The Denver Nuggets handed the Celtics their second loss of the season in Boston back in Novemeber.  So the C’s came out with an objective,  blow the Nuggets out in their house, so they did.  The C’s won their second straight without KG in Denver,  114- 76 .  Rajon Rondo posted a near triple double (14 pts, 8  assists, 8 reb), while Paul Pierce (22 pts, 6 reb) and Ray Allen (26 pts, 6 reb)  exposed the Nuggets defense.  J.R. Giddens scored his first NBA hoop in this game as we got a good look at the Celtics bench for the better half of the fourth quarter.   The C’s played great defense in this game holding Denver to 76 pts and 34.7% from the floor.   Boston is now 5-0 without Garnett this season and posted two convincing victories in a row.    Scal, while filling in for Garnett, left the game in the second with a cervical sprain.  There are no new updates on Scalabrine’s condition, but I would not be surprised if he sits out the next game given his recent head injuries.

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  1. Judging from the a$$-whooping we gave them, P2 and company didn’t forget that November home loss. Baby and Powe were awesome tonight. Tomorrow should be interesting day-Mikki clears waivers @10am and Starbury meets w/Knicks mgmt.

  2. Ray reminding me of Sweetness in that picture.

  3. – There is no way in hell that was just a neck injury for Scal. He fell down like he was knocked out, and was clearly dazed getting up. That’s absolutely a 3rd concussion unless proven otherwise, and since it cannot be proven otherwise, that’s it for Scal for at least 2 more weeks. Bad news.
    – Great seeing Billy out there… embarrassed himself on his first two plays (passing to himself, etc.), but then more than made up for it… loved that running flush!
    – JR Giddens! Oh yeah… good job kid.
    – Our two rooks… the thing they have in overflowing abundance is ENERGY and enthusiasm. So this could be the silver lining behind KG being out… the kids will FINALLY get their shot (Doc is soooo slow about that). I think they could really shine… just give them time and let them get their confidence.
    – Loved that play where both JL & Billy SWARMED the guy with the ball… they’re already playing Celtics defense!
    – Gabe did a good job too. All in all, really good game for the bench.

  4. I liked what I saw out of Giddens, although it was garbage time, like I said before, that move and J he hit around the top of the key was sweet.

  5. Great win guys but I hope Scal is okay. Concussion is no joke. He’s been the clown, fan favorite, and solid player all of the above. Overall he plays hard, has a big heart and he cares.


  6. Why doesn’t Doc throw JR and Walker into the fire a little bit more? And no im not getting too high on them because of one game in which they both looked decent in garbage time

    so with that being said id like to know what everyone thinks the real reason they aren’t getting ANY playing time at all; what is behind the fact that are two WING draft picks have gotten absolutely ZERO playing time in a year in which we have no real wing options with any sort of size besides ray ray and pierce

    Are they THAT bad? i mean from a fans perespective they have shown at least some competence in their extremely limited time on the court (at leaast as much competence as most of us are used to seeing from the likes of Tony Allen) so they must be show absolutely nothing in practice right?

    If you look at the players we have that can play wing this year you come up with the list of Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Tony Allen, and Brian Scalabrine

    Now obviously those last two have their flaws at the wing; scal is lacking in the lateral quickness area and TA can’t shoot and has comes with the almost guarentee that he will have 5 mental lapses a game; now if you can combine scal’s size, shooting ability, and basketball iq with tony’s athleticism and defensive quickness you have something

    Now keeping in mind the flaws of the last two while combining the fact that they have been plaugued with injuries throughout the year it is absolutely baffling that doc’s rotation has only allowed him to rotate Gabe and Eddie into the rotation at the backup 2 and 3 spots

    Gabe listed generously at 6’4 and house at 6’1 are definitely players that doc should continue to try and work into the rotation BUT not at the three spot;

    this leads to my point that at some point one would think Doc would say to himself, well i got these two guys on my bench that actually fit the mold of a wing player, sure they mgiht come in and make mistakes but them learning on the fly could definately benifit the team in the long run, and maybe in the playoffs this year for some short stints, hell they cant be as bad as tony, at least the one has a decent shot

    JR as raw as he might be looked compinent enough to put out on the floor and expect the same kind of results you would get from a Tony Allen in similar, and he has more size and a better jump shot than TA

    BUT ultimately this is the part of Docs coaching that frustrates us as fans, and who knows maybe he is completely right in what he is doing

    but would it kill him to go out on a limb? everyone knew when Tony went down that Doc would play Ray, paul, eddie and rondo to death because its just not his style to take chances with his rotations; its why we as fans continue to call for the guys at the end of the bench who excite us to play and he’ll just keep on making the safe moves and calling on the guys he trusts….even if he may be wrong

    see: Sam Cassell earning minutes over Eddie House; playoffs, 2008

  7. I think it’s just a doc thing with rookies. Especially on an (extremely) veteran team. I don’t think it’s that they are terrible. Pruitt, Walker, and Giddens just need more PT; it’s the only way they’ll improve. At the very least, they have seemed to embrace the team defense concept. Bill Walker’s goaltend was ridiculous.

  8. Have to agree, this is one of Doc’s flaws… not giving the young guns enough PT to grow. Especially when it’s clear they have the physical attributes and excellent attitude/work ethic. And now it’s probably too late… he’s screwed it up for the season… we’d have to get pretty lucky for our rookies to be ready to contribute (non-garbage) in time for the playoffs.

    And really… how could they ever think that TA was worth an expensive 2-year contract, but Bill Walker (and JR, for that matter) needed to go to D-League or sit unused at the end of the bench? Weird, Doc, weird.

  9. Yea i know does anyone think for a second that are record would be anyworse if JR or Bill got the minutes that TA got? no and hell no its absurd why he doesnt give them a chance

    Think back to his first year as a head coach when he put TA as a starter over ricky davis; this was the kind of move he stopped making and now i think its hurting us (to a certain extent)

  10. We’re all homers, and Gabe/JR/Billy arent ready for the nba…look how doc handled a rookie ready to play in BBD last year, and heck Rondo won a title in his 2nd year, gabe can barely be trusted in garbage time

  11. Tough call-valid points from both sides. Good thing fans aren’t coaches I guess…

  12. Speaking of Rondo, I’m starting to think he’s taking the All-Star snub personally. Goddamn kid is sure playing like an All-Star. Celtics can go something like 13-2 without Garnett, but wouldn’t even be a .500 team without the man Rondo.

  13. I think the point is that we DON’T KNOW if they’re ready to play major minutes, because Doc won’t give them the time to even find out.

  14. One of my points is tony allen sucks and i think we could get away with playing pruitt instead of him

  15. Rondo is definitely a major part of our team, that much is certain.

    But to suggest that any team with 3 future HOF’ers starting wouldn’t be a .500 team is a little asinine…

  16. Good work Scott. Way to pick up on the hyperbole.

    The point I was making is that this team can get around an injury to KG fairly easily (and even to Ray, which they showed last season) and still win games. But take Rondo out of the lineup, and this team struggles. In fact, Perk out of the lineup hurts this team more than losing either KG or Ray out.

    In fact, my observation merely reflects that the Celtics are deeper at the 2-4 than the 1 and 5. Not really that asinine at all.

  17. It’s true, unfortunately, that if Rondo ever goes down (crossing fingers he will NOT), this team would be hard pressed to replace him. They are basically 1-deep in the PG department… Gabe has potential, but that’s all for now.

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