Celtics Going After Moore


So much for waiting to see what Joe Smith is doing.  The C’s are making a move for Mikki Moore.

Moore’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, confirmed the team has offered the center a contract, and said several other teams have done the same thing, although he wouldn’t divulge their names.

Moore is expected to make his decision today after clearing waivers and becoming an unrestricted free agent. “A lot of teams are very excited about him, so it’s a tough decision for Mikki,” said Bartelstein.

I know, I know… we’d all rather have Joe Smith.  But Moore could fill that PJ Brown role just fine.  He’s not being asked to carry this team… he’s just being asked to be tall, get a hand in someone’s face, and grab some rebounds. With Tony Allen out, the C’s can really use someone in the back court too.  But that pursuit has been pretty quiet.

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24 Responses

  1. It better not be a case of Moore or Smith. Mikki is NOT capable of making clutch shots ala PJ Brown. He’s a backup center.

  2. Mikki Moore’s my main man.

  3. This tells me two things.

    Joe Smith isn’t as interested in moving to Boston as Boston is in him coming here.

    KG’s injury might be worse than reported.

  4. There’s gotta be room for Moore, Smith and Marbury.

  5. I hope so.

    I just don’t want them to settle for just Moore. I think maybe they can give Billy Walker some time back down with Utah, if they can get all 3.

  6. what numba did he wear when he was in boston last anyone know? he is a 7 footer who doesn’t force or take bad shots seems like he might fit in how is his D???

  7. eh, at least he can finish strong…He’ll have the offensive repetoire of Perk…get a board and put it back up.

  8. Moore plays better with a better point guard. He was terrific when he played with the nets with jason kidd. I think he will fit in boston nicely specially with an unselfish rondo running the point guard spot. and besides u cant teach height. Joe smith is obviously better but OKC might not buy his contract out.

  9. I agree in full with clumsy. The Celtics can’t afford to sit aorund and twiddle their thumbs while they wait for Joe Smith to fall into their laps. Too many variables are at play. Will OKC even buy him out? And if yes, will they buy him out before March 1 in order for him to be eligible for playoff rosters? Once bought out, what is to say Smith doesn’t choose on another championship caliber team such as the Cavs? I like this aggression by Ainge and the Celts. Adding a guy like Mikki Moore will only improve the team’s depth. And yet even if we don’t get him, at least we won’t be sitting back and cursing that we didn’t even make an effort.

  10. I don’t like this move for the Cs. Moore is a fundamentally flawed basketball player. He’s turnover prone and he has no inside game whatsoever. He’s a good shot blocker and he’ll grab boards that come to him, but he’s only appeared in 15 playoff games.

    I think the Celtics are bidding against themselves. Moore needs to be the last resort.

    Just my two cents…

  11. BigMck, get over PJ brown “making clutch shots” its not like he made a career out of it, noone wanted him taking that shot, and he got lucky and made it in a big spot, Mikki could get lucky too..good jumpshooter

    And the celtics arent exactly out bidding themselves, their offering the minimum and thats it

  12. BigMck, get over PJ brown “making clutch shots” its not like he made a career out of it, noone wanted him taking that shot, and he got lucky and made it in a big spot, Mikki could get lucky too..good jumpshooter

    And the celtics arent exactly out bidding themselves, their offering the minimum and thats it

  13. Are you seriously saying PJ Brown wasn’t clutch last year? He also had key blocks and rebounds too.

  14. Comparing PJ’s contribution last year to what Mikki Moore might bring is retarded.

    Mikki Moore pretty much sucks. The only reason the Celtics are even entertaining the though is because of his length.

    Honestly – he’s POB in Dreads. Can’t shoot, slow, gets lost in the shuffle, but rebounds ok when no one is near him.

  15. You guys are seriously wrong about this guy, he’s not a bad player at all, hes been in the league 10 years so hes obviously doing something right.

    Chuck, you cannot honestly say that when we got PJ this time last year you were thinking “oh this guy is clutch” he filled a nice role the team needed and moore can do the same thing. It’s not like we are picking from a large pool here we can’t be picky.

    and Moore actually is a pretty good shooter, he can rebound and bother shots. What else do you want from a backup center? It’s not like we’re gonna pick up an all star

  16. Joe Smith tells the Oklahoman newspaper he’s not seeking a buyout, presti confirms the team has not approached Smith or his agent despite the rumors. Denver is also supposidly chasing Mikki Mouse. Get him Danny, no he’s not PJ, but he ain’t POB either.

  17. Considering what’s left I would take Mikki. He’s more of an energy guy and will be rebounding insurance more than anything else. I think Joe Smith does want to come here but is playing poker with OKC in terms of not wanting to be bought out cheaply. I think his last statement about “…why would I want to leave…” is just posturing. And maybe the C’s are a little less attractive now that his boy KG is on the shelf. I’ll take Joe if he’s available later on even if we sign Mikki.

  18. I’m with double P, he’s a nice backup center and will actually get off the bench (unlike POB). I actually want him more than Joe Smith because he is a 7-footer, something our roster still lacks. We need more size for the Cavs and the Flakers.

    It’d be nice if we could get them both, at the very least to keep them away from the other contenders.

  19. If we need a 3rd spot (in the (very) unlikely scenario of Mikki, Joe AND Steph), I think Giddens would be the odd man out. But Danny would probably be happy to get 2 out of 3. Hell, I hope they get at least one! If only Gabe would finally step up for real… we wouldn’t have to even think about Steph.

  20. Cant make a shot? hes shot over 50 percent for his career and takes a ton of mirrange shots…that means he can shoot

    I thought PJ brown was a washed up bum when he came to boston, and he was until he all of a sudden hit a clutch shot and played good from there on out

  21. …so he wasn’t a washed up bum then…

  22. Take ’em-gotta do it now. POB ain’t walking thru that door..lol..I agree w/poster who stated Mikki thrives w/a good point guard-very true. Also, PJ was huge last year-does anyone remember that shot in the Cleveland Game 7..?HELLO! Also, it’s very complicated w/Joe Smith in we can’t just “scoop him up..” He has to be bought out. And Marbury, well Donnie Walsh really isn’t going to do anything that will help Beantown. Sign Mikki-it’s like being drunk and horny-a big warm body is better than no body at all….

  23. What about the back up 2 and 3 spots? we need someone who can backup paul and ray ray in the playoffs; especially now with tony allen being even more unreliable than he already was

  24. I’m hearing Rasho may get bought out,I’d much rather have him than Joe or Mikki,but I’m a Cavs fan.

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