Marbury Coming To Boston


WCVB in Boston is reporting Stephon has been bought out…

… and he’s gonna sign with Boston

SportsCenter 5’s Mike Dowling has learned that the Knicks and disgruntled guard Stephon Marbury have reached an agreement to buy out Marbury’s contract, making him a free agent after he clears waivers.

League sources tell SportsCenter 5 that once he clears waivers (48 hour period), Marbury will sign a contract with the Boston Celtics, bolstering the team’s bench as it deals with several injuries.

Hoo boy… this is gonna get interesting

— UPDATE:  ESPN has the story too


53 Responses

  1. Man I hate chemo!

  2. In the words of the first Redsarmy podcast when Fire Doc called in: “HERE WE GO!”

  3. yeah baby! I asked for this – better not regret it.

  4. The Soap Opera of the East… coming soon to a blog near you. Will the marriage work? Or will the bride stab the groom in the back? Will the 2 old friends join forces to defeat the wicked Witches of the West, or will they fall, each with the other’s dagger in his heart?

    I hope the Wizard of Ainge keeps his finger near the trigger… in case the Tattooed Starhead starts to flame again.

  5. I don’t know what to say until its official – I have to see him play within our system and how he behaves before I make judgement.

  6. Here’s my idiot-boy take on these two stories, summed up in one question…

    “What do we have to lose?”

    Basically we have added two players who can produce off the bench and lost nothing of value. The team has only gotten deeper, hopefully better but certainly not worse. Marbury has shown he can take a hike and stay away from a team, so if he still has his cancerous attitude, we tell him to go start his vacation. Moore can grab rebounds and bang and shoot some, of and he is a legit 7 footer.

    I’m not thinking these moves guarantee us the rings, but maybe, just maybe they do get them for us and we are praising Ainge once again.

  7. They have no choice now.

    Fill that last roster Spot with Employee # 8.

    The rest of this season is going to be absolutely disgusting, and by disgusting I mean in the way Megan Fox is so good looking, it’s disgusting.


  8. I’ll be the first to say Marbury is tough to root for and he’s never been, on or off the court, as much as his potential could allow him to be. Many people damn him because of this and to extent, yes he deserves criticism.

    However, let’s look at what he is. For his career, he’s averaged 20 points and 8 assists. He’s also been resting for more than a year, which itself brings it pros and cons. I think this comes down to the Randy Moss principle. Let’s assume all the concerns about his mere presence are well-founded. Is this not the organization/team to absorb and “handle” such a player much like Moss was handled by the Patriots?

    I know this has been debated for months, and I’ve stayed out because it was all speculation till now, but I’m completely behing bringing on Starbury. I think the concerns, while perhaps worth considering, will be mitigated significantly if not wholly by KG, Pierce, Ray, Doc and the specter of a ring. That being the case, it leaves us only to talk about his performance and again he’s a 20/8 player, possibly better. That is absolutely valuable. And remember, we’re talking about someone whose purpose won’t be to lead this team to anything, it will merely be to prevent the second unit from coughing up double digit leads, which we all fear, admit it. He’s got size, strength, handle, playmaking ability, shotmaking ability and dedicating to defense just like every other Celtic does isn’t out of the realm of possibility. House should not be running the second unit. TA definitely should also not be running it. I don’t think Gabe has convinced anyone he should be trusted with that responsibility either. Many positives, in a cascade effect, will flow from Marbury running the second unit. House gets to play off the ball and fire away. Something everyone knows he’s immensely more valuable doing. TA will not be relied upon to initiate offense, er turn the ball over wildly and regularly. Powe, Baby, Scal and now Moore can all be left in their most appropriate roles, not routinely throwing up desperate heaves because nobody could create any decent offense in 22 seconds. Plus, with the reserves not hemorrhaging leads, all the starters get more rest as a whole, but he could also specifically spell Ray or Pierce.

    Again, I know this has been hotly debated, but I see this as a GREAT pickup. Not only will he not cause turmoil, I think he will ironically stabilize almost every position on this roster and really set the Celts up very strongly for the postseason.

