That Was Ugly

It is safe to say there wasn’t anything pretty about this game, especially the fact that it ended at 1:30am.  The inability to grab the rebound off of Kirilenko’s second foul shot destroyed any chances of sending the game into overtime.  KG going down in the first half put pressure on the second unit to step up, but  Perk, Powe, and Scal got into foul trouble leaving a void down low.  The box score will tell the rest of the story.  As far as the story on  KG, his knee will be re-evaluated in Phoenix on Friday.


16 Responses

  1. That was…disgusting
    Jazz played terrible basketball for 48 minutes, but we missed just enough free throws and turned the ball over just enough times to lose.
    This team looks like dog shit. KG hurt, Pierce clearly hurt himself or just partied out , hell even rays hurt with that thumb. no depth. no bigs, no reliable back up point..sorry gabe homers, but he sucks, point blank

  2. I was not able to watch the game on TV but I did follow it on line and from what I was able to see we had way to many turn overs and the fouls were lopsided with the C’s committing about double the fouls the Jazz had.
    I hope KG sitting out was just for precautionary measures an it was nothing serious. Somebody said earlier that KG should sit out the road trip, I say the hell with that if he got his rest before the allstar break thats enough know its time to try and pull away from the pack. Tonight was not a good start but we could scrach that up to too much rest, good luck the rest of the way.

  3. 1 – KG went down in the 2nd QR

    2 – TO was a concern

    3 – Refs are always bad so stop complaining about them

    4 – Why couldn’t we try to run our offensive even without KG?

    5 – Utah made their shots and we couldn’t throw one in the ocean down the stretch

    6 – We were playing like it was 2004 (Clear out for PP because everybody else sucks.)

    7 – Who the fuck is that announcer’s name? Not Dick Collins the other dude? He kept calling Leon Powe “Leon the foul prone Powe” Mother fucker was talking shit for sure. “OH, Right between his fuckng eyes!”

    8 – We showed some heart tonight but couldn’t execute on offense and lost a tough game without KG.

    9 – Without KG on Sunday vs. the Suns might be ugly. Suns have avg’d over 140 pts per game since their new coach. Also a little revenge factor in place.

    10 – Our C’s will be okay its really bad timing right now. Once we get KG back and the players to fill the two empty spots on rosters we’ll be good.

  4. I agree with you Fsantos33, the refa suck and their going to suck the rest of the way so we better get use to it. If we are tough enough and thick skinned to ignore the BS we should put up not just banner 18 but banner 19 cause we would of beet the refs and the other team. FUCK THE REFS PLAY BALL!!

  5. I am losing faith. Really, our bench is pathetic. Defense is great, and that’s what Doc says he wants. But you gotta have offense too, and that’s just not there on too many nights. When you look at other teams… Lakers, even Cavs or Spurs… man, they have depth. We’ve got almost nothing, unless Eddie gets hot. Look at who we have. Big Baby? Leon Powe? THAT’S who comes in for… Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce?!? When you take a step back and look at it unemotionally… it’s ridiculous, really.

    Last year was a great dream-come-true. I’m finding it hard to imagine that this team can repeat.

  6. 11 – DRJ, Relax.

    shady35 Lewis baby!

  7. It’s just one loss relaxxxx, we have the same bench as last year -Posey and to be honest with you he hasent gone to the hornets and made them a champion ship team so I’m not sure how much better than 44-12 we would be with him. Truth be told our bench is young and a work in progress. If were able to sign a few vets we’ll be ok. Don’t lose the faith DGJ well be fine.

  8. It will be hard to repeat with this bench. At this point, I am forced to say give Marbury a try…

  9. Mikee Moore and Marbury or Mikee Moore and Jason Williams would be fine for us…(we have 2 roster spots available)

    Joe Smith is a long shot for us..other teams like cleveland will offer higher pay than us..

    Dont You worry guys..we’ll be fine…

  10. Am i the only one pissed about the Out-of-bounds call on Powe? …. but no foul on the guy who grabbed him?

    Once again, Refs decide a game……………

  11. You’re right, refs did decide the game. But we should have won anyway. Easily.

  12. Dick Barvetta was the best player on their team. Utah was physical away from the ball and on the ball. We muscled back up and got whistled. It was a pretty one way street, but nothing that hasn’t been happening all season in my eyes.

    We did look like the 2004 C’s in the 4th. No movement, no extra passes, just iso and force a jumper.

    There were some pretty weak calls out there, especially to let the Jazz in the game at the end of the 2nd qrt. Plus I had to drink 3.2 beer and listen to mormons talk smack, cause the don’t talk shit being mormon and all.

  13. Thoughts from the game:
    Officiating was terrible, per usual. And I’m not making this statement because of the number of fouls on one team vs the other. It’s the fact that too frequently they fluctuate between letting both teams play physically and then calling ticky-tack fouls. And for a physical-minded teams such as the Celtics, this never bodes well. Pruitt’s open-court foul on D-Will was a prime example. He BREATHED on him and drew a whistle, meanwhile Pierce and Harpring are slugging out a 10 round bout and the refs just let it go. Now it may be because Gabe has the “non-superstar” cloud hanging over his head, or that the physicality between Pierce and Harpring escalated exponentially late in the game and the refs didn’t want to make a call that would decide the game (ironic), or a combination of the two. But the fact of the matter that when you start off the game letting teams bang, and then come 2nd quarter whistles are being blown every possession, something is seriously wrong. It completely disrupts the flow of the game. I will give the Jazz alot of credit though because their players actually TAKE THE BALL to the basket, drawing fouls. Something nobody besides Pierce is effective at doing, if they do it at all.
    More to that point, the (in)consistency of the offensive foul (charging) violation is the biggest tragedy of the NBA. It’s completely politics: it depends solely on who is involved. Leon Powe sacrafices his body more than anyone else in the league, and he rarely if EVER gets the charging call. And don’t give me this BS about “he was moving”, “he wasn’t planted”…fuck that. If you let players take 3 steps without dribbling because of “continuation” to the basket, how the hell do you expect a defensive player to step in and prevent this? It sucks because the guys that are usually giving up their bodies are second/third-tier players that are trying to play fundamentally sound (BBD, Leon, Scals) and yet are never rewarded for this.
    About Pierce: What the fuck was up with him last night? I usually brush off his “laziness” in the opening quarters as just pacing himself to take over if needed in the 4th. But last night was disturbingly different. It didn’t come to my attention until he was at the free-throw line about halfway through the 2nd quarter. He was asking Bavetta for something (maybe some extra time) and when it was not granted, he was noticeably miffed. He bricks the first shot, walks all the way back to the Celtics bench and starts rubbing his leg and getting it sprayed with some shit by a trainer. He comes back and bricks the 2nd free-throw and from then on I just tracked him the whole game. He wasn’t hustling at all, not moving on offense, just standing around until he got the ball. Very aggravating. I couldn’t tell if he was injured or just ticked at the refs but his FT shooting was horrendous when compared to his average. I could be looking too far into this but it was disturbing nonetheless.
    Also, I hate our one-dimensional offense in the 4th quarter. It worked against Dallas, yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to work against everyone (and last night it didn’t). How they can go 4 or 5 possessions without even letting Ray TOUCH the ball is a joke and Doc should be ashamed of himself. Especially on a night when Pierce was clearly not PP34. It just adds to my sickness of watching this team on offense: too much standing around. Shots don’t just magically open up because you have good scorers; you need to create. And they don’t do that. Go back and watch tape of the Jazz offense. Everyone is constantly cutting and moving, backscreening and slip-picking. That is so much harder to defend than a basic pick and roll between 2 guys (Rondo and Pierce) where you are trying to exploit a mismatch. Move the fucking ball around. Give Ray some isolation looks — every touch of his doesn’t have to be a catch-and-shoot. RUN A FREAKIN’ OFFENSE

    [collapses from typing so much]

  14. We got homered by the refs, no KG, and Pauly was exhuasted by the fourth quarter. But the C’s hung in there and almost pulled it out. Eddie was ice cold, and BBD was forcing up mid range jumpers. Its one game, and sure as hell not a “statement game” as D-will thinks. On the bright side- Perk was feeling offensive and drained two jumpers from the top of the key….keep it going Perk.

  15. damn… jazz got you too huh? I’m sorry to hear KG got hurt. I hope this doesn’t do anything i really want to see you guys at the finals :D. hope KG get better soon. Peace out. GO LAKERS!

  16. refs been bad for all team, so don’t say its only your team

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