Moore Definitely Joining Celtics

Marc J. Spears reports

Mikki Moore, the free-agent center who has been pursued by a handful of teams since he was waived by the Sacramento Kings Thursday, has decided to sign with the Celtics, according to his agent, Mark Bartelstein.

Moore, 33, cleared waivers at 10 a.m. this morning. The 7-footer averaged 3.5 points and 3.3 rebounds for the Kings in 46 games this season.

This will be Moore’s second stint with the Celtics, though his first go-round was brief: He played three games with the Green in 2002-03.

This video has been posted a couple of times in the comments… so I figure I’ll throw it up.  Maybe it will make people feel better after the Mark Blount post.


19 Responses

  1. One Moore deal down one more to go….. So, how realistic is this Marbury thing if the Knicks buy him out – My gut feeling tells me 50/50 chance.

  2. If the Knicks agree to a buyout – I’d say it’s a 99% chance. There is no one with the talent level he brings available, and it’s his best chance at a ring.

  3. This guy doesn’t look like Blount at all. Blount was never close to being that active in the paint; what the hell was that Ziller guy talking about?

  4. exactly JD!


  6. Blount had no drive, no passion, no heart.

    Da Mik?

    He’s got it, baby. He’s got it.

    Dig these articles:

  7. No clue…Blount was a clown too. Moore brings the energy, but wouldn’t act like an idiot the way Blount did/does.

  8. If Marbury gets bought out before Sun, I say it’s 90% he’s wearin’ da green soon thereafter.

  9. Moore seems to care about winning and that is miles ahead of Blount. But I am not sure if he will provide the 5 backup we really need. But he certainly would be tough enough for a Gasol.

    Please no Marbury. That will poison this team to become the 2008 Dallas Cowboys. He can take his sleeze to the Laker’s where he spends most of his time watching games

  10. Marbury=Terrell Owens

  11. You could be right on Staris Barius.

    My thought, however, is that the second unit desperately needs a shot of adrenaline. It would be a much better second unit if it had a poor man’s rondo leading the way.

    I wonder if we don’t get Starberry, if we’ll bring the Alien back???

  12. No offense to our new signee but Mikkie Moore has a highlights video???

    They make those for anyone? Guy’s barely in the league.

  13. Conspiracy theory. Isaiah Thomas cannot win, but he hates the Celtics so much he devised a plan to get Starbury to play for Boston and ruin the team. You never know…. ;-)

  14. 1. does he have a good work ethic?
    2. will he play tough defense?
    3. will he run the floor?
    4. is he a good team guy?
    5. can he hit the mid-range jumper that baby has been making?

    if we he’s a solid yes in 4 out of those 5 then i think we just improved. he’s clearly a long, athletic 7-footer, which means he creates better matchups for us when we play teams like the lakers. if he’s as good a worker as everyone says, and he can hit that jumper (which he’ll get a lot of chances to shoot) then he’s going to be a very solid backup for perk or kg.

  15. wow, the guy makes every shot.

  16. any clip where he has shown some excellent defense?
    still, i’d rather have joe smith.

  17. As long as we don’t see a Picture of of Moore Glass Clearner we will be fine

  18. Got Defense? Thirst for Moore D’? Few highlight clips of him blocking shots – If you think about it Moore could become a guy Rondo can Alley Hooooooop with… Your thoughts…

  19. Seemed to hit a lot of 1st quarter jumpers….they’re always useful!!!

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