  9. That’s a lot of optimism, which I suppose is what being a fan is all about. Hope you are right, but Marbury’s stats tell a tale:
    and the bright spot: Assists= 7.8/game

    So he has gotten about 20 pts/game, but only by hogging the ball and taking too many shots. He will need to learn to FIT IN now, take the GOOD shots, while continuing to distribute the ball. And… he must play D, which if I had to pick one most worrisome thing, that would be it. If he fails to play D, he’ll be warming the bench like Sam before him.

    But as somebody said, we have very little to lose and MAYBE a lot to gain.

  10. I COULDN’T BE MORE EXCITED!! Yeee baby I’ve been preaching this since day 1 and now its finally happening.

    He is going to prove EVERYONE wrong, i love our bench now wow


  12. This makes the race for the top spot in the Eastern Conference so much more interesting!

  13. How do you ball hog and still dish 8 assists? C’mon. You can’t make statements like that when clearly the guy nows how to distribute.

    Besides, what are the Celts asking for and what are they risking? They are asking for an actual PG to play a few backup minutes behind Rondo and not suck. Nobody currently instills any confidence to fill that role. Exactly how good was Sam for the Celts last year? His game was a terrible fit for the Celts. Starbury can’t possibly disrupt how the Celts operate as much as Sam did. My concerns over his addition are much more about how quickly and how well will he pick up the offensive sets, how quickly will he be in game shape, how well will he learn the defense and his responsibilities in it. We know he can ball, so it’s just those logistical things about actually playing Celtic basketball that concern me much more than will he poison the locker room.

    And again, what’s the cost? This is basically a trial. He performs well or he’s benched or cut. It’s all upside. And yes, I am very optimistic the upside will come to fruition.

  14. I hope this doesn’t hurt Rondo’s confidence

    Id like to see him play the two alot at first to ease him into our offense steph, eddie, ray we could have a sick lineup of shooters

  15. The one whose confidence this addition could affect is Gabe, since it would be his minutes that Marbury might get. Never Rondo’s, no way in hell.


  17. Let’s just hope this works out… personally I don’t trust Marbury.

  18. Do you guys hear that.? It’s Lakers’ fans knees knocking together. I know, I know..”he has a bad attitude.” Read this quote from SugarRay on “The great thing about this locker room is that Doc [Rivers] can coach,” Allen said. “The coaches can coach. They don’t have to manage this team. The [veteran] players do a great job making sure that we are all prepared to play every day and we keep whatever grumblings down.” THAT makes me feel fine about signing this guy. This is the guy that puts us over the top. Guarranteed solid PG play and scoring. I know some people won’t like this comment, but didn’t everyone say that the Bulls’ signing of Rodman was a bad idea too? That one worked out ok…

  19. Just like the old times..Steph to KG..
    Be positive guys. Steph will prove something to the Knicks. He wont be a bonehead with the C’s.

  20. who cares about gabes minutes DRJ…he wasnt getting any in the playoffs as it is

    scal needs to get healthy and our bench looks like the best in the league if we do get marbury

  21. If nothing else motivates Marbury, money surely does. We saw that in his negotiation with the Knicks, and besides, it’s true for everyone. If he messes up with us, he will be persona non grata in this league, probably forever. But if he shines, he’ll command big money down the line. So performing well for us is worth a LOT to this guy… MUCH more than the small amount he’ll get from the Cs for what’s left of this season.

  22. Thats actually a fair point about rodman, he was one of the biggest malcontents in NBA history, but ended up playing a huge role on a 3-peat team, one of the best ever, but then again he was already a winner at that point…Marbury is clearly a career loser

  23. baron — Not I. (Talking about caring about Gabe’s minutes.) I believe in ubuntu :)… what’s good for the team, man, the team.

  24. Yikes. This scares me somewhat. I know we need someone like Marbury, but I’m afraid his asshole-ness will mess with the beautiful dynamic we’ve got going. Oh well, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and see how things roll.

  25. DAMN!

  26. I’ve defended this pickup, but again I’m no Marbury supporter. Still, do any of us we really know what motivates any of these guys? I doubt he’s perfect, but is he evil? Even making $23 million, I’d be pretty pissed if I was benched. Don’t begrudge the guy because he doesn’t want to give money back to the Knicks. There are a lot of issues involved with his benching, the “refusal” to play and the buyout. The business is tough and complex, so much so that distilling it to “he’s only motivated by money” is far too simplistic and dismissive. I’m sure he’s motivated by many other things. Personally I’d rather use his NBA performance record over trying to interpret sports writers’ character interpretations (and we know how unbiased and trained they are to do that) to project what he might do on the court and for this team.

