Only a Muscle Strain

Red's Army has obtained KG's MRI

Apparently, the Celtics didn’t want to wait until today for KG’s MRI. Why rush a player worth $100 million whose shoulders carry the hopes and dreams of an entire franchise, city, region and two guys who run this web site?

The diagnosis: a posterior muscle strain which will keep Garnett out of action for 2-3 weeks. I’ll take a muscle strain over ligament damage any day of the week. The injury calls for “rest and ice,” according to Danny Ainge.

“The biggest reason we’re sending him out of town is that he wanted to play in the second half (Thursday) night,” Ainge said. “And he wanted to play against Phoenix (tomorrow), too. So we just decided the smart thing to do was to get his butt out of town to keep him from being tempted to play. I don’t think it’s a major thing at all, but we’re just going to be cautious . . .”

Garnett will likely miss upcoming games against Cleveland (March 6) and/or Orlando (March 8).

“If we don’t have home-court advantage, so be it, we have to find a way to get it done,” Paul Pierce said.

The Herald’s Steve Bulpett has the latest on Joe Smith:

Unrelated to Garnett’s injury, the Celtics continue to look for frontcourt support. According to NBA sources, Joe Smith’s people are letting it be known that they’d like to work a buyout with Oklahoma City. If such a deal is reached and he becomes a free agent, the Celts will go after him hard. And reason has been given to believe the interest is mutual.

LeBron dropped 55 last night as the Cavs dumped the Bucks. But Charlie Villanueva did his best to take out a few of Cleveland’s players. Check out these pics….


22 Responses

  1. Alien vs Sideshowbob great stuff. I watched this game last night Lebron was doing his best playground act hoisting shot from the near future.

  2. great news regarding KG. thank god

    Lakers shoot 38 free throws to the hornets 19 in an overtime game…hmm refs doing their job, butchering celtics games and not letting the lakers lose
    Fuck the cavs.

  3. Yes its cleveland and la this year in the finals thats what david stern wants anyway.

  4. Villanueva is a hard-nosed dude who can score and rebound. It’s too bad he’s wasting away on the Bucks. What a depressing franchise. Every year it looks like they may finally breakthrough, and then Michael Redd gets hurt (it seems like EVERY year) they do some bonehead trades and or free agent moves, and they just crumble away again. It’s too bad KG is going to be out again-this means he will need a few games to get loose and back in the flow. But I am very grateful it’s nothing too serious. The bright side is we played 25% of our games in Nov, Dec. Between that and him being injured, he should be in tip-top shape come playoff time. I think Jon Barry made the best point last night on ESPN though: “Big Baby Davis and Leon Powe will need to step it up and…”

  5. Don’t fuck with Charlie I guess – The first picture reminds me of the Bird vs. DR.J 1983 when they were choking each other out. Second Picture: He was trying to check for Wally’s cavities. Letting it all hang out damn Charlie.

    Great news about KG’s knee – I am guessing he’ll miss two weeks and will try to come back to play against Orlando.

    Honestly I don’t think we can keep up with the Cavs, Lakers and maybe even Orlando for best record. Worst case scenario we’ll be 3rd seed going in the playoffs.

    Like PP said “If we don’t get home court, so be it. We’ll find a way to get it done.”

    Everyone else has to step it WAY up with KG out.


  6. I saw the end of that game… first Kobe pushes CP3 out of the way, then Paul falls and Kobe trips over him. Guess who got the whistle and fouled out of the game? Yep, of course.

    But it was Paul’s extremely bone-headed play at the end of regulation that cost them the game… they were up 3 and he went for the basket when he could have just dribbled out the game, waited for a foul, etc.

    Re KG: Something doesn’t add up in this story. (a) There was nothing on that play that looked remotely like it could strain a muscle (or anything else). (b) He’s been favoring that leg for weeks. (c) He pulled up and couldn’t put any weight on that leg…. not how a typical muscle strain behaves. I think there may be more going on here than meets the eye… they may be playing with us. Last year was also strange. Abdominal muscle strain? Pretty unusual. Something’s going on with KG… not clear what it is.

    Btw… how did you get KG’s knee MRI?… from June 2005, no less. And who knew that KG fractured his femur back then?!? We should alert the media….

  7. Guys, let’s stay on the topic of this thread. It’s about KG’s “muscle strain,” not the Lakers. You’re obsessed w/ LA. You chant “Beat LA” against ANY team you play. You sell the “Losers” Laker logo shirt. (By the way, the Lakers aren’t exactly losers if you use the math of THIS universe.)

