Birthday Bash

Rajon Rondo (32 pts, 13-18 FG, 10 assists, 6 reb, 3 stls) celebrated his 23rd birthday by dismantling the Suns. He got to the hoop whenever he wanted and made Steve Nash look 50 years old. When Rondo tailed off a bit in the 2nd half, Paul Pierce (26 pts, 6 reb) stepped up his game. Ray Allen (31 pts, 4-8 3FG) was deadly accurate all afternoon long.

The Celtics slapped the Suns and their fans back down to earth with this 128 – 108 win. Phoenix had scored 140+ in each of their last 3 games. But they were playing against the big boys today.

The Celtics took 14 more free throws than Phoenix in this game. There were plenty of moments in the 2nd half when the fans moaned and groaned after some calls. But Jeff Van Gundy was quick to point out, that most of the calls by the refs were good calls.

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  2. Scal was pretty solid too….Can’t believe I forgot to give him props in the postgame update.

  3. That’s right baby! This is what champions do-they step-up when one of their all-stars is out. A stat that I also found big today- P2 was 10 for 10 from the chairty stripe. Nice win. I think mentally it would’ve really sucked for these guys to lose the 1st game without KG. Now let’s avenge our loss to Denver back on November 14th…

  4. this kid is gonna be real good, real soon (2 years tops)

    celtics better hang on to him, hes their future past the big 3

  5. Mr. Sarver,

    On behalf of all us Celtics fans, I would like to take this opportunity thank you for being a cheap, penny pinching prick and giving us Rondo for virtually nothing.


    C’s fans

  6. Are you guys not messing around with barstool anymore?

  7. Yea, I was wondering the same about Barstool. El Pres is a douche.

  8. The official statement – “Red’s Army is pursuing other interests.”

    Hopefully we’ll have an announcement soon.

  9. Rondo may be the steal of the last ten years, in any draft. He was in a shitty draft class, but if you redrafted all those players from the 2006 class right now, Rondo would be the number 2 pick behind B-Roy; not bad for a guy who was picked 21st.

  10. Sorry, I probably sound dumb, but was their supposed to be a merger w/Barstool or something..? It seems that their main focus is p#$$y and not sports anyway-all those cheesy ads for The Place.

  11. BTW, Nene went down tonight and will most likely be out tomorrow vs Celts…

  12. alright! rondo.. man, i couldn’t believe he wasn’t an All-star this year.. he is much much and i mean MUCH better than d.harris..

    cavs and fakers can kiss my ass… we can beat them anytime with or without a big man. lets win the 09 this time on the road baby!

    colorado kobe ain’t shit against red’s army!

  13. I like to have these 3 refs everygame.

  14. Good game. We probably got no more than 2 calls that could have either way… no game changers. But there’s still something to worry about… 19 TOs. We needed over 60% shooting to overcome an 11 differential in shot attempts, due mostly to the 19 turnovers. Since we’re not going to hit 63% on many nights, we really need to stop throwing possessions away like this.

    Funny how last year I thought Scal was completely useless, and this year he’s become essential, especially now with KG out. Really fills his role and more. Who would have thunk it

  15. The greatest moment of Scal’s career was the post Game 6 interview. After that, he can do no wrong for me.

  16. I’m kinda glad you guys aren’t affiliated with Barstool anymore.

    That place is horrible now. It’s all about stealing pictures of unsuspecting teenage girls, ripping off every other trashy hollywood gossip website like WWTDD and TMZ, and has virtually nothing to do with sports anymore.

    The guys who run it are complete douchebags. They should have stuck with the print only version. The website has exposed them to be nothing but gossip hounds and creepy old men with serious gambling addictions.

  17. Despite 19 TOs they beat the Suns by 20.

  18. […] Rondo’s Birthday Bash  (Red’s Army) […]

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