A Reunion Would Be Nice

How much do the Celtics want Joe Smith?

Even with KG hurt, they have not really pursued Mikki Moore, an available 7 footer that may help the Celtics.  The Celtics are clearly biding their time, waiting to hear about Smith’s availability.  And Smith appreciates the interest.

“That’s very flattering,” he said. “Obviously KG and I played together in Minnesota, and we talk quite often. And this is the defending champions. They accomplished a lot last year and this year, too. For them to feel that I can be a piece of their puzzle, that’s very flattering.”

As for KG’s injury, Paul Pierce is trying to look on the bright side.

“I was saying he probably needed a little rest anyway.  He seemed kind of ailing over the last couple of weeks, kind of like little nicks and knacks bothering him. Maybe this will be good for him down the stretch, because we’d rather have a 100-percent Kevin Garnett than a 50 percent – especially going into the playoffs.”

Again… if Celtics management and his teammates saw he was getting run down… WHY THE HELL WAS HE PLAYING?!?!  Why didn’t KG skip the All Star game?  If he had skipped the game before and the game after the break, He could have had a full 10 days off.

So KG could have gotten a week and a half of rest while missing 2 games.  But instead he’s getting 2 weeks of rest and missing 8 or 9 games… including a huge match up against our biggest threat in the conference, the Cavaliers.  Yeah, that makes sense.

On a much different note, the days of shipping guys back and forth to a D League team in Utah might be over.  A team appears to be coming to Portland, Maine.  Danny Ainge is expected to be at the announcement Wednesday… and even a moron like me understands that means something.

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3 Responses

  1. It really sucks that kevin garnett is run down, i knew it all along, its pretty plain to see that the short summer didnt sit so well with him, the only problem I have is the team was ignoring it and not even putting information out about it…so whats going on with ray and PP right now? Ray is playing through the stupid thumb injury, similar to the one Tony Allen is missing 8 weeks for…and PP has been favoring his knee off and on all season himself not to mention the fatigue from the ridicolous schedule early on… I dont know, if rondo doesnt play 40+ minutes today and either ray/paul score 30 we’re gonna lose

  2. I don’t know Baron, I think you’re right that Rondo makes this team go, but I think the bench will play a huge part in whether or not we win today. When Pierce, Ray and RR are on the bench, we really need E.House, Baby and Pruitt to step it up. I do agree w/you that Ray and P need to have good games. I also hope we can exploit Amare’s abcense (sp?) and have Perk and Leon take it to the hole early and often, perhaps even getting Shaq into early foul trouble. BTW, basketball in Portland, ME. sounds great-other than the Seadogs, the good Celtics’ fans in Maine have no pro basketball to watch unless they trek down to Beantown.

  3. Cmon’ joe make malik sealy proud ask for the buyout and go join the celtics!

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