MRI For KG Tomorrow

Marc Spears reports

Celtics president Danny Ainge confirmed that injured All-Star forward Kevin Garnett was sent back to Boston for evaluation on his injured right knee and is expected to miss the final three games of a six-game West Coast road trip

Garnett is slated to see Dr. Brian McKeon tomorrow at New England Baptist Hospital.

“We are being cautious,” said Ainge, via text message.


11 Responses

  1. Enough with the MRI. Nobody even laid a finger on the guy. KG needs to suit up and play. It’s not like Kobe Bryant came crashing down on his leg or anything like that. You guys need all the W’s you can get to secure home court. And you’re not deep enough to let a soft KG miss games because of a boo boo.

  2. Wait.. lemme guess.. your idea of physical activity is getting your fat ass off the couch and picking up a Wii controller. It might be hard for you to understand the complexities of the human body under the stresses of professional basketball… but sometimes things happen without 220 pound douchebags falling into your knee.

    But no…. keep yapping fatty. And thanks for personally keeping McDonald’s afloat.

  3. You’re kidding right Dick Hearn..? When you have the biggest cry-baby in the L on your squad..? I know that your wetdreams of KG being out for a significant amount of time has given you some confidence, but he won’t be gone long. So go run your toothless cakehole on a Lakers blog. Troll.

  4. Nice Red..Alot of balls from a guy who supports a team that consists of a rapist, alot of Eurotrash, and barely above D-League back-ups…

  5. Touch a nerve, did I?

    Now look, don’t let your frustration over the Lakers’ rising power get the best of you. Channel your anger elsewhere. Go out and pick shamrocks or something. Oh, sorry, they’re covered in ice ’til May – just in time for LA to steamroll through the postseason.

  6. Don’t flatter yourself Grimace… the Lakers can keep their regular season success. We’re still the champs until you take it from us.

  7. If KG doesn’t get off his whimpering ass, we won’t even get a chance to take it from you. Cleveland may do that for us.

  8. Cgick, you give Lakers fans a bad name and that is saying something. Wow, how ignorant can you get.

  9. Chick, you have not added anything intelligent at all since you got here. Talk about babbling…

  10. I’m really not as concerned about the KG injury as most of you are. Give him a couple weeks off and he’ll be fresh come playoff time. We all know KG could use a long break before the big push during the playoffs. His body needs a rest after an 120% every game effort. Pierce and Allen can support this team for decent timespan w/o KG. Of course if this injury is season-ending, please ignore everything I just wrote.

  11. I wish I was as cool as chick.

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