Waiting for this MRI results really sucks. Hope its nothing.

  4. Do you guys think the MRI results will be revealed today?

  5. No clue on the MRI results. It always cracks me up when team’s say “they don’t have the results yet.” Like KG’s scan is sitting on the doctor’s desk waiting for him to finish with another patient. They know instantly what is wrong.

  6. 26 games left if we lose 4 same record as last year but probaly not good enough for home court throuout playoffs.
    Something needs to be done soon so far weve lost posey brown pollard obryant cassel and what have we picked up giddens and walker come on danny you cant get rid of players and excpect to repeat la and cleaveland stepped up to the plate you didnt or havent yet red cant trade you either like he did before.

  7. Well atleat Amare is out for the Suns for atleast 8 weeks.. So thats one less thing to worry about on sunday.

  8. Bird would of played with an eye patch

  9. One of the reasons Joe Smith wants Boston over CLE is KG and their days back in Minn

  10. Nice start time David Stern. F’n overslept and didn’t get to work til 11.

    AND they didn’t even win and f*cking KG hobbled off the floor. I would’ve had more fun racking myself on a hand railing last night.

  11. Talk about soft. No one even touched KG. Imagine if a giant like Kobe or Odom came crashing down on him.

    Hopefully for you guys, this is another Pierce-style fake injury. Someone should tell KG that unlike the Lakers, his team can’t afford to lose a key player.

    Have fun watching LA pull away down the stretch.

  12. ” . . . Obviously, I would much rather be playing instead of giving this statement,” Garnett said.

    Then why didn’t you get back in the game and stave off a loss? Your only prayer against LA is to get home court advantage. Every game counts.

    Pardon my blunt candor, but the Celts are soft and heartless.

  13. Chick you are such an ignorant Lakers troll this is all you deserve in response. Seriously is you life this empty? KG has had knee problems for weeks. Get a clue.

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