Moore Coming To Boston

According to the Herald

DENVER — Mikki Moore is expected to be a Celtic by this time tomorrow, according to NBA sources. The 7-footer waived last week by Sacramento will by all accounts clear waivers Tuesday morning, at which time he will be a free agent.

Celtic director of basketball operations Danny Ainge had no comment on the issue, other than to deny he has made a formal offer to Moore. It is known that he has spoken with Moore’s representative, though the same is true for other potential free agents.

But league sources insist Moore will pick the Celtics over a number of other high profile suitors.

Moore was put on waivers after the Thursday deadline, meaning he won’t clear the 48-hour business-day period until tomorrow.


20 Responses

  1. Very good – Much needed help up front!!!

    What are the odds we can sign both Moore and Smith?

    Maybe Ainge is looking for back up point guard help after we sign Moore because we only have one more spot left.

  2. Awesome we needed a bit more size. Fsantos33 I was wondering the same thing, it might be a possibility that Ainge is going after a guard I mean after all he did clear up 2 roster spots. Just wondering.

  3. well, if they intend to sign 2 more players (+Moore), can’t Giddens get optioned down to the D-League again? Or is there a limit as to how many times a guy can be sent down and brought back in a season?

  4. It would be sweet if we get Moore, Smith, and Mar**** afraid to even say his name. I don’t have a problem sending down Giddens back to the D-League, he needs to be more polished and experienced before coming back under the bright lights.

  5. I agree we could send Giddens down and get Smith and Marbury assuming the Knicks stops being such a dick headed organization and lets the man go. On another note that youtube video that “double p reppin the b” posted has me excited about Mikki Moore.

  6. Coobs, even if Giddens gets sent down to the d-league he would still be included in the 15 man roster.

    I like this signing a lot. He can certainly rebound and can nail the 10-15 footer all day much like PJ.

  7. Good. I’d rather have Joe Smith, but there’s no gurantee that he’ll even do a buyout, let alone that he’d choose the Celtics if he did. This is time for the bird in the hand.

    And if Joe Smith does want to come here, there’s always that other spot. It’s not like there are tons of guard/wing players available to fill it.

  8. I’m starting to get the feeling that the Celtics pulled this move early to see if he’ll fit in or not… and if Smith becomes available… they can just cut Moore.

  9. Mikki who? Can someone provide the scoop on his stats

  10. I remember my boys & I harassing the shit out of Moore back in 2006 when people were able to sneak down to the good seats. But anyways this is a good move that will make the C’s that much better.

  11. I never liked Moore, but he is probably the best guy you can get right now…

  12. Props to Wyc for continuing to spend on the team in hopes of raising another Championship Banner.

  13. I am not sure if the Globe article came out first or this one… Moore’s agent said Denver is a strong contender for his services.

  14. Oh my bad – The Globe’s article came out today and Denver one came out yesterday. Scratch that

  15. There’s no time to see how Mikki will work out… only 5 days left to acquire any player that’s been on an NBA roster this season. If they get him, he’s gonna stay. But if by some (highly unlikely) chance Joe Smith and Marbury BOTH become available to us, they might consider buying JR out and waiving him. But I really really doubt it will come to that.

    I like Mikki as a good fit with the Cs… like Powe and Baby he’s no All-Star, but he’s a tough, dedicated fighter who happens to be 7′ tall, and that’s what we need. This year the Cs will be depending on their D more than ever, and the first ingredient for that to work is dedication and hard work.

  16. I like this. A LEGIT big man. No diss on Baby or Powe but Mikki Moore is 7’0 tall and will fight. I like what he’ll bring. How many minutes do you see him playing a night? 10? 20?

  17. DRJ said it well-no time to waste. Gotta move now. Double P, thanks for the YouTube link to Mikki’s highlights. This guy has a sweet little 8 to 10 foot game. John Doe (or anyone else interested) go about 6 posts up to Double P Reppin’ the B’s post-there is a link to a nice highlight film of Mikki’s “repertoire…” Glad Nene’s out tonight-he was playing well this year. Hopefully Perk, Powe, Baby and Leon can exploit the middle.

  18. Good job Danny Ainge, added some depth with what was available. Hopefully Mikki Mouse has a resurgence with the celtics and gives Doc something to work with in the rotation.

    Scal’s going to go off on Denver tonight, I can feel it….

  19. when the playoffs comes were totally different beast..
    I love our boston swagger!

    man, the fakers can kiss my ass thinking that the 09 trophy is theirs for the taking!

    the bill russell mvp award should be raised by a celtic!

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