KG Strains Right Knee

Kevin Garnett left the game late in the first half with a right leg injury.  He attempted a halftime warm-up but made his way back to the locker room before the beginning of the second half.  The extent of his injuries are unknown, but we do know it is his knee and he will not return for the second half.


22 Responses

  1. I really hope it’s just a small cramp and nothing major.

    So far, the Celtics are doing well without him.

    Oh by the way, is it me or is Perkins actually making jumpshots in?! xD

  2. I say keep him out the entire road trip, just to make sure and give him some extra rest.

  3. I am with you there Alex

    KG’s knee is definitely a concern – John pointed that out months ago with his knee brace and now we know he has been having problems. Hope its not an acl or mcl shit.

    We are showing heart of a champion so far in Utah. Our boys are determined to win this one for KG!!!!!!!!!

    Perkins J’s is classic – Did he call bank?

  4. celtics turnovers are becoming to much

    if you don’t think if they keep this pace that their turnovers won’t kill them in a crucial game in the playoffs

    your crazy

  5. i apologize for my pathetic grammar….car boms after kgs knee injury (which i think looked serious) has taken its toll

  6. Half of the turnovers can be blamed on some very questionable reffing.

  7. Celts turn it over nearly 16 times a game Nora-it’s been a problem all year. It drives me NUTS. If they cut that number in half, we are in control of homecourt right now. Anyhow, Perk has hit some nice shots tonight, but how about that put-back slam by Leon! THAT was nasty. Let;s hope P2 takes over the 4th quarter-things go well when he does….

  8. Refs refs refs. Ugh. I am as die hard as anyone here, but if I hear one more complaint about the officiating I think the green blood will start to drip out my ears. Champs adjust and adapt. Usually our guys do and win. To complain is just silly and, in my mind, the talk of someone looking for an excuse in case of a loss.

  9. Leon Powe what costs us the game….Leon Powe TURNOVER.

  10. Dick Bavetta gave them the game.

  11. if i remember right RONDO was the only guy to make a basket in the last 5 minutes or so

  12. Nah man, free throws cost us the game. That and the C’s have a hard time covering big guys (Centers) that can shoot…

  13. Id rather have Tim Donoughy dropping 100 grand on the opposing team reffing the game then seeing Dick Bavetta being out there, this game was an absolute joke

  14. Couldn’t hit a shot in the 4th quarter missed free throws.
    I’m still think when the games on the line docs not that good of a coach.

  15. Well they went to pierce late and he was just off tonight, that and the missed free throws is the reason we lost. If pierce had been hitting any of those jumpers late that he usually does, this would have been a wrap.

  16. Pierce had a rough night. Ray seemed to be used as a bail out option too much. KG. Utah played the kind of game they needed to. Bring on the next game.

  17. the c’s totally outplayed the jazz tonight. Dick Pavetta decided to be star ref that he is and take over the game. This loss hurts the most because the c’s should have won the game.

  18. I’m sorry, but the reffing was pretty atrocious tonight. I’m not saying it is the only reason for the loss but it was atrocious. I’m kind of sick of those that give refs a free pass all of the time when deserve some criticism.

  19. Doc sounded optimistic in the news conference…

  20. – The refereeing was horrible. (But that has become the norm.)
    – Utah played terribly.
    – The Celtics played even worse. WE DESERVED TO LOSE.
    – Turnovers are out of control. You cannot win a championship with that many turnovers. Can’t be done, end of story.
    – And… YOU CANNOT WIN ON DEFENSE ALONE. You must have SOME offense, guys. “Offense” means that you actually get a shot at the basket (as opposed to a turnover), and it means that you don’t fumble around in the last minute of play hoping somebody will come up with something, then give it to PP in the hope that he’ll pull it out for you.
    – The Big 3 + Rondo are ok. I don’t know why Perk thinks he can push people around and not get called for it. And the bench, oh the bench… Powe was the worst damn player in the building. I wanted to shoot the guy. Baby was useless. Gabe was ok actually, just missed too many of his jumpers.
    – I used to love the fact that Cs won a championship with players like “Big Baby” – an obvious miscreant in a world of chiseled athletes, Leon Powe – who seems to have 2 left feet, no discernable jump shot, and a penchant for fouling everybody within reach, and Scal – who seemed like another miscreant. Turns out Scal is the best of the bunch. (Too bad he got called with a bunch of bullshit phantom fouls.) But now last year seems like a fairy tale that ended happily. I’m starting to think this bunch cannot repeat. Yes, they play great defense (usually). But when the Big 3 are gone, there is no offense left.
    – Which brings us to KG, who was playing great until… whatever happened happened. If he’s gone, so is our season, sad to say. Didn’t think that was the case a while back, but it’s clear now that the Big 3 have to carry the offense. Big 2 won’t cut it.
    – And that’s the problem when you blow your whole wad on 3 players. There’s just not enough $ left to form a really good team around them. So you get guys like Baby and Powe coming off the bench for KG and PP… and the problem with that is that too often those guys play at HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL. In fact, take away the Big 3, Rondo and Deron — and what we saw today was high school basketball (only the refs were worse than they are in high school).

  21. We do turn it over a lot.. But I bet you half those turnovers tonight were for ticky tac offensive fouls. WE OUTPLAYED the jazz for 48 minutes tonight. Bavetta stole the show and bailed the home team out… end of story.

  22. I agree Nora-the refs are bad sometimes, but the C’s have no control over that-(no one has any control over the refs)they can however control the TO’s, and they are not…

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