Scary Fall for Scal

Scal left this game in the 2nd quarter with a “cervical sprain.” To my eyes, it looked like he was knocked out briefly after getting hit on the neck by Johan Petro. Scal bounced right up, albeit with a glossy look on his face and knocked down two free throws. We hope this doesn’t have anything to do with his previous concussion issues.

As for the game, the Celtics are kicking some ass. They’re up 23 at the half. Leon Powe and Big Baby are wreaking havoc in the paint. The classless punk that is named Kenyon Martin responds by shoving Ray into the first row. Way to pick on the big boys Kenyon.


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  1. I said a few days ago that a team can’t win with defense alone. I take that back. You can’t win with defense alone UNLESS THE REFS LET US PLAY OUR GAME. If the refs get out of the way, we can win with great defense and any old offense.

    Cs got a couple of borderline wrong calls in the first half. I wonder… if the NBA now bending over backwards to prove that there is no “homer” advantage? I wish they would just call it flat and honest…. Mostly, I wish the refs would just shut-the-fuck-up except for the obvious calls they have to make.

  2. Dr: Olandis Poole is reffing tonight. He is TERRIBLE. My sister and I were at a game he reffed earlier this year and he is consistently bad. Big props to Powe and Baby tonight-both really stepping up. Hope Scal’s ok. His worth is underestimated. 1st a concussion(s) now a neck injury-poor guy…Did Chris Andersen comb his hair with a greasy chicken-leg?

  3. At first i thought Scal was just faking it. You know how people lay on the ground for a while. But that dazed look didnt look good at all.

    lol @ the chicken leg comb

  4. What did it for me was when he fell straight to the ground against his will. Like a boxer who’s legs give out after a knock out punch.

  5. The Denver Nuggets broadcast announcers are absolutely horrible. They just make stuff up about Celtics players, and dude talks about his daughter who is a freshman in HS french kissing guys.

    I’m really glad to see Giddens play though, that move and J he hit was Double P like in appearance.

  6. My favorite was when the announcer compared a pre trade pierce to the likes of glen robinson, saying he was on the road to mediocraty, all the while throwing in the fact that he thought pierce was selfish and played no defense- what a joke

    also it happens that bill walker actually went to kansas according to the nuggets announcers lol so now we have even more players with championship experience

    But he also did call tony allen a very good backup guard lol so he doesnt hate us he is just retarded

  7. I take it you guys watch via LeaguePass..yeah that must suck.

  8. The best really was, at the end of the game when Doc got the game ball, anyone who follows the Celtics know he got that to give it to Giddens, dumb announcer guy was going off about Doc not having any class for taking a Nuggets game ball from a blow out victory.

  9. or when he was bitching like a little girl because ray and house kept draining threes when they were up big in the 4th; and yea there should seriously be an option on leauge pass to which area you watch the games from so at least we could get gorman instead of the shit everyone else throws out there

  10. That guy was trying to make analogies all night too, about prize fighters, and “you have to win moments at a time and string together moments to get a win”

    Boston is the 3rd best team in the East.

    Atlanta took Cleveland to 7 games last year in the playoffs.

    The Nuggets are a Championship level team.

    Big Baby was a locker room distraction until KG yelled at “him”.

    I don’t know what else, but it was pretty bad.

  11. Yea the boston is the third best team in the east was the most absurd thing he said, haha i was trying to think of that one,

    and they kept talking about orlando as if they were in the same elite class as us and cleveland when we kicked there asses twice this year, and that was before they lost their second best player

    haha when he said powe “threw” kenyon martin or one of their posts to the ground and wanted a flagrant called, when in reality it was barely enough to be considered a hard foul

    he also had like a sexual obsession with perk there for a while… they were pretty much terrible

  12. I completely forgot about his “Look at those bulging muscles this Perkins has, those big broad shoulders and defined triceps, I just love him” comment.


    Can’t wait until the Clippers game to hear Micheal Smith as usual talk about his “glory days” playing with Larry Bird.

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