    Anyway, what’s a “muscle strain?” You strain your muscles when you work out. Lifting ANYTHING heavier than a Stroh’s will strain your muscles to some degree.

    Let’s face facts. KG’s soft. No one even touched the guy and he hobbled away and let his team take a loss that could cost them home court in the playoffs.

    Maybe Garnett is a follower of Pierce, the inventor of the fake knee injury followed by the unnecessary wheelchair.

  8. “Muscle strain.” Translation – nothing’s wrong. He’s a p@&$y.

  9. Laker fans Translation=Ignorant. Bynum is a wimp too then he can’t even get through a season without being out for weeks with injury.

  10. For a Faker’s fan, you sure spend alot of time on Celtics’ websites. I guess it’s your way of trying to mentally assure yourself that the Lakers are good. When the fact of the matter is you know deep down inside that they will fail again, just like last year. And you try to blot that out by coming here. You tell yourself: “At least I stopped looking at the kiddie porn..” Poor

  11. Also Bynum has easily surpassed KG in the games missed department and this is KGs 14 years. He has missed around 40 games out of 1000. You have a bad definition of wimp.

  12. Exactly-So I guess another good translation would be pussy=Defensive Player of the Year. Oh, and here’s another one Laker’s fans who hang-out on Celtics fans

  13. Chick Hearn’s Ghost – You sound like a loyal and passionate Laker Fan. I can respect that but you are really repeating yourself from your prior posts.

    I understand you are still angry and bitter about last year’s finals lost to our Celtics – It got to be so painful especially Game 4 and 6. Just let it go its a new season and your team is rolling pass everyone. I will admit your Lakers are playing excellent.

    Two more months to go in the season and lots of things can change from now till the playoffs starts. Let the season play out.

    The Redsarmy blog provides not only Celtics/NBA, it also provides news from all different sports, hollywood, hot models.. etc. Its a great blog and that’s probably why you are here too.

    Ease up on the trash try to be civil and talk basketball.

    How many games do you think Lakers, Spurs, Cavs, Magic and Celtics will win this year? and seedings?

    PS: Purple Dude: KG a Pussy? Really? Don’t just make one comment and run away. Talk some basketball if you want.

    Go Celtics

  14. Nora, you’re speaking Girl again. Bynum sits out more because 250-lb giants keep landing on his legs. Isn’t there a sewing blog you can visit?

    KobeThong, nice Laker-inspired name. Listen, dude. I’d much rather chat on a C’s blog. Going to your own team’s blog is empty cheerleading. I’ll leave that to the Laker Girls & Nora. I’d much rather be challenged in this wolf’s den.

  15. So the real ? is who wins Alien or sideshowbob?

  16. Come on Purple Dude leave Nora alone she is a passionate fan we need more of that and more girls on here it will make it less a sausage party.

    Nora made a good point but you couldn’t handle it. I think Bynum has missed more games in his career than KG.

    Like I said you are here because you don’t get enough confrontation on Lakers blogs and here you get the Lion’s den feeling.

    So what the fuck do you guys do on Laker blogs? Do you just agree with each other and be nice?

  17. Chick, I see you changed your name. Get a clue and grow up. Drop by again if you ever get a clue.

  18. Nora – How do you think we will do at PHO tomorrow?

    Without KG I don’t have high hopes because PHO has averaged 140 PTs per in the last three games they’ve played. Yea, it was against the Clippers twice and another under .500 team but I think they are playing well and have a chip on their shoulder since we killed them in Boston by almost 40 points.

    PP, Ray and House have to provide bulk of the points and the supporting cast has to scrappy on D’ and find a way to score as well.

    It should be interesting – hopefully it won’t turn in to a nightmare to start our Sunday afternoon.

  19. I’m not sure if this was mentioned at all. That’s not really KG’s MRI, it has a date on it from June, 2005.

    Or was that just so obvious that it didn’t even need mentioning?

  20. Yes, it should be interesting but don’t forget Amare is out too.
    Also PHX is not known for defense although if Shaq is in blocking the way it could be difficult.

  21. let’s win the championship this time on the ROAD!

    We’re battle tested! all these teams are screwed if we can sign one big man and i do hope its joe smith!

    Man, faker fans on a celtics site?! going the bandwagon are you?! mwahaha…

  22. “The Redsarmy blog provides not only Celtics/NBA, it also provides news from all different sports, hollywood, hot models.. etc. Its a great blog and that’s probably why you are here too.”

    Well said Fsantos33.

    WiggsDannyboy – You are right, that’s not KG’s MRI. It belongs to Paul Pierce. I got the films mixed up.

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