  27. Actually, I think Steph was right in his battle with the Knicks. They signed a contract, and then wanted him to just give away millions. I say bullshit to that. But I know for sure that money motivates just about everyone, including Marbury. And he’s in a unique position where failure this season will probably make him unmarketable in the future, so a LOT of money hangs on his performance…. therefore, he may do well, with or without any other motivation about which we know little.

  28. How is .434 FGP and .785 FTP indicative of a ball hog? He’s a shoot-first pg, but I wouldn’t say a ball hog.

  29. Quick.

    Someone contact new england flag and banner.

    IT’S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Marbury will be like a kid at toys R us – Passing to the Big 3 will make his job much easier. I don’t think he has played with so many legends on one team. Its not going to click right away and he is going to be rusty. Give him time to fit in and we can judge him later.


    I have all the confidence everything will work out even with Marbury on board. The only player we’ll miss sorely is Posey during the playoffs. Everyone on the Celtics will be responsible to execute, play solid D’ and play as a TEAM.


  31. Ball-hog, shoot-first, how accurate are those labels? They mix reality and perception and are doused with selective memory and bias.

    Is he perfect? No. Is he always the best he could be? Probably not.

    I do know this, though. Stephon Marbury is tied for 12th ALL TIME in assists per game in NBA history. 12th! A couple just above him are Mark Jackson and Steve Nash. Some that are behind him are Bob Cousy (in a completely different era), Andre Miller and Gary Payton. And his scoring average is pretty good, too. 43.4% isn’t fantastic, but that’s Devin Harris’ this year (18th of 25 PGs in case you are wondering).

    Are those stats more or less impressive if you try to attach narrative to them? That is, let’s say you want to ding him for being a prima donna, me-first, shoot-first, ball-hog, non-team player. Seems to me if he’s put up those stats his whole career while trying to be a one-man show, then on a championship team where he doesn’t need to do everything he could be better than he ever has been.

    Is that the most rosiest picture ever painted? Sure. But it’s not because I’m a silly Celtics fan. I don’t do that. The guy is 12th in NBA history in assists and has put up 20 a game in his career while apparently playing the wrongest of wrong ways the entire time. 20 and 8 is special. No amount of armchair psychiatry can undo those facts, even if many, many people have been trying to use one to distract from the other for months. He can be a major impact player and this is a great signing.

  32. this is like settling for a pabst from the fridge and mr. skin after a failed saturday night at a bar. it might get the job done, but it’s not exactly what you were hoping for.

  33. He may well play better on the Cs than he has before. But the combination of .434 FG% and 20 pts per game means that in the PAST, he has taken bad shots, and yes, he did hog the ball to some extent. The 8 assists, on the other hand, speaks to his willingness to pass. And, as people have said… he will not have to take bad shots on this team…. he can now wait for the right opportunities, and focus even more on distributing the ball. All in all, I think it WILL work out — not based on his past performance, but mostly because he has the talent + he will be highly motivated to make it happen.

  34. Funny I remember knicks fans frothing at the mouth when Starbury came to town, how’d that turn out….

    NOW HAVING SAID THAT – I do buy into the theory he has 3 legends of the game to play with AND a terrific pg as well so he’ll either pull finger and play within the system or he won’t play as Rondo is doing just fine…

    My other concern is we now have a dude on our team with a TATTOO ON HIS HEAD!!!!

  35. I remember some celtic fans bashing this guy

    now you guys are celebrating you got him?


  36. Not a fan of this move at all….. but who the hell am I to second guess Danny Ainge.

  37. And I say that as a huge fan of Stephon Marbury….. just not on this team.

  38. I think this will do wonders for the second unit. Lets Eddie spot up to shoot, which spreads the floor. Marbury’s passing ability will hopefully take advantage of this.

