“I’ve got to sit and take it”

That’s what Doc Rivers is saying about what he’ll do when guys like Gabe Pruitt and Bill Walker struggle while Ray Allen or Paul Pierce are on the bench.

“With Tony (Allen) out and Kevin (Garnett) out and Scal (Brian Scalabrine) playing 4 (power forward), that really puts us in a bind,” Rivers said. “Even if I play a Billy (Walker) and a Gabe (Pruitt) and we’re struggling with them in, I’ve got to sit and take it because I can’t burn Paul and Ray out. That’s going to be a tough one.

“They’re so smart; they know when they have rest coming up. Like the other night in Utah, I wanted to take Paul out, and he begged. He said, ‘Listen, we’re not going to practice tomorrow. I can stay.’ But I don’t look at it for that game. I look at it for the playoffs and legs, so it’s a tough one.

“We have to figure a way of getting through this and keeping their legs at the same time.”

This is the big challenge for the C’s down the stretch.  Keeping the Big 3 fresh.  I’m telling you… it’s going to mean a few more losses than we’re used to.  It might mean Doc Rivers doing like he said… and keeping some guys in longer than he wants.  I’m just preparing you all for it now so when it happens, we’re not overrun by “Doc’s an idiot… why did Pierce sit for so long”  comments.

And a lot of people will look at last year’s team and say “well… they had problems on the road in the playoffs, so they’ll NEED the top seed.”  Well, the top seed will be nice, but those people seem to forget that the Celtics ended the playoffs by closing out Detroit at home and taking the one game they needed in Los Angeles.  They got better on the road as the playoffs progressed.  Those people aren’t taking into account the adjustments those guys were still making to one another.  This year is a different team.  We’re not going to see the same thing.

So embrace the rest where those guys can get it.  Don’t sweat what will result, because this is going to help us in the long run.


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  1. It’s tough but looking ahead after tonight we have only 3 back to back games left.
    Sitting on a 45- 12 record same as last year home and away.
    But last year we didnt play our 58th game till march.
    I think we can go 21-4 end with same record as last year. But will probably only be good enough for a second seed.
    4 losses my predictions.
    Tonight in denver even though we owe them one for beating us in boston.
    Game 80 at cleaveland though they could still have one home loss it would be nice to save the 86-87 teams all time home record of 40-1.
    MARCH 6th at home cleaveland.
    March 20th at san antonia.
    I think all the other games are winnable hell even these 4 are.
    Way to go ray breaking the celtics free throw record set by larry bird with 72 in a row new streak on the way 98 new record go ray.

  2. I am glad Doc realizes it. I will not be the one calling him out if the bench plays extra. Maybe he saw the quote from Pierce. Pruitt and Walker need to step up. Maybe playing extra time without thinking they will be pulled at the first mistake will help their confidence.

  3. Doc’s been saying that all year (how he’s not gonna push the big 3’s minutes) yet they’re up 20 yesterday with 2 mins to go and Paul’s still in the game where he tallied 44 f’n minutes. Ray got over 40 in a 20pt win.

    Doc says one thing in press conferences and it sounds good but he doesn’t stick to his word during the game.

    I got no problem w/ Gabe and SkyWalker seeing minutes. They can contribute and you may NEED their contributions down the stretch.

  4. Gabe and Sky Walker need the PT to improve. It’s the only way they’ll get better. Gabe got pulled yesterday for passing up a shot with 2 on the shot clock and didn’t get back in until ~2 minutes left in the game. That’s counterproductive. He needs to learn from his mistakes on the go without fear of getting yanked. And Walker didn’t get in at all until 2 minutes left…I’m happy Doc has realized this and hopefully it means more PT for both of them.

  5. Does anybody but me see that we have a need for a backup wing? With Tony out, we have no viable backup 2 guard (Eddie’s a great shooter, but he can’t guard anyone above 6’3). I’d like the Celtics to sign a big man, and then sign someone like Raja Bell, who I believe was mentioned about a week ago. The reason Ray and Paul are getting such big minutes is because they have no one to back them up.

  6. JD- We cant just go around signing anyone we want. Raja bell plays for the Bobcats, the trade deadline has passed and they arent about cut him

  7. I know he plays for the Bobcats, but a buyout is a possible, and he was mentioned on this site eariler. All I’m saying is that if you want to limit Paul and Ray’s minutes, we need a viable swing coming off the bench.

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  9. […] last night was the perfect time for Doc to live up to his own words from a few weeks ago. “Even if I play a Billy (Walker) and a Gabe (Pruitt) and we’re struggling […]

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