Nuggets Are Punks

Since when did the Nuggets become punks? I knew Kenyon Martin was trash but Melo, Chauncey Billups and Anthony Carter, too? Like many of the Celtics players, I took great pleasure in watching this annihilation.

“We caught a team that was angry,” said Denver coach George Karl. “They wanted to beat us. They wanted to embarrass us. They were more physical than us. They went at us pretty good.”

Denver is no where close to contending for a title. And their star player is a dog. Did you hear Mike Gorman ripping Melo for his lack of effort and excessive yapping? I believe he said -“I wouldn’t give a bag of balls for Carmelo Anthony.”

Enough about the Nuggets. Here’s the latest on Brian Scalabrine who was nearly knocked cold last night:

“I think they held me out more for precautionary reasons. As of right now, it looks like we’ll just take it day by day. Based on my history it’s probably why they held me out, but I don’t feel the same way I felt (after the concussions). I don’t have a headache. I’m not sensitive to light. I don’t feel any of those things.

The Celtics are sticking with “neck strain” as the official injury and Scal says he wants to play Wed. against the Clippers.

Both the Globe and Herald are reporting that Mikki Moore will sign with Boston. Meanwhile, Stephon Marbury meets with the Knicks today. The Cavs are reportedly showing interest in Robert Horry.

Today’s Links: Herald – Celtics Real Mountain Men | Mikki Back for Moore | Scal Takes a Hit | Globe – Signs Point to Moore | C’s Make Themselves at Home | Nets Harris Nails Half Court Shot for Win | Barkley Gets 5 Days in Jail

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13 Responses

  1. Yes-that comment was classic-even Donny Marshall was thrown back on that one! Bag o’ balls-great! I see Mike Gorman alot when I go to games and that guy is classy. He always stops to shake my hand and will always pose for pics w/fans, say “Hi” etc. Melo is one of the best players in the league, but yes, he can be a real punk sometimes. He just has alot of attitude. That crap he pulled when he dunked on Big Baby w/throwing his legs around in the air was total punkness. Ever since his infamous “punch and run” at MSG I have lost respect for him. Here’s an oldie but goodie featuring Carmelo’s explanation of where his FIBA bronze medal disappeared to:

  2. This is Boston with limeted TO’s, hope they can keep this rate of TO’s

  3. Exactly-only 10 last night, but they have been averaging between 15-18 a game. That is going to be crucial come May, June.

  4. Dude, how long have you been watching the NBA? The Nuggets have been called the Thuggets since I can remember. Billups was always a punk, even in Detroit. K-Mart is a low rent Artest.

    I think Mike Gorman’s 3rd quarter comment summed it up perfectly.

  5. That was a great quote by Mike Gorman, I probably wouldn’t give my balls for Melo either. Ohhhh…a bag of balls, my mistake. Whatever it is, I wouldn’t give either for Melo.

  6. I’m not sure if I’m “Dude”, but I’ve been watching the league for about 25 years. I don’t particularly remember the Nugg’s always being the “Thuggets”. When I was growing up, they had some pretty “decent guys” that I wouldn’t call thugs; Alex English, Hanzlik, Vandeweghe (sp?), Fat Lever etc. Now in the 90’s some guys came in that could be described as “bad attitudes”, Mahmoud Raouf (refused to stand for nat’l anthem once due to religion) and Jalen Rose..Maybe I’m just alot older than you and forever means 2 different things to each of us…

  7. I was responding to Chuck’s original statement in the article.

    And yeah – I’ve been watching the Celts since the late 70’s as well. The Nuggets have been a low class team for quite some time. Carmelo Anthony is the worst kind of garbage there is.

  8. Exactly…

  9. Indeed the Suckggets have low class trashy players. Melo, Martin, JR Smith, Birdman, etc. and George Karl isn’t a very good coach. I mean come on Karl you lost the game badly because you guys sucked in all categories. Let me spot you 20 points back and you’ll still lose by 18. And no we did not intentionally embarrass the Nuggets the Nuggets embarrassed themselves under your watch.

    K.W.A.P.T – How did you copy the image of PP in the box?

  10. Karl should be embarrassed with his team. There is no law that the Nuggets can’t put forth a better effort.

  11. Chauncey Billups is definetly not a punk, neither is Nene and maybe another player on there team..its a competitive game guys, there not out there to hold the celtics hands…they do have some punks, but im sure there fans think the same things about some of our guys..get over it

  12. I’d say the Nuggets’ fouls were a tad cheaper (more punk-like) than any the Cs give out. But just a tad. In general, I agree with Baron… Perk would have to be considered a big, angry, ass%$#$ of a punk by most other teams. (And btw, he does foul too often, unnecessarily and stupidly.)

  13. “Carmelo Anthony is the worst kind of garbage there is.”
    damn did melo touch your kid or something?

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