  39. I’m going with “cautiously optimistic” at this point. What I don’t agree with is all the “playing with the Big 3” stuff. In reality, Starbury will be playing with maybe the Big One, plus Leon, BBD, and Scal, or Eddie, or some combination thereof. If I’ve got a star on my head and I’m coming down the court to see Baby open for a jumper and Scal waiting in the right corner… I’m shooting. He’s not going to be the Big 3’s point guard, just the Other Guys’ point guard. THAT’s what scares me.

  40. congrats to danny ainge for screwing up ur team! this move reminds me of the lakers with kobe shaq malone and payton. too many stars and not enough role players.

  41. starbury is in the bag and i do hope we also get joe smith for a “sota” reunion with kg.

    those punk ass fakers could kiss my ass! Good work danny at least its an upgrade rather than doing nothing at all.

    one more signing!

  42. We can comment all we want about Marbury’s pros and cons bottom line is he has to fit IN PERIOD! If he doesn’t or acts up with his past childish bull shit then Ainge will cut him. See you later good luck in Europe or China.

    If Marbury doesn’t work out thereafter we will have our last resort with Sam I Am as an insurance (He is still available) You’ll be stupid to think Ainge hasn’t talked to Sammy about it.

    For now, I think Ainge is done with transactions. If he can pull off Joe Smith too… GOD DAMN! More PROPS!!!!!!

    One step at a time C’s brothers – Wishing Mikki Moore a successful C’s debut against the Clips tomorrow night!!!!

  43. Bright spot is that Marbury said couple of weeks ago that he is in best shape in his career. Maybe he will defend better because of that. He can prove everybody was wrong about him, no matter how stupid he was/is he’s in his 30 now and i think he will help

  44. In Danny, Doc, Paul, Ray, and KG I trust.

    In Danny, Doc, Paul, Ray, and KG I trust.

    In Danny, Doc, Paul, Ray, and KG I trust.

    Starbury is the canceriest cancer that ever cancered.

    Um, I mean, In Danny, Doc, Paul, Ray, and KG I trust.

  45. From a guy that initially didn’t want any part of this guy:
    Big upside, no downside. He becomes a problem, we cut him and are not on the hook financially.
    Let’s face it: it’s either him or gabe pruitt getting those minutes. SM and House will play together in the backcourt often I’m sure.
    We picked up Sam last season and how did that work out? Sure, we won it all…but eventually Sam was benched in the playoffs and once House returned to the rotation–the Celts hit their stride.
    It’s revisionist history: PJ was great, Sam not so much.
    So I say, let’s take a shot with SM. If he doesn’t work out, he ends up on the bench or cut.
    No harm, no foul.
    And let’s try and get Joe Smith while we’re at it.

  46. I would think as reigning champs, the big 3 and co could just say, “Steph, we’re champs. You’re nothing right now. Until you get a ring, shut the fuck up and do your job.”

    Shit, maybe Scal can tell him about the importance of a contract year; dude is the living proof

  47. Fuck yeah boy! I smell Banner 18!

  48. How can we call Kobe a douche when we just signed one for ourselves?

    The Celtics did sell their soul. Red would be rollin’ in his grave

  49. Now we have to cheer for the Boston Cowboys :-(

  50. dude, leading the reverse bandwagon eh?

  51. OK, I’ve stayed out of this until now. This guy is a human anal paulup- BUT:

    1) Danny signed him short term little money
    2) If it doesn’t work, who was available that was better?
    3) KG, PP, and Ray will keep him in line or he’ll go.
    4) DRJ hit the nail on the head- its in HIS interest to behave and perform for the C’s for a short period of time so he can bilk some unsuspecting GM (ala Elgin Baylor) out of big money contract next season.

    Once again, Danny did the best he could with what was available. Out here on the west coast we all thought WTF? when Red A. signed Bill Walton- a screwball generally interested in himself. Lets give Danny a chance (while we plug our collective nose), maybe it will work out.

  52. I would write a little blurb on the villainization of Starbury, but it would be a waste, I can’t change people’s opinions. With that stated, i do find it amusing that he’s been made the scapegoat; when D’Antoni placed him on the Knicks inactive list, “to avoid embarrassing him with limited playing time” (D’Antoni’s words). Really? This whole episode (beat to death by the likes of ESPN- what else is new) is a product of Knicks mis-management. Dolan should have lured Jack Welch from MIT to gut out the whole organization a longtime ago.

  53. […] cruising through the comments after the story broke. […]

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