What Do You Mean “Couple Of Weeks?”

KG’s knee scares the hell out of me.  To see someone pull up lame with no contact is frightening.  And one side note is not sitting well with me.  Danny Ainge told the TNT crew at halftime:

“He’s resting right now… It’s been bothering him for a couple of weeks.”

Hey Danny, you know what happened over the past couple of weeks?  The All Star break.  If this is true… if he’s been bothered by it for a couple of weeks… then why didn’t he just sit out the All Star game?  Why was he risking injury on a gimpy knee?  That didn’t make me happy at all.

But I was happy that KG tried to give it a go in the second half.  Doc made the right move by not forcing it.  As much as they needed him to get some stops down the stretch, they’re better off sitting him right now.

Which might move this into “blessing in disguise” territory.  Last year it was the ab strain.  This year, and extra week or two off to rest a knee that’s not that badly hurt could provide a little more energy for him at the end of the season.  Of course, this is all contingent on this being nothing more than a strain.

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10 Responses

  1. Memo to all nba officials from david stern.
    L.A. must have the best record when playoffs start.

  2. good thing we have scallie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he will fill the void

  3. Maybe we should have hung on to Solomon. Has Pruitt lost his confidence or what? We know he has the talent. But his mojo is gone. Hopefully some of his shots start falling. Hoping to see Walker play some, bit a DNP

  4. The refs continue to disappoint on all ends. This isn’t a Celtic-bias thing…bad calls are happening all over! When is it going to stop?

  5. KGs 20 minutes and 5 jumpshots in the all star game have nothing to do with this, every goddamn player who played in that all star game have some nagging injuries, should he not be practicing either? if he really wanted to miss the game, he wouldve had to sit out of the dallas game or last nights game(which in hindsight wouldve been good)

  6. The refs will never stop making these bad calls. I have come to expect bad refereeing in every game. Conclusion: The NBA is fatally flawed. The only solution I see is to reduce the number of on-court refs back to 2, and add 2 Video Booth Refs with the power to overturn any on-court call (when they both agree).

    It’s such a simple solution, and yet they don’t do it. Stupidity? Or is it because they want to retain the ability to control outcomes? Either way they’re stupid, because the obvious terrible officiating is now SO obvious (thanks to TV and DVR) that it’s ruining the game and costing them a fortune in lost fans.

    I’m an avid Cs fan… but I’ve many times considered giving it up because the game is so unfair and unreal. I’m sure that one day I WILL give it up for that very reason. Why invest in a game that’s so obviously either fixed or mishandled (or both)?

  7. The biggest problem with these refs is that they have literally been letting every team do whatever they want to us, meanwhile calling us very tight on the other end, we can barely breathe on the other team..this has been going on for almost a month now..meanwhile the lakers and cavs get all the calls, its really completely different, and in a race that is so tight, the refs are the difference right now

  8. There’s too much special treatment going to stars. Donny Marshall pointed it out last night when Pruitt got a BS call for guarding Williams in the open court. Stars get the benefit of the doubt way too much. This needs to be fixed.

    And Dick Bavetta needs to retire. The dude is 95 years old – how can he effectively ref this game?

  9. Couple of weeks? Maybe KG didn’t have the flu…. I don’t know.

    Dammit! It was so disturbing watching KG hopping on the one leg to the locker room. The facial expression on Danny’s face said it ALL!

    Lets keep our fingers crossed its not serious and he can come back within 7 to 10 days. Rest that knee KG we need you back!

    Here is the free agent breakdown from hoopsworld.com


  10. Im a Lakers fan and I want everyone in the celts to be healthy as I wish with our team. get well soon KG.

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