Worst Basketball Uniforms Ever

FanIQ lists the worst basketball uniforms of all-time. Out of all the hideous attire we’ve seen since the inception of the NBA, they selected the 1922 Celtics as the top offender.

The Celtics uniforms today are some of the nicest and classiest in the NBA. Much of it is due to them maintaining the simplicity of the uniform throughout the years. Much of it also stems from their slight departure from these uniforms that they wore back in 1922. They look a bit like women’s clothing, and the kneepads… well, the kneepads only add to the ridiculous mystique. Sometimes, change is a VERY good thing.

Most sports attire dating back to the 20s looks ridiculous. So this guy is clearly just hating on the Celtics.

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After the jump, more hideous uniforms.


8 Responses

  1. That last one is especially hideous!

  2. That is a terrible Top 5. It’s so random and has the Syracuse Orangemen. Really? its just the color orange…. how could that honeslty be the 4th worst jersey ever?

  3. I also love how you got an out-of-shape Shawn Kemp picture wearing a terrible looking jersey.

  4. The last one is the worst I have ever seen but the toronto raptors one was not that bad. I think.

  5. FYI…I randomly selected those uniforms. You’ll have to visit the site to get the actual countdown. Sorry for the confusion.

  6. All those old time uniforms look corny in today’s light. Many of the pre-NBA teams wore knee pads and long socks. Check out pictures of the Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons in the 40s. The person you are calling “this guy” in the picture is Nat Holman who played on the Original Celtics (based in New York) back in the 20s and 30s. Not only was he a great early basketball player, but he became a college coach (CCNY) and is the only coach to have a team win both the NCAA and the NIT in the same year (1950). Of course, Ed Roman and Ed Warner (and others) on that team were guilty of throwing games in the following year, and that was the end of CCNY as a basketball force.

  7. The current Cleveland throwback jersey can eat a dick – Vomit colors – Soooo UGLY!

  8. 1922? That have to be the New York Original Celtics. The Boston Celtics weren’t around until 1946. It’s interesting to see that the current alternate logo that the Celtics use was taken from the New York uniforms of the 20’